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At The French, Our Home is Your Home

Living in regional, rural or remote Australia, does not mean a beautiful future isn’t possible!

Operating from purpose-built campuses in 3 major cities – the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide, studying with The French Beauty Academy will immerse you in a true tertiary education experience in a vibrant and affordable city. French students come from all over Australia, to learn with and from the best at our state-of-the-art campuses, to graduate with Industry’s most prestigious beauty qualification and to set up for success, and ahead of their competition.

If you are considering making the move to study with us, know you are not alone! Student numbers from regional and remote areas are on the increase and many regional students have taken advantage of the financial aid that institutions and the government offer. You’ll be welcomed into our sisterhood. Life at The French is so much more than just homework and classrooms. You will leave The French with the best education in Beauty Therapy, but also with lifelong best friends.


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Our Home Is Your Home…

At The French, You’re one of The Family

Our aim is to be the place for you to grow and change; the protective, loving environment where learning takes place uninhibited by prejudice and judgement; the place where true personal growth occurs.

Life at The French is so much more than just homework and classrooms! We create a positive and engaging campus culture for our Frenchies, one that helps to nurture their talents and build their confidence. You can also immerse yourself in life on campus in a wide variety of ways including Student Ambassador, Student Experience and Charity events where you can make friends, give back to those in need in the community and help fundraise for our charity partners. On top of all that, not only will you leave The French with the best education in Beauty Therapy, but also with lifelong best friends!

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Moving To Study? We’ve Got You Covered!

Considering a move to study and realise your career dreams can be overwhelming, but we’ve done some of the hard work for you. We’ve put together information on funding your studies and financial assistance that may be available as a regional, rural or remote student relocating. With a recent government focus on education access, there are a number of opportunities to help you on the path to building your beautiful future.

Where Can I Live?

Accomodation Options For Students
Finding a place to live is one of the first steps.


There are a number of purpose built student accommodation options in all major cities that have been developed with students living in mind. This type of accommodation is perfectly suited for those who want the convenience of not only being close to a French Campus, but an all inclusive lifestyle offering and a student community to connect with.

Moving into a shared house is a great way to meet others and build a close social network in your new area. It also helps minimise your weekly expenses and utilities, sharing the cost with someone else or a group of people. is a great place to search for others in similar situations to yourself who may be interested in sharing a property and to find rooms available for sharing.

For those looking for independence, you can rent or lease a property close to campus, privately or through a real estate agent. Keep in mind taking a lease usually requires a bond payment and rent in advance. is the perfect place to search for available rental properties near campus.

Living Away From Home Costs

Our campuses are located in major cities, close to public transport and surrounded by many affordable housing options. If you are moving to study, it is important to consider your expenses.

The Australian Government recommends a single student budget of AU $21,041 per year which equates to approx AU $405 per week. You can use this calculator  to help you calculate your cost of living.

Expenses to Consider

  • Student Living
  • Food
  • Bills
  • Transport
  • Social Activities
  • Memberships

Study Costs

You can find out more about funding options for your course fees below.

At The French our course fees cover your tuition as well as any materials and tools you need so you can rest easy that there won’t be additional costs you need to budget for.

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There are a number of Federal and State funding options available to students depending upon your course of choice and eligibility requirements.

To learn more about Funding Options visit

Financial Assistance For Rural And Remote Students

Are you leaving the green pastures of the country and moving to the city, to further your higher education? If you are living in a regional or rural area and need to move away from home to study next year you are probably feeling anxious about the big move. While metropolitan students are usually able to stay at home until they find their feet, many country students are forced out of their comfort zone as they try to adjust to the student lifestyle, living in a city and the new responsibilities and expenses of living away from home. But don’t worry, you are not alone! Student numbers from regional and remote areas have increased by ten per cent this year, and many regional students will have taken advantage of the financial aid that institutions and the government offer.

Students receiving Youth Allowance who are living away from home may also apply for Rent Assistance. These payments will provide you with a handy contribution towards your rent expenses in addition to your other payments.

