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Expert Interview: Casey Gore – The Future Mrs

“Being a Makeup Artist is so much more than just applying makeup. You are privileged enough to be working on someone’s face, the main focus of who they are. What an honour it is! I spend my day bringing good energy to my working space, making people feel safe in my hands and hope that they feel uplifted when I leave.”

Casey Gore is a leading editorial, fashion and bridal makeup extraordinaire (working with the likes of RUSSH, Elle, Rolling Stone, CR Fashion Book and Harpers Bazaar). She is a National Makeup Educator for Clinique, is coveted as the “go to” makeup artist by prestigious models across the globe and is talented successful entrepreneur who has recently launched her own company, The Future Mrs.


Makeup: Ashlea Penfold for One Season Official

Casey’s passion for makeup artistry dates back to her inception, with her mother having a career as a successful Makeup Artist. From a young age Casey was immersed in design and creativity, endlessly leafing through pages of Vogue magazine and doing makeup for friends (whilst maintaining an enviable makeup and skincare cupboard!)

Seeing a gap in a saturated (and sometimes scary and dated) bridal market, Casey chose to take her love of fashion and editorial makeup artistry to her bridal clients. A venture that came about from a serendipitous encounter and conversation with a bride on the day of her wedding makeup trial.

“The idea came to me when I was doing a bridal trial and the bride gave me a reference of the makeup she wanted for her wedding day. She handed me her iPhone she said ‘Look I don’t expect you to be able to give me skin like this, but this is my favourite swimwear brand and I love this photoshoot.’ When she showed me the image I said, ‘actually… I can give you that skin because this is my makeup!’ Shocked, she literally looked at me and said ‘You mean to tell me I’m having the very same person that did my favourite shoot, doing my wedding makeup right now?’ I smiled and said  YES 🙂

BING BING! It was that moment that I realised ‘why not give people the opportunity to have the behind the scenes dream team of their favourite shoots and brands for the most important day of their life?’

From here, The Future Mrs was born. A brand grounded in prioritising sincere connection with the client and utilising a handpicked team of editorial talent across the globe. The Future Mrs offers makeup and services that are available for wedding bookings globally, allowing brides the best of both words – the aesthetic of editorial makeup looks for their wedding day.

We were in contact with Casey to discover more about her exciting and successful career, delve into her inspirations and hear her tips for students wanting to pursue their dreams in bridal makeup artistry…


Makeup 1: Anne Le for Style Me Romy / Makeup 2: Ashlea Penfold for Charles Ablert Jewelry

Have you always known you wanted to be a Makeup Artist?
Steve Jobs had said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect to your future”.

I didn’t know it at the time but my dots took shape from my mum being a makeup artist. I was always a lover of painting and drawing and was always that friend who could do everyone’s makeup because it was already a part of me. I was that kid flipping through the pages of Vogue dreaming of faces and eyes – I didn’t understand why, but it all makes total sense now.

What is your work philosophy?
It’s always about the little things. Always be 15 minutes early, because being early means on time and on time means your late. Always bring 100% to each job, there should be no difference in your quality of work whether you are working on a Hollywood actress to a girl going to her formal ALWAYS give your best. And lastly, caffeination will get you far 😉

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
The ultimate reward is the final result and final reaction from my clients.

I once had a client who wanted her makeup done for a meeting, but with my busy schedule I was only able to do her makeup at 5am (when her meeting wasn’t until 3pm later that day). When I tried to organise her another artist for the job, she said she would rather get up at 5am so she could have me do her makeup. I explained to her that I felt she would be happier with a fresh base closer to the time of the meeting so another artist would be best to achieve this result. She persisted and said to me “Casey you still don’t get it? It’s not just your makeup, it’s the experience. Our hour together is a great start to my day – we laugh, we chat and when I leave your hands I feel confident, uplifted and feel I can take on the world.”

THAT for me is everything. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Image: Ashlea Penfold for The LANE

Why is it so exciting to be working in the beauty industry right now?
More than ever before, with the help of such powerful social media, we have the world out or finger tips and the world is becoming more open and accepting of the extraordinary. New exciting products are being created all the time. This freedom online means that we can see our mentors and every move they make from their tips, tricks, product knowledge, natural looks and creative looks – it gives us a platform to grow and be inspired.

