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Icons Of Style

Icons of Style

Style – Some people just have it, and it’s not about wearing high-end fashion, slavishly following the latest trend or copying the most popular celebrity. Style is about knowing who you are, what suits you individually and rockin’ it to the core. Because as Coco Chanel once famously said: “Beauty begins the moment you decide […]
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Our favourite Beauty Podcasts for your morning commute

Pointlessly scrolling or listening to Camila Cabello’s Havana for on repeat has become the norm during the morning commute. Excessively consuming media filled with way too many commercials, mindless conversation and photoshopped content – is boring and to be honest we’re over it. Thank pod, for the rise of the podcast revolution. To ease the […]
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Dreams do come true

Graduation December 2017 “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves,” – William Shakespeare The Academy’s Educators and leading industry personalities were present for the magnificence that is the French Graduation Ceremony: the festivities held within the beautiful Sheraton Grand Mirage celebrating the achievements of those who had completed a […]
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“Mental health isn’t all of me but it’s a massive part of my journey and a massive part of my whole being. Having got through it – it’s 100 percent my responsibility to use it for something bigger…” – Adwoa Aboah   Picture: ID magazine Pre-Fall 2016   Adwoa Aboah is the fresh face representing […]
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Oprah the Great – our favourite wisdoms from the Queen herself

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness” – Oprah – media mogul, self made billionaire, philanthropist and arguably the most influential women in the world. Born into poverty and raised by a teenage single mother, she fought and overcame to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack […]
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The French Files: Krystal Haidley Student Spotlight

Name: Krystal Haidley Cohort: Violet Studying: Currently studying Diploma Of Beauty Therapy ( full time, face to face student) Beauty is…. Being confident and comfortable within yourself and allowing your beautiful heart and soul to shine through with kindness and empathy for others. I chose The French because… SO many reasons!! The incredibly knowledgeable and […]
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You Beta Believe It – Lessons in Skin Care

I’ve been having some skin troubles lately and it turns out Betaglucan helped me big time with my skin care. My skin had been breaking out and was ridiculously unpredictable. The products I was using on my skin at the time just weren’t cutting it so I decided to try something new. I began to […]
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“Meditation keeps me balanced, I actually go into a meditative state while I’m giving facials. I find peaceful moments in my beautiful salon and I try to be mindful by only focusing on my task at hand, without thinking about everything else. This way I am most productive and able to give beautiful treatments.” – […]
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Alumni Spotlight: Kate Emily Brown

Meet Kate Emily Brown, an award-winning graduate of our Diploma of Beauty and now proud owner of her own business and laser tattoo removal clinic, Advanced Tattoo Removal. The realisation of Kate’s dream to open her own clinic came to her during a course of her own laser treatments where she says she was “poorly educated and provided […]
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Expert Interview: Casey Gore – The Future Mrs

“Being a Makeup Artist is so much more than just applying makeup. You are privileged enough to be working on someone’s face, the main focus of who they are. What an honour it is! I spend my day bringing good energy to my working space, making people feel safe in my hands and hope that they feel […]
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Our Recommendation: Books for Personal Growth

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” —Richard Steele Reading is life altering. Not only does it expand your knowledge and open your mind to new possibilities, it changes your perspective, reduces stress, improves your memory, helps you make more informed choices and push through your perceived limitations to take action and control the direction of your […]
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Brushed Up Brows

Gone are the days of over-manicured, wafer-thin crescent brows (the scary tadpole-shaped ones that were rocked back in the 90’s… you know the ones we mean!) Brushed up, full-brows lacquered with gel and sculpted into their natural shape have been ruling the runways and makeup trends for the past 12 months and we’re hoping they’re […]
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Expert Interview: Chanelle Louise – CILK Rose Water

With a shift toward natural and organic cosmetics there are many unique products hitting the beauty and skincare market. One of our latest discoveries derived from nature, goes beyond the surface of the skin and when ingested, nourishes the body from within. Cilk Rose Water, the hand-bottled premium rose beverage supplement, was launched only a short time ago by […]
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Our Top Wholesome Foodies to Follow

