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Sugaring – the new solution to waxing?

Why sugaring is the new waxing – with Lorraine Willows

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Our beauty therapy students were recently exposed to the method of sugaring at our Education Symposium. Sugaring is actually  an ancient hair-removal technique that promises to decrease hair growth permanently. It’s a more natural alternative to laser hair removal, great for pregnant women and those who are allergic to wax.


Photo- Alexandria Professional

During The Symposium, the trainer from Alexandria Professional scoops out a sticky ball of what looks like molten toffee (it’s actually just sugar, lemon and water) from the wax heater and rolls it expertly in her hands before pushing it onto my leg against the hair growth. This apparently fills the hair follicle, lubricating it and extracting fuzz from the root. Then it’s grip-the-bed time…

Surprisingly, it hurts less than waxing, as she uses a flicking motion to whisk it off in the direction of the hair growth, rather than against it, as they do with waxing. The result is less hair breakage and since hairs only need to be 1.5mm long, you are removing them when they are still attached to the blood supply, which weakens the follicle over time and results in less growth.



Photo- Alexandria Professional

Verdict: after several weeks I’m seriously impressed. The hair on my legs is sparser and finer, and there’s not an ingrown hair in sight, every time I go it gets less painful and I believe it’s more effective than waxing.

Prices start at $70
Call Alexandria Professional for your nearest salon 1300 464 683.

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