What is your most memorable career achievement thus far?
I guess most recently it would be getting my first international Elle cover (and it happened to be a beauty shot!) I am also the National Makeup Educator for Clinique and it has been nothing short of a beautiful experience. I feel so lucky to be working with such a global brand with such amazing products and skincare. And lastly, creating my own company The Future Mrs.

Who has been your favourite client or face to work on?
When I did a beauty story for Russh magazine and Shanina Shaik was the model. She has the kind of beauty thats makes you gasp… her skin looked and felt like velvet!


Image: Ashlea Penfold for One Season Official

Describe a day in the life of Casey Gore?
Most of the time I’m up early at 5am and have a coffee (to turn my brain and give me personality (lol)! I try and squeeze in some sort of exercise and open a few emails. Each day is then quite varied, I may be shooting an editorial, advertising, TVC or getting someone ready for event. My days are always different that’s for sure!

How do you like to spend your spare time & how do you achieve balance?
I love sitting still and getting lost in a movie – it’s another form of art I guess. Everyone else says “the beach” or  “a tropical island”, but for me it’s being in awe of a great story being told.

I also place a high priority on being grounded and present. Each Sunday I like to call “iPhone free Sunday”. For this 1 day a week I give my brain a break and sit in a park and try and take in my surroundings. Sometimes I feel as there’s not enough hours in each day, but on Sundays I STOP.

Honestly, balance is sometimes a struggle. I am trying to get a bit of routine in my chaos at the moment, but when you are a freelancer, this can mean a call time can be at sunrise on the side of a cliff!

I think it’s also important to have an “anchor”. Something that you do everyday that makes you feel accomplished. For me it’s exercise. When I feel better, I eat better and my brain is more alert, which is perfect for last minute quick makeup changes and crazy locations.

Makeup: Sarah Laidlaw

What is the best advice you can give to students or those interested in pursuing a career in makeup or beauty?
This will be the greatest job you ever have IF your heart is in it. It’s important to note that in the beginning you must be prepared to make little money, work for free, be exhausted and often quite dirty (haha!) and you MUST leave your ego at the door. We are artists and we get sensitive about our craft. This is not an easy industry to crack and will have to take over your daily existence for a while… BUT if you love it all – you are in the right place! It is one of the best jobs in the world. You will meet the greatest, most joyfully talented people who share your views and makeup will become like home.

What is the best advice you can give to student or those wishing to pursue bridal makeup?For Bridal Makeup, I believe it is paramount to have at least a year of experience. I would suggest assisting first after you graduate. Get in touch with your favourite artists and ask them if you can come along for the day. Offer to clean brushes, get people coffee and watch everything you can. If a makeup artist likes you and trusts you they will then get you prepping skin and doing bases under their supervision.

For someone getting married it is the most important day of their life. You need to have a few faces under your belt before you go doing peoples weddings with confidence! Bridal makeup is about beauty, skin perfection, colour correction, enhancement, longevity, knowledge of lighting, knowledge of the photographer, personal preferences, dealing with all sorts of group dynamics and lastly making the bride feel safe. If you want to be a stand out, it’s all about base! If you can make skin look heavenly, everything else is secondary, in other words – start there 😉


Makeup 1: Casey Gore / Makeup 2: Molly Warkentin

How important is it to collate an incredible portfolio of imagery?
A portfolio is everything. Before people meet you that want to see your work. You need to make sure your instagram is strong and in my professional opinion, make sure the quality of your content is always beautiful. If you want to take a behind the scenes photograph of your work, make sure its flawless, flattering and relatable.

And lastly, what are your plans for the near future?
As of March 2017, I will be moving to LA and aiming to take my artistry to the highest level possible.

Makeup: Casey Gore – The Future Mrs Campaign

My Signature Beauty Go tos…
Scent: Tom Ford – Black Orchard
Lipstick: Tom Ford – “Pink Dust”
Book: Makeup Masterclass by Rae Morris
Blog: Tom Boy Beauty
Best Kept Beauty Secret: To give a flick an even sharper finish get a clean angle brush with a bit of makeup remover (my favorite is Crealine Bioderma) and place it firmly next to flicks edge and swoop up…it will be the cleanest line you ever have. 😉

The French Edit…
City: Paris
Beauty: Chanel
Muse: Beyonce
Drink: Espresso Martini
Song: Freedom (Beyonce feat Kendrick Lamar) Lemonade
Quote: “Trust, relax, do your best and enjoy yourself”

Header Main Image Credit: Anne Le for Style Me Romy

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