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Luscious Lips

Our beautiful Educator – Midell Clarke gives us the inside knowledge on how to choose the right lip products.

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As beauty therapists, we need to always have the most beautiful and well-presented skin, but a lot of us forget that our lips are a part of this.  Many of us fall into the trap of using petro-chemical based products like Vaseline, Chap Stick, and some paw paw based products.

So how do you tell the good from the bad?

Basically the way to tell the difference is to read the ingredients and if they don’t sound like something you could eat or is safe for consumption then throw it out!


The lips are the first point that food or drink attaches to when entering the body, so if you have something on your lips that is not edible then it is basically a poison or toxin. Another slightly less health conscious point is that petro chemical based products dry out the skin.

So what are some good ones?

I have used Burt’s Bees and Moo Goo, but especially love Burt’s Bees as it is available in many different varieties and the wax helps to seal the moisture in the lips (especially good for cold windy days).  They also have lip colours which are great to replace certain harmful and toxic lipsticks.

Now you are all set for soft, healthy, kissable lips!

20090805-burts-bees-lip-stash-mixed MooGoo Strawberry Lip Balm Ingredients

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