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5 Ways Futures for Frenchies Sets You Up for Career Success

The Futures for Frenchies program (offered in our flagship Future of Beauty course) has been created to bring together the industry’s best employers to provide French students with the opportunity to explore future career opportunities, network with industry employers, master the art of interviewing and secure a job prior to graduation. Want to better understand how the brand-new Futures for Frenchies program can supercharge your beauty career? This blog post is for you!  

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1. Prepare for the First Step 

During the Future of Beauty course, we will elevate your employability by teaching you the key skills needed to help you stand out in the competitive job market. A well-crafted resume and cover letter are your first opportunities to make a strong impression on potential employers, while a polished LinkedIn profile enhances your professional online presence. Additionally, you’ll learn how to present yourself confidently and professionally in interviews to increase your chances of landing your dream role. Interview practice can help reduce anxiety and boost confidence, ensuring you’re prepared to showcase your talents and qualifications.

2. Discover What’s Possible

Knowing what’s possible for you in the beauty industry is essential for making informed career decisions and getting inspired for an exciting professional future. We want to help you to reach for the stars, because there are so many incredible career pathways and dream jobs you can only learn about by networking with industry professionals. By attending seminars hosted by leading brands and employers on campus, you’ll gain valuable insights into what working for Employer Partners is really like plus be able to network with those who can help launch your career in this exciting and rapidly changing industry. On the Showcase Day, you can also explore a range of cutting-edge treatments which you can elect to learn in Advanced Workshops during Futures Week. 

3. Interview For Real Jobs on Campus

So much more than a careers fair! This is your opportunity to interview for real jobs with the industry’s best employers right here on a French campus. Once you’ve gotten to know the Employer Partners and thought further about your career dream, you will submit an application to apply for the top jobs in industry! Then, during Futures Week, you will have the opportunity to interview with your chosen employer and be offered the opportunity to progress to the next steps such as next round interviews or trade tests in the lead up to gaining an employment contract. The Employer Partners are a mix of luxury salons, multi-chain laser clinics, leading dermatologists and cosmetic physicians, boutique beauty salons and global hotel spas. Futures for Frenchies ensures you are not just graduating with a qualification but with a clear path to your dream job.

4. Attend Knowledge-Boosting Workshops

Expand your expertise with advanced workshops designed to provide exposure and training in the latest modalities and skin treatments. To further develop your interests, you can attend up to 3 advanced workshops during Futures Week where you’ll receive exposure and training in the newest beauty modalities and treatments. Today, beauty therapy extends far beyond traditional salon services. The demand for therapists skilled in innovative technologies and treatments is higher than ever. Each workshop is supported by top industry brands and technologies, giving you exposure to emerging beauty areas like collagen induction therapy, laser hair reduction, dermal peels, broad-band light therapy and more. We have added these advanced workshops to the Future of Beauty course offering to ensure you have the highest standards of industry readiness for your beauty therapy career. 

5. Pay It Forward

Pay forward the benefits of your career success to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women around. In our pursuit of empowering and educating women, the Futures for Frenchies program invites each Employer Partner to donate $100 on behalf of each Frenchie they hire to our charity partner, Captivating International. This initiative aims to extend the gift of education and employment opportunities to extraordinary women in Nepal and the Philippines, allowing them to embark on a path of transformation and fulfilment. For each Frenchie employed, a destiny transformed, a life forever changed, and a legacy of empowerment and impact. This initiative ensures that the benefits of your career success ripple out to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women around.

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Whether you’re almost ready to apply or simply have a question about our courses, tuition fees, or anything else, fill out your details in the form below and one of our friendly Student Advisors will be in touch.

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