Firm believers of beauty beginning within, health & wellness is one of the important lessons we share with our French students. Treating your body like a temple, eating well and eating fresh to avoid sickness and boost your immune system and the power of food to heal the body are some of the important messages […]
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How to Contour Like Kendall Jenner

When it comes to makeup goals Kendall Jenner scores highly on our list. We covet her flawless skin, perfect contours and nude tones. Want to know how to get this look? We recently hosted a Kendall Jenner ‘Look & Learn’ Contouring & Highlighting Workshop here at The French. Where our expert Makeup Educators (those who have travelled […]
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French Educator Spotlight: Lauren Butt

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” – Alan Watts Having joined The French Beauty Academy as one of our expert beauty educators (after graduating with an Advanced Diploma of […]
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French Alumni Spotlight: Dermal Therapist Chanelle Morrison

  The beauty profession is rapidly changing. No longer are we dreaming of just performing manis and pedis, but the sky really is the limit when thinking about the paths and places studying beauty can lead you. Many are now continuing their studies to land their dream job as a dermal therapist. Award winning French […]
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Valentines Day Beauty Product Style Guide

Roses are red, violets are blue….it’s Valentines Day on Sunday and we’ve put together a style guide of our top beauty product picks this year. Think iconic classics ( we all need some Chanel in our lives)  and some cool newcomers like the fun, cruelty-free vegan nail polished from Kester Black. See our product picks […]
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The Vampire Facial – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

   If you’re a skin junkie there’s no doubt you’ve seen this image of Kim Kardashian undergoing what now has become the buzz treatment tagged the Vampire Facial (the technical term being Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment)! Gruesome looking, yes, but those with a passion for dermal and facial treatments for skin health will find […]
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A Glittering Night: The 2015 French Graduation Event

 “ Men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and he champagne and the stars” – F.Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby The French Beauty Academy Graduation Event….a time for lavish celebration, recognition of spectacular success, dinner and dancing as we came together in magnificent surrounds to celebrate the wondrous achievements of […]
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4 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Raise your hand if you are guilty of breaking a new year’s resolution (or 10!). Resolutions are notoriously tough to stick to but as the New Year approaches we know you have probably the best intentions to get healthier, fitter and more organised. At The French our resolutions for 2016 will save you money, time and be […]
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Luxury Spa Dream List

Luxury Day Spa’s…. a place to escape the madness and retreat, to recharge, refresh and indulgence in complete luxury. While we all get lost dreaming of relaxing in some of these incredible places and spaces, imagine being able to call somewhere like this your office! A Diploma of Beauty Therapy can lead you to some of […]
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Eating Plants for Perfect Skin

We’ve all googled it before –  “clear skin diet” or maybe it was “how to get Gigi’s glowing skin?”, but we already know the answer. There are no miracle cures or quick fixes. Beauty begins within. It’s a philosophy that informs everything we do and our practice at The French. Nourishing and fueling your body with the […]
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From The French to cruising the Caribbean

  One of our beautiful alumni, Chloe Russell was selected out of thousands of applicants to work for Steiner Leisure, which has allowed her to secure her dream job in beauty while travelling around the world on the high seas. Steiner Leisure, is one of our industry partners that we have a long-standing relationship which offers exciting beauty career […]
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The French Edit with Paula Joye

Infinitely chic, bursting with life and an expert at all things beautiful – if you’re social media obsessed or know anything about fashion and style, you’ll know Paula Joye, founder and editor of super successful style website thejoye.com. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years and former editor of some of our favourite […]
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The French Files: Aerin Lauder – Beauty Entrepreneur

Beauty is in her bones, part of her DNA. Granddaughter to the iconic and self-made business women Estee Lauder, Creative Director of the family’s $11 billion company and founder of chic beauty and lifestyle brand Aerin. The French Files puts the spotlight on Beauty Entrepreneur Aerin Lauder and what it takes to be a successful […]
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Botanical Beauty at Versace Couture

