Step into 2024 with us as we decode the beauty landscape through the lens of TikTok’s hottest trend: ‘Ins and Outs.’

In this Beauty Edition of the series, we unpack the TikTok certified beauty must-haves and the bid-farewells for 2024 from skincare, to treatments and makeup and beyond.

Ins and Outs 2024


Skin streaming: Streamline your skin care to use fewer products that effectively fulfil multiple needs, rather than using a drawer full of single-purpose-only products #skinstreaming

Skin cycling: In the spirit of simplification, a four-night Skin Cycle alternates an exfoliant, retinol-based product, and a hydrator to maximise cell regeneration #skincycling

Matte Makeup: While we will never bid a final farewell to a dewy skin look; the 2016 matte finish is definitely making a triumphant return in 2024.

Silver: Cool-toned chromes are infiltrating fashion and makeup looks like never before! 

Gua Sha / Facial Massage: A centuries-long practice in China, at-home facial massage techniques promote lymphatic drainage and a radiant (and snatched) complexion. Buccal massage gets bonus points for releasing jaw tension!

Makeup & Skincare with SPF: There are SO many amazing products that integrate SPF giving you literally zero excuse for not using sun protection in 2024.

Scalp Care: The ‘Skinification’ of your scalp! 2023 saw a huge rise in scalp spas. This is your sign to look after your crown from root to tip.

