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The 7 Secrets to Success as a Beauty Therapist

As teacher and therapist for over 14 years, I am often asked – what is the secret to becoming a successful beauty therapist?
Being able to give a beautiful treatment is important but the real secret lies in your ability to communicate with others.

1. Practise the art of communication and become a master at it. Communication skills are key to making your business successful. If you are shy and find communication difficult – my advice is that practise makes perfect! Take notice of how polite and courteous you are – people always remember rudeness so beautiful manners will set you apart from the status quo.

2. Confidence! If you want your client to have confidence in your abilities you need to demonstrate this in your presentation, your verbal communication skills and your body language. “Good morning, my name is Kimberley, welcome to the salon/spa – insert name – I’ll be your therapist today”. Maintain eye contact and greet them with a nice, firm, welcoming handshake – no sloppy fish shakes!

3. First discover before you present– the client consultation period is crucial to your ultimate success as a therapist. People love to be listened to and love to be heard so ask as many questions as you can and discover what their needs are before beginning any sort of treatment on the client.

4. Clarify their request – Once they have finished explaining what they’d like – make sure you repeat and clarify this with them to ensure you are both on the same page. Don’t assume you know what their issues are unless they communicate it. Once you are satisfied you fully understand their goals and concerns, make sure you are thorough in presenting what the outcome of their treatment will be.

5. Build rapport – you can be a truly amazing therapist, but if you can’t build rapport with your client they are unlikely to return.

6. Client feedback forms – these are crucial to implement in your business and to continue to understand where you can improve. Never stop measuring yourself and how you can provide an even better service next time.

7. Genuinely care about your clients – this is the ultimate measure of how successful you will be at your job. If you truly care about your clients and the service you provide them this will always show in your work. The client will feel this too and trust will be built and soon you will have regular clients.

Communicate with your clients and your business will grow, not based on what treatment you provide but because you genuinely care and are driven to offer them the best and only the best in every aspect.

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