  • Youth allowance is a fortnightly payment available through Centrelink for full-time students aged 16–24.
  • There are two main ways of qualifying for payments as a regional or rural student living away from home: you will either be classified as dependent, meaning that your payment amount will depend on the result of a parental means test, or you will be classified as independent. Both independent and dependent students living away from home will receive the highest possible ‘away from home’ rate of payment.
  • To qualify for independent status, students from ‘inner regional’, ‘regional’, ‘remote’ or ‘very remote’ areas need to work part time (at least 15 hours a week) for two years after leaving school or earn at least 75 per cent of the maximum pay rate under Wage Level A of the Australian Pay and Classification Scale (currently $22,239) in an 18-month period. You can find out the remoteness classification of your family home using the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) remoteness area maps (see below).
  • Undergraduate courses, some diplomas, TAFE courses and some postgraduate courses are approved for this payment.
  • Alternatives to Youth Allowance include Austudy (for full-time students aged 25 and over) and ABSTUDY (for Indigenous students and apprentices).
  • To find out the best option for you, call Centrelink on 132 490 to arrange an interview in the months before you finish Year 12.
The Tertiary Access Payment helps eligible students with the costs of moving for study. 
  • Students who move from inner regional areas get a one-off lump sum of $3,000.
  • Students who move from outer regional and remote areas get up to $5,000 in two instalments. 
To get the payment, students need to meet certain eligibility requirements. Students can get the Tertiary Access Payment at the same time as other student payments, like Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY or the Relocation Scholarship. 

Students relocating from regional, rural or remote areas to study can apply for federal government scholarships to assist with the associated moving costs. These can be in the forms of Student Start-up Loans or Relocation Scholarships.

Relocation Scholarship

If you are a student receiving Youth Allowance and are required to relocated for higher education, you may be eligible for a once of Federal Government Relocation Scholarship payment where you receive a $4,788 in the first year.

Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships (RRES) Program

The Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships (RRES) program was announced in 2016 to help Australians in regional and remote areas to access higher education. It supports people studying from Certificate IV through to PhD level.

Eligible students may receive up to $18,000 each (e.g. for a full-time, four-year qualification). Shorter, part-time qualifications are paid on a pro rata basis. An extra $500 is also available to support an internship. Visit QTAC to learn more.

Tertiary Access Payment

A payment to help students with the cost of moving from regional or remote areas for tertiary study. The TAP aims to encourage individuals in regional and remote Australia to access high-level tertiary study (Certificate IV and above) in the year immediately following year 12, rather than taking a gap year.

The Tertiary Access Payment is a one off payment of up to $5,000. It’s to help eligible students with the cost of moving to study. This is for study after you’ve finished year 12 or equivalent.

To get the payment you need to meet some rules. These include:

moving from a regional or remote area for tertiary study
starting tertiary study directly after finishing year 12 or equivalent with no gap year.

Student Start Up Loans

The Student Start-up Loan is a voluntary $1,132 loan for eligible students who get Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY Living Allowance.

You can get the loan up to 2 times a year, once each loan period.

Loans are tax free and you don’t need to declare them to us as income for your regular student payment.

You have to pay back the loan once you start earning a certain amount of income. You should think about how this will impact you in the long term before you apply

We want to help you make your dreams possible! The French Rural and Remote Relocation Scholarship aims to help contribute to the living expenses associated with living away from home to study.

French Family Rural and
Remote Relocation Scholarship

We want to help you make your dreams possible! The French Rural and Remote Relocation Scholarship aims to help contribute to the living expenses associated with living away from home to study.

The National Industry Insights Committee Predicts Significant Growth Across All Beauty Industry Areas In, The Next Few Years, With Demand For Beauty Therapists Alone Expected To Increase By 20% By 2024.
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Alumni Spotlight


Maureen Miller completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy at The French in 2016 and graduated with the prestigious Certificate of Service Excellence, Student Facialist of the year and a Certificate in Service Excellence Mastery Award.

A country girl at heart, Maureen’s passion for beauty was sparked by her first ever facial that she treated herself to after a long day working in the heat and dust. She fell in love with how she felt, the level of service from her therapist and from that moment dreamt of offering this type of service to ladies of the outback.

Upon graduating, Maureen worked in a number of world-renowned Medi-Clinics where she attended the Australian Beauty Industry Awards as a Finalist before opening her own beauty Salon in her home town of Boulia Queensland , Tivoli Rose.


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“While working in the remote outback town of Boulia QLD, I holidayed on the Gold Coast and I was drawn instantly to The French Beauty Academy. I made enquiries on line and was invited to attend - it was at this point everything felt perfect, I loved it and it was what I had imagined and more, from the first initial feel as I walked in the doors I knew this was the place to study beauty and become the best version of myself. ”

Maureen Miller French Graduate And Owner, Tivoli Rose
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