True beauty runs deep

“Inner beauty radiates from within, and there’s nothing more beautiful than when a woman feels beautiful on the inside” – Model and actress Erin Heatherton

True beauty transcends cultures, aging, and trends, radiating from an inner feeling of wellbeing. And as more and more people appreciate the link between wellness and beauty, it’s prompting one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry today – the rise of the wellness sector.

Encompassing everything from the spa industry to massage, relaxation, facials and yoga, wellness encapsulates health, wellbeing and beauty.

It does so in the knowledge a holistic approach to wellbeing and confidence equates to a true and innate beauty which runs far beyond what’s skin deep…


The rise of wellness

Last year the Global Wellness Institute released a series of key statistics outlining emerging trends in the $4.2 trillion wellness sector.

They noted, not only was the sector enjoying sustained and increased growth, the lines between beauty, health and wellbeing were beginning to blur as a new generation of consumers sought to focus on lifestyle and an emphasis on experiences rather than material goods.

How that plays out

What we are now seeing in the beauty industry is an amalgamation of once separate sectors.

For example, people are increasingly aware of the role nutrition plays in good skin, or the benefits that relaxation and exercise can offer them both physically and mentally. Often, they’re looking to access these services all under one roof.

In practice, that means the once traditional gymnasium or fitness centre may now feature wellness, with massage or spa services, while health spas now have an increased focus on beauty and anti-aging.

In short, beauty, health, wellness and relaxation are now working hand in hand, and it’s prompting a boom within the sector overall.

The French Medi-Spa

At the French, we’re catering to this growing trend in both the services we offer and the courses we provide.

Recently, we unveiled a luxury Medi-Spa in Robina. Designed to offer both relaxation and skin treatments, the spa sees clients treated by experienced therapists who are committed to helping guests achieve beautiful glowing skin, while restoring balance to the soul.

The spa is designed to champion a new kind of beauty, where wellness meets medicine and aesthetics. It recognises and caters to the desire to combine results-driven treatments and skin improvements with the restorative healing nature of traditional beauty therapies.

Be part of the wellness trend

We arm our students with the latest cutting-edge skills, spanning wellness, beauty, relaxation and business, because for the aspirational beauty practitioner looking to enter the industry a wealth of new and exciting employment opportunity have arrived.

Importantly, this opportunity is global, with wellness tourism and the spa industry among the sub-sectors primed to benefit most from the trend. Our Dual beauty Diploma (SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy & CUA51015 Diploma of Screen Media) is tailored to provide the ideal platform to embrace this future.

The program encompasses essential scientific-based learning relating to skin biology, nutrition, physiology, anatomy and the chemical composition of cosmetic products, as well as the practical skills and techniques of waxing (including intimate waxing), massage, tinting, facials, manicure/pedicure, body treatments, aromatherapy, spa therapy and microdermabrasion.

Meanwhile, students also learn the fundamentals of operating a business and frontline retail selling.

If you’re ready to embrace a career in the thriving beauty and wellness sectors, your passport awaits, here.

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