The 9 must do’s for Skin Care in Your 20’s

Wondering exactly what a good skincare regime should look like in your 20’s to help fight those early signs of ageing? Our incredible Academic Coordinator and skincare specialist Donna Cummins-Campbell shares her expert advice and tips for good skincare in your 20’s…



Dear 20 Something,

In my last post, I spoke about skin care in your teens. This post is for the 20 something age group and is not too different to your skin care regime as a teenager but the focus is not on the breakout, but on the ageing aspect of skin!

Yes, that is right, your skin will now start to show some minimal signs of ageing and the habit you formed as a teenager will allow you to feel more confident to bring in some more specialised ingredients in to your regime.

Our early 20’s doesn’t necessarily see too many changes from our teenage years. As we reach our mid-late 20’s however; it is not uncommon to see the beginning of ageing. Crows feet around the eyes is usually the first sign and depending on your lifestyle you may also see some fine forehead wrinkles. Obviously the more harsh environmental exposure, the more damage you may see. For example, broken blood vessels if you live in a very windy or extreme cold area. Lines/wrinkles if you expose your face to many hours of sunshine without protection.

The odd breakout is still possible but you may notice your oil production has started to slow a little.

The following is my suggestion for a skin care regime for someone in their 20’s:


Cleanse with a milk or cream cleanser. As, in your teens; It is still critical not to strip the oil from your skin as it is important to maintain your sebum production for the skin to function as a healthy organ.

Specialised Serum containing Vitamin C may be added under your moisturiser. Vitamin C is great to treat any pigmentation, it is also an antioxidant that helps protect your skin from reactive oxygen species that prematurely age the skin. If you would still like to include your Vitamin B3 serum (I would recommend this), add your Vitamin C serum as a second layer.

Moisturise with a light-based cream moisturiser that does not feel greasy, otherwise you will feel your makeup is ‘sitting’ on top of your skin.

Sun Protection with a broad spectrum, zinc-based sun screen no matter what type of day it is. It has been noted that an overcast day can cause more damage due to the concentration of UV rays under the cloud.


Cleanse with the same cleanser you used in the morning, but this time do it twice to remove pollutants, excess perspiration and oil,makeup and sunscreen.

Clarify the skin with a very gentle AHA Toner/Lotion. This will help with breakouts and maintain a nice smooth texture. I do not recommend over-use of any acids on the skin as long term use has seen many skins become sensitive and damaged. Use only 2-3 times per week.

Eye Cream/Gel containing peptides will help the fine lines you may have started to see around the eyes. A small amount is all you need around the eyes.

Moisturise with either the Moisturiser you used in the morning or a Vitamin A based Moisturiser. Your Skin Care Therapist will be able to prescribe the correct dosage for you. Vitamin A is excellent in treating all skin types particularly acne and ageing. This is one ingredient you will use for the rest of your life as it is essential for a healthy skin.

Practice Gratitude What are you grateful for? Give thanks for at least one thing in your life daily. Studies show, people who regularly practice gratitude are happier people. You deserve to be happy!

Professional skin care treatments in this age group will focus on maintaining a healthy skin barrier while gently exfoliating to improve the skins texture. Once a month treatments will ensure your skin receives exactly what it needs.

If you are interested to learn more about skin you can follow Donna’s personal blog My Skin Coach

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