8 Style Secrets of French Women

French women are renowned worldwide for their beauty, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see that it’s got nothing to do with being ‘pretty’.  In France, they call it je ne sais quoi (which literally translates as ‘Whatever!’) – the effortless chic, confidence and assurance that allows women to be their best self.

Here at The French Academy of Beauty, we call it être bien dans sa peau – being comfortable in your own skin and arriving at a place where you truly accept and love yourself.
It’s a journey that can take some people a lifetime but we’ve got some great tips to get you started:

1. Find your style – Whether you’re short, tall, large or small, figure out what works for you and stick with it. You can always adapt your personal style to the latest fashion trends with this season’s accessories and add-ons.


2. Spoil yourself – Looking good really comes down to feeling good. Long baths, facials, massages and body treatments are not luxuries … they’re essentials.


3. Indulge yourself … but respect your body – Overeating ultimately leads to self-loathing but so, too, does deprivation. Enjoy a little of everything and special treats in moderation.


4. Grooming is everything – You’re never going to feel good about yourself slopping around in track pants with unbrushed hair. No matter where you’re going, face the world with confidence every day by taking five minutes to put on an outfit that makes you feel your best, apply light make-up, tidy your hair and add earrings or a necklace.


5. Show some attitude – Even if you have to fake it ‘til you make it, face the world with confidence and self-assurance. Square your shoulders, straighten your spine, stick your chest out and look people right in the eye. You might be quavering on the inside but all people will notice is your presence.


6. Express yourself – Find subtle ways to let your individuality shine through – a groovy cocktail ring, colourful shoes, over-sized earrings … just a little something that says “This is me!”


7. Work with what you’ve got – Don’t wait until you’ve lost that five kilos or grown out that bad haircut. With the right style, good grooming and a shoulders-back-head-up attitude, no-one will notice those extra few kilos.


8. Find your passion – Take time to work out what floats your boat. Try different activities, sports, hobbies, jobs – then focus on what you really love.



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