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You Beta Believe It – Lessons in Skin Care

I’ve been having some skin troubles lately and it turns out Betaglucan helped me big time with my skin care. My skin had been breaking out and was ridiculously unpredictable. The products I was using on my skin at the time just weren’t cutting it so I decided to try something new. I began to start thinking outside of the box for ingredients to help control my skin, which is where the amazing ingredient Betaglucan comes in (praise the lords). Betaglucan helps to protect and repair the immune function(healthiness) of the skin. It helps to stimulate certain cells (Langerhans) which can stimulate collagen, elastin, reduce inflammation, redness (an angry pimple in my case) and promote healing within the skin.

I decided to add the DMK Beta Gel product to my skin care regime and monitor the results. Throughout the course of time using this product in my skin care routine I noticed that if I did have a break out it would heal so much faster than before! My skin gained an overall healthy glow and I was able to push my skin further when getting skin treatments done, because the immunity and health of my skin was at the strongest it had ever been.

This ingredient is something I would recommend for every skin type. If you are concerned with ageing it will help to boost collagen and elastin. If your skin is always red, flaky, and dry, Betaglucan will help to calm the irritation, redness, and create healthiness within the skin to reduce the flakiness. If you are prone to breakouts, this amazing ingredient will help heal and repair any impaired redness within the skin. Perhaps you have pink scars from past surgeries, it so this ingredient will help reduce the colour of the scars post op and if used prior will prep your skin prior to the incision. For anyone just wanting to look after their skin, this will be your “multi vitamin”.


As you can see I’m obsessing over this ingredient and wont be stopping using it anytime soon.

Kayla xo

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