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Icons of Style

Style – Some people just have it, and it’s not about wearing high-end fashion, slavishly following the latest trend or copying the most popular celebrity.
Style is about knowing who you are, what suits you individually and rockin’ it to the core. Because as Coco Chanel once famously said: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”.
Here are our top picks when it comes to icons of style.


Bella Hadid

Sure, it helps when you have access to some of the best designers in the world, but there’s no arguing model Bella Hadid has serious taste. This girl knows how to step out in style no matter the occasion, changing up both her makeup and attire.

Whether its haute couture or street wear, Bella rarely puts a stylish foot wrong, and as of this week she’s rockin’ a whole new style with a radically svelte Pixie cut (#owningthatlook).


Princess Diana

People’s princess, fashion icon and in many ways a Royal renegade, Princess Diana grew into her style under the intense glare of the public spotlight.

From a shy girl who hit the headlines at 18 to a woman who stole the show, she became the most photographed and emulated person on the planet.

Diana’s style was classic and elegant, capped off with the quiet confidence that she took a while to find.



Meghan Markle

From a former member of the royal household to a relative newcomer…Meghan Markle is currently nailing style all over the covers of newspapers.

Meghan’s style lies in changing it up and breaking a few Royal conventions along the way. But her true art is in keeping it natural.

Her years as an actress owning seriously awesome style on ‘Suits’ probably helped, but there’s no doubt now Meghan’s found her look, she’s totally running with it.

At the moment, Meghan’s even effortlessly illustrating natural style just days after delivering a bub, and that’s no mean feat!




Speaking of changing it up…hats off to Rhianna who endlessly reinvents herself with a truly personal style. Part bad girl bravado, sensational streetwear and effortless glam, she’s not afraid to try it, own it and steal the style show.

Rhianna’s style is in risk-taking. She’s testament to the fact it’s not what you wear (or who you wear) it’s how you wear it that counts. And heads up, whatever Rhianna wears, she absolutely, totally and without fail…crushes it!



Chrissy Teigen

Whether it’s stepping out in casual jeans or strutting it on the red carpet, model and author Chrissy Teigen knows all the secrets of style. Sometimes chic, sometimes sassy and always totally glam, Chrissy understands her assets and how to flaunt them to an endlessly awesome effect.

Make no mistake, although Chrissy’s style can be casual, it’s always carefully curated. This is a girl who knows what she wears well and consistently delivers style.

Someone we missed?

These our current top picks when it comes to style, but we’re keen to hear your thoughts. Who’s strutting it, owning it and absolutely crushing it when it comes to being an icon of style?

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