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The French Files: Aerin Lauder – Beauty Entrepreneur

Beauty is in her bones, part of her DNA. Granddaughter to the iconic and self-made business women Estee Lauder, Creative Director of the family’s $11 billion company and founder of chic beauty and lifestyle brand Aerin. The French Files puts the spotlight on Beauty Entrepreneur Aerin Lauder and what it takes to be a successful beauty business women.

Who: Aerin Lauder

What: Global Creative Director of Estee Lauder and Founder and Creative Director of beauty and lifestyle brand, Aerin Beauty. Natural, feminine and infinitely chic, the self-titled brand launched in 2012 and is based on the premise that living beautifully should be effortless. The brand aesthetic embodying Aerin’s sophistication and elegance. The product range consists of some of our favourite beauty essentials, bronzers, lipsticks, fragrances (you have to smell the Jasmine) as well as homewares.

Age: 44


Career Spotlight: Beauty Entrepreneur

Combing elements of science, product knowledge, branding, aesthetics, sales and a lot of business skills, beauty entrepreneurship is a diverse career path within the industry (with endless different roles). The inspiration for most who follow this exciting path is to create their own personal business and bring to life their vision and aesthetic or a unique idea they have for a beauty brand or product.

Beauty Entrepreneurs, while definitely have a love of beauty and wellness (combined with a passion for cosmetics or a particular product or service), are inherently creative, driven and love the idea of working hard for their own brand.

Aerin Lauder says of her decision to launch her own beauty brand, “ I realized there was something in the story of my relationship with Estée, and the history and heritage of the beauty life I had lived… The combination of working with the best makeup artists and having this incredible beauty icon as my grandmother and teacher – it was a great opportunity. So I came up with this concept of an effortless-style brand based on beauty essentials – based on me, my aesthetic and my life.” (Aerin Lauder via The Edit)

Passion and self-belief, combined with hard work and a willingness to get back up in the face of rejection are often cited as attributes that go a long way in a successful career as a business women.

“You always have to stay true to yourself. Even if something else is super successful, if it’s not on brand, you shouldn’t do it. [At Estée Lauder], we do not do black nail polish; the girl is always beautiful and elegant, and the colors are vibrant. [The Aerin brand] is more neutral. Both are about the person behind the brand. I’ve learned that the pinky brown makeup shades, like the ones in the Aerin Weekend palette, work well for me. I’m natural, but I wear makeup seven days a week” (Aerin Lauder via Glamour)



Aerin’s Wisdoms:

 Aerin Lauder Quote

The French Files Loves: While beauty is in her bones we love that after working with the family business for twenty five years, driven, daring not one to shy away from hard work, Aerin decided to bring her dream to life with the launch of her own brand. While trends come and go, her brand vision and aesthetic has remained true to her chic and elegant style.


Want more? Visit Aerin Beauty.

Pictures via: Aerin, Instagram

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