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4 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Raise your hand if you are guilty of breaking a new year’s resolution (or 10!). Resolutions are notoriously tough to stick to but as the New Year approaches we know you have probably the best intentions to get healthier, fitter and more organised.

At The French our resolutions for 2016 will save you money, time and be a great investment in your health and beauty goals. We have resolved to make small changes to our beauty routine that are cost effective, healthier and that allow us to more attentive of our skin, hair and body.

#1 Sunscreen everyday even in winter
You have heard it before but we will say it again, wear sunscreen everyday. Sunscreen will slow down the ageing process, prevent pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This small effective daily ritual will preserve your youthful skin potentially saving you thousands in skincare corrective treatments. Also vital to do at the start of every season is to look for spots, lumps or unusual changes. Early detection of  skin issues could be a life saving endeavor.

Wear sunscreen The French Beauty Acaemdy

Picture courtesy of: Evohe

#2 Beauty spring clean
It feels great to do a spring clean around the house but a beauty product audit will ensure you are not using expired products that could cause negative skin reactions, bacteria buildup, conjunctivitis and other eye infections.  Your makeup could make you sick! Bobbie Brown provides us with a guideline of when you should throw out your makeup.

New Years Resolutions The French Beauty Academy

Picture courtesy of: MAC Cosmetics

#3 Clean your makeup brushes
We know it can be a bit tedious but cleaning your makeup brushes every few weeks is a must. “Bacteria can live on unwashed brushes for months and each time you apply your make-up you run the risk of them transferring to your skin and causing problems such as skin irritation or infection,” says make-up artist Allie Clark.

#4 Remove your makeup everyday without fail
We have all been guilty of sleeping with makeup on but making sure to clean you skin every night is the best weapon against skin conditions. When you sleep in your foundation is clogs your pores and can lead to dryness, acne and red, inflamed skin. Sleeping with mascara on increases the likelihood of lash fallout and can cause eye infections.


Picture courtesy of: Yidejia

Prevention is better than cure so follow these 4 small resolutions in 2016 that will truly change your life and health.

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