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The Confidence Gap: Transforming Self-Doubt at The French

The Confidence Gap

Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt

Do you struggle with self-doubt? Do you have a critical voice in your head that keeps putting you down? You’re not alone. Everyone struggles with their own insecurities from time to time, however there is a well-documented phenomenon called The Confidence Gap that has significant impacts on women’s career aspirations and achievements, leading to missed opportunities and unrealised potential. If you need help building your confidence to realise your full potential, stick around we’ve got you!

What is the Confidence Gap?

The Confidence Gap refers to the disparity in self-assurance between men and women, especially in the professional settings. Numerous studies show that women often underestimate their abilities, even when they’re just as competent as their male counterparts.

This gap, influenced by systemic barriers and societal expectations, can lead to self-doubt and hesitation in going after career opportunities. The impact is profound, with many talented women holding back from applying for jobs or promotions due to perceived inadequacies. This lack of confidence can significantly impact women as they pursue their dream careers in several ways:

CAREER ASPIRATIONS: Confidence influences career aspirations and the willingness to pursue ambitions and dream career goals, meaning women may be less likely to believe their dream job is out of reach if they doubt their abilities or fear failure.

SELF-ADVOCACY: Women may hesitate to advocate for themselves, negotiate for higher salaries, or pursue management or leadership positions due to lower confidence levels. This can result in missed opportunities for career advancement and financial growth.

NETWORKING AND SELF-PROMOTION: Building professional networks and promoting yourself or your small business are essential for career progression or business growth. However, women with lower confidence levels may feel hesitant to network or promote their achievements, which can hinder their visibility and recognition within their industry. In addition, for many women finding the time to build networks and relationships can be challenging for those who are caring for children or elderly parents, making it difficult to open new opportunities for growth or expansion in their careers. 

Can confidence be taught?

The good news is that confidence is not a personality trait that we’re either born with or without; it’s a skill that can be acquired with practice and effort! Girls and boys are born with the same levels of self-confidence studies show, however with age, the gap begins to widen to its farthest point around the age of 18 when women have the lowest self confidence in their lifetime. This shows that confidence is something that is learned and developed largely influenced by gendered stereotypes and societal expectations placed on women and girls from a very young age. 

How does The French build confidence?

At The French, we recognise the importance of helping our students overcome self-doubt and realise their full potential. Here are just a number of confidence-building initiatives throughout the student journey to empower women to pursue their aspirations with courage and conviction:

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Futures for Frenchies

This brand-new program embedded into The Future of Beauty course was created to connect students with the best jobs in the industry, and more importantly, teach students the key skills needed to stand out in the competitive job market. During the Futures for Frenchies program, students undertake Career Preparation units to master the art of interviewing, including learning how to present confidently and professionally in interviews. In particular, interview and networking practice can help reduce anxiety and boost confidence, ensuring students are prepared to showcase their unique talents and attributes.

Service Excellence

Also included in The Future Beauty course is our diamond standard soft skills program, Service Excellence. Specifically designed to prepare students for work in luxury salon environments, this holistic personal and professional development curriculum covers grooming and presentation,  language and communication skills, service standards, and emotional awareness. Through this highly transformative process, French Educators mentor students on a journey of personal growth to become confident, compassionate and motivated individuals; ready, willing and able to turn their dreams into reality.

Work-Integrated Learning

At The French Beauty Academy, we understand the importance of hands-on experience in preparing students for their dream careers. Through our Work-Integrated Learning model, students are immersed in a simulated salon environment from day one. Students learn and hone their skills on real clients and practise exactly what it means to be a working beauty professional. With opportunities to work on real clients, participate in training treatments, and gain practical clinic experience in our Student Salons, students graduate job-ready with extensive industry experience and the confidence to match.

Ready to build confidence?

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