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Our favourite Beauty Podcasts for your morning commute

Pointlessly scrolling or listening to Camila Cabello’s Havana for on repeat has become the norm during the morning commute. Excessively consuming media filled with way too many commercials, mindless conversation and photoshopped content – is boring and to be honest we’re over it. Thank pod, for the rise of the podcast revolution.

To ease the pain of the back to back traffic in the afternoon, a packed bus, or a long walk home, we have accumulated a list of our favourite beauty podcasts. Consuming media in a way that is positive, interesting and that can enrich your career is what we’re all about – and it can make all of your lives a lot better – yes, a lot. We’re just a little podcast obsessed.

The beauty industry is constantly being reinvented – beauty, in general, is constantly being reinvented, and that’s part of the reason why we love it so much! Staying up-to-date in an industry that is evolving, and highly subjected to trends is crucial for a beauty therapists career longevity. Podcasts are just one of the many ways you can stay industry relevant – where you can find out the who’s who and the what’s what of the beauty world.
So without further ado, let us be yourself appointed audio advocate and let your beauty postcast obsession flourish.
1. Fat Mascara

There’s a good reason why Fat Mascara is consistently ranked as the #1 beauty and fashion podcast on iTunes. Hosted by @jessicamatlin and @jenn_edit, beauty directors at Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire, these ladies are industry leaders and just all round girl boss inspirations.

With their candid stories of their beauty adventures and mishaps, to Instagram fads, crazy new facials and miracle products, these ladies are definitely worth a weekly hour of your time. They get advice from industry professionals including dermatologists, colourists and manicurists and even interview beauty royalty! You’ll hear from the likes off makeup artists Bobbie Brown and Sir John; influencers, Miranda Kerr, Patrick Starrr, Kate Von D and MannyMUA; and hair stylists, Jen Atkin, Ursula Stephen and Orlando Pita just to name a few of our favourites.
2. The Beauty Brains

Calling all the hardcore beauty nerds to the yard! This podcast is dedicated to making you a lot smarter about beauty products you use and which ones to recommend to your clients. Helping you understand what’s in the product, how they are created and how they interact with the skin. Hosted by two cosmetic scientists Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller who have 50 years of experience in formulating and testing beauty products. They talk about and explain cosmetic science in a way that’s entertaining and easily comprehensible.

This monthly scoop of wisdom also covers marketing myths and viral questions, like “is bee venom a good anti-ageing ingredient?” and “How can I tell if a product will cause acne?’ with the reliable scientific knowledge that is just as funny as is captivating.
3. The Emma Guns Show

Giving you the behind the scenes insight into the beauty industry is @emmaguns, a journalist and former Beauty editor for OK! Magazine. With her humorous, warm and real personality Emma talks about all things from skincare to nutrition and touches on more serious topics such as mental health and career pathways – without any BS advertisements or condescension.

Start with our favourite episode: “Paula Begoun: Choice, Truth and Hormones,” where Paula’s Choice founder talks through her fears about misinformation in the beauty sphere. Make this podcast part of your Saturday morning ritual.
4. Full Coverage

If you never go a day without a winged eye, filled brow, and always live highlighter life, this podcast is made for you. Discussing the latest launches, cult favourites and interviewing the beauty industry’s top contenders all the way from UK is makeup Artists @harrymakesitup and @lindseykelk. In a previous life, Harriet worked all over the globe, backstage at Fashion Week created editorial looks for Vogue, Marie Claire and NYLON and painted many famous faces. Lindsey is a best selling author and author of a beauty blog BeautyMecca.com. It is celebration of all things beauty, where the ladies talk about their favourite things and debate important issues in the beauty sphere.We hope these podcasts makes your way too and from The French Beauty Academy a lot sweeter with all the things we love the most – the beauty industry and all things caffeinated of course. But don’t just limit yourself to the beauty industry – for every interest there a flock of podcasts vying for attention.

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