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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The French

Not all beauty academy’s are created equal. Understanding the nuances that set them apart is crucial when deciding where to take the first step toward your beauty career. Here we’ll unpack just five of the reasons that make The French an indispensable choice for your pursuit of a beauty therapy qualification.

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1. Nationally Accredited Qualifications are the gold standard

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), is the governing body that ensures that Australian qualifications align with industry needs. Our Nationally Accredited courses meet stringent quality standards set by ASQA, meaning you will graduate with a credential that is not just recognised but highly valued. Employers seek candidates with accredited qualifications, as it demonstrates that you’ve met the official training requirements, setting you apart from those with non-accredited alternatives. Only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), like us, have the authority to deliver Nationally Accredited courses, ensuring you receive education of the highest calibre.

2. A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) must meet strict legislative requirements

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is an educational institution that is approved to deliver nationally recognised training in the VET sector. RTOs must demonstrate continuous commitment to quality education and training and adhere to strict standards that are continuously updated to meet industry demands. This commitment ensures students, industry, governments, and the community can have confidence in the integrity of our national qualifications. In contrast, studying at an unregulated private business may expose you to risks, as they do not have the same obligation to uphold industry standards. The value of studying at an RTO is not just in the education you receive but in the industry-recognised credential you earn.

3. A legacy institution with 35+ years of excellence in education

The significance of studying at a legacy institution goes far beyond an industry relevant curriculum; it’s also about being part of an established and connected community and an esteemed alumni network. Leading employer and industry recognition are the endorsement of our long standing legacy, ensuring a French qualification is unparalleled in today’s competitive job market. Our award-winning education leadership team draw upon their wealth of experience and knowledge in grooming our students as individuals, to recognise their personal potential and give them the very best life and learning experiences. Not only are the competency skills and knowledge learnt in our programs transferable into any service work environment, they enhance and set apart the employability skills in our graduates. We’ve also spent over 35 years crafting the most enriching student experience possible; from the on-campus culture, student academic support programs, pathways to external support networks across women’s support services, mental health and well being programs, our mission is to harness the power of the ripple effect that happens when one person decides to invest in themselves and their future and the subsequent impact this has. Join a legacy of educational excellence with over 35 years of experience to gain a world-class education and a reputation that speaks for itself.

4. Government funding options: Making quality education accessible

Unlocking quality education without financial barriers is possible. Only approved educational institutions are able to offer government-subsidised tuition fees. We offer various government funding options to provide eligible students with the financial support needed to cover tuition fees for approved courses. While eligibility criteria apply, this opportunity ensures that upfront payments don’t hinder your educational aspirations. Our commitment to accessible education aligns with the belief that quality training should be within reach for everyone, creating a pathway for you to pursue your passion without unnecessary financial burdens.

5. World-Class Facilities, Brands & Connections: Shaping the Future of Beauty Education

When you study at The French, each day you step into an environment designed solely for success. With world-class facilities and access to the most renowned brands, our state-of-the-art campuses simulate a luxurious real-world salon environment to elevate your learning experience. Our industry-leading and exclusive education partnerships with the world’s best brands integrate their learning materials directly into our curriculum. This ensures our course remains at the leading edge of scientific, technological and industry innovation. Embrace hands-on immersive training that sets the stage for your success in the beauty industry.

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