“Mental health isn’t all of me but it’s a massive part of my journey and a massive part of my whole being. Having got through it – it’s 100 percent my responsibility to use it for something bigger…” – Adwoa Aboah


Picture: ID magazine Pre-Fall 2016


Adwoa Aboah is the fresh face representing modern fashion, taking the industry by storm, promoting mental health awareness to her social media followers, encouraging diversity within the modeling industry and offering valid critique of the industry’s promotion of beauty; truly an inspiration to all. Only 24 years old, Adwoa has utilised her rise in popularity as 2017’s Model of the Year to positively influence all those around her, openly sharing her personal hardship with depression and addiction. Beneath the fame and fortune, we all share similar struggles and Adwoa is the perfect indication of this.


When we came across Adwoa’s website Gurls Talk it spoke to the heart of our FRENCHIES sisterhood! In an age where female fortitude is gaining more and more momentum we are proud to be part of the revolution. Gurls Talk shares our belief that girls should help girls, women should stand together to share their struggles, and that we are louder when our voices are shared.


We wanted to share just a little of Adwoa’s wisdom today as our current Beauty Muse. Her inspiring story is one of immense fortitude and Adwoa has been very forthcoming in talking about her past struggles. Her service heart, passion for charities and giving back and her commitment to challenge and redefine traditional notions of beauty are just some of the many reasons we love her, here are some more….


Picture: Interview Magazine September 2016

You’re not alone in hardship…

“I was never educated on mental health; I was never educated on addiction. Emotions were never the most important thing when I was at school; it was all about academics and this constant performance of pretending that you’re okay and getting on with life. I came from a privileged background, which I am entirely grateful for, but it played a part in my feeling that I couldn’t complain about my own emotions. I also felt that I was completely alone in my feelings, and that was wrong. Since opening up and going on this journey with Gurls Talk, the amount of people who have reached out with their own stories has been overwhelming. I feel just a huge responsibility to give back, because I dealt with these dark experiences and was able to learn and grow from them; I came out the other side, and not everyone gets that chance.” – via


Keep true to your style

Adwoa is known within the industry for her sass, no-nonsense attitude and her shaved head is but one indication of her fiercely independent style:

“It was a kind of a f— you to the industry, even if I wasn’t conscious of that at the time. I didn’t warn anyone, I just walked into my agency one day with all my hair shaved off. But they loved it. I love it, too – I’m definitely in no rush to grow it back.” via The

Picture: ID Vice

Give Back To The Community

Adwoa’s website Gurls Talk is her way of utilising her experiences with addiction and depression to further open discussion amongst women about difficulties ranging from mental illness to diversity and representation within the working world.
“The goal is to get women to speak openly about their experiences. I’ve had people write to me and sometimes the subject matter is dark or sad, but often they aren’t looking for answers or a solution, they just want someone to talk to. That is exactly what it is all about. I want women to talk about their experiences without fear or judgment. I don’t think you have to be a counselor to talk about what you’ve been through and experienced. It’s starting a conversation and giving a space where these girls can be heard and communicate with each other about the issues relevant to them. Instead of it coming from someone superior like a teacher, they get to speak with someone on the same level, a woman or girl they can relate to,” – via


Pictures: via Gurls Talk Instagram
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