All wondrous gown and unexpected plays on beauty, our love of the magic of Haute Couture never dies! With the fall shows in full swing in Paris, we’re lost this week in all the backstage details – finding plenty of fresh beauty and style inspiration! Today we’re inspired by the botanical goddess makeup look created […]
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The 9 must do’s for Skin Care in Your 20’s

Wondering exactly what a good skincare regime should look like in your 20’s to help fight those early signs of ageing? Our incredible Academic Coordinator and skincare specialist Donna Cummins-Campbell shares her expert advice and tips for good skincare in your 20’s…   Dear 20 Something, In my last post, I spoke about skin care […]
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My Bali Adventure

An exotic island escape…waters bluer than blue… jungle adventures…a luxury private villa…lazy days by the pool – cocktails in hand! Our gorgeous student Christie Cameron (winner of the 2014 Valedictorian Award and an incredible overseas destination holiday for two to the island paradise of Bali) shares the story of her amazing trip…. The day has […]
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Treating teenage skin

As I struggled with my skin as a teenager and a young adult, I would of loved someone to have educated me on how to look after my skin and this is perhaps what I would of told myself if I had the knowledge I have today. Dear Teen, Your skin is going through huge […]
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The 7 Secrets to Success as a Beauty Therapist

As teacher and therapist for over 14 years, I am often asked – what is the secret to becoming a successful beauty therapist? Being able to give a beautiful treatment is important but the real secret lies in your ability to communicate with others. 1. Practise the art of communication and become a master at […]
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Sugaring – the new solution to waxing?

Why sugaring is the new waxing – with Lorraine Willows Our beauty therapy students were recently exposed to the method of sugaring at our Education Symposium. Sugaring is actually  an ancient hair-removal technique that promises to decrease hair growth permanently. It’s a more natural alternative to laser hair removal, great for pregnant women and those who […]
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Beauty Muse – Sophia Loren

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than belief that she is beautiful.” Sophia Loren Source – Keystone Archives Humble beginnings Sophia Loren was born in Rome, Italy on September 20, 1934. Although she would go on to be considered one of the most beautiful women in history, Sophia Loren’s wet nurse remembered her as “the […]
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My Matangi Island experience

At our August graduation, Deborah Stratton was awarded the most outstanding student in Spa Therapy which included the prize of an exciting opportunity to work at Matangi Private Island Resort for two months after graduation. She shares her experience with us below.   Tell us about your experience at matangi island? The bula spirit of […]
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How to get the job you want in the beauty industry

“There are few, if any, jobs in which ability alone is sufficient. Needed, also, are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play.” William B. Given, Junior. We have all heard the saying ‘first impressions count’ and within the beauty and wellness industry, it couldn’t be more true. When trying to land the ultimate dream job; here […]
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Luscious Lips

Our beautiful Educator – Midell Clarke gives us the inside knowledge on how to choose the right lip products. As beauty therapists, we need to always have the most beautiful and well-presented skin, but a lot of us forget that our lips are a part of this.  Many of us fall into the trap of using […]
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8 Style Secrets of French Women

French women are renowned worldwide for their beauty, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see that it’s got nothing to do with being ‘pretty’.  In France, they call it je ne sais quoi (which literally translates as ‘Whatever!’) – the effortless chic, confidence and assurance that allows women to be their best self. […]
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Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Why is it different to other massages? Hot and cold stone therapy is an advanced therapeutic massage technique, using the applications of thermotherapy with cryotherapy. This involves the use of heated volcanic basalt stones and cold marble stones. This extremely popular therapy uses a combination of traditional and ancient therapies for deep levels of relaxation, […]
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Success Is A Journey

Success is in the journey

Just about every self-help guide to success will talk about the importance of setting goals. Long-term goals that represent your ultimate life dreams. Short-term goals that mark your progress. Even micro goals that provide daily encouragement to keep you on track. And it’s true. How can you know what direction to take if you don’t […]
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