Traditional Makeup Vs Mineral Makeup

It’s the question that we all battle with when thinking about investing in and finding the perfect make-up products for our skin – is Mineral make-up the best? Mineral make-up really is changing the face of beauty. Celebrities are endorsing it, cosmetic giants are promoting it and the general consensus on the street from consumers and beauty mavens is that mineral make-up is here to stay. The desire for ‘cleaner’ products that contain less chemical-based ingredients (such as parabens, fragrances and synthetic dyes) has meant just about every beauty brand is jumping on the bandwagon to ensure they get a piece of the pie.




When it comes to mineral make-up a lot of us are still a little clueless on the whats and whys so we decided to call in the expert.  Donna Cummins-Campbell is our go-to gal here at The French for all things related to the skin. Donna specialises in Advanced Skin Science and Nutrition and is one of Australia’s renowned Diploma of Beauty Therapy educators, and she shared her wisdom with us on the debate of Traditional Make-up Vs Mineral Make-up…


Traditional make-up in most instances contains many fillers and chemicals. These chemicals are used to increase the quantity of the end product (expanders), preserve its shelf-life (chemical preservatives) and some may even contain fragrances, which have no benefit to the skin. These chemicals are in many cases the cause of skin concerns such as acne, dry skin and sensitivity and contribute to a multitude of allergies and intolerance.

Mineral make-up on the other hand, usually only contains true minerals that will sit on the surface of the skin rather than being absorbed into the skin. This means that mineral make-up generally doesn’t clog the pores (non-comedogenic) and allows your skin to “breathe” naturally. Mineral make-up is less likely to aggravate any skin conditions and in most cases actually works to calm or treat these ailments.

mineral makeup young blood

Mineral makeup in its truest form, is a powder and all other variations mean that fine mineral micro-particles are pulverised and added to products ranging from foundations to nail polish. If you have any skin concerns that seem to persist consider switching to mineral make-up to identify if the traditional version is the cause of the flare-up.

Donna is one of our valued Diploma of Beauty Therapy educators. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Donna has worked in every aspect of the beauty industry. She was one of Australia’s first dermal therapists, working alongside several plastic surgeons and she currently sits on the Board advising the Federal Government about the development of a national curriculum for the Advanced Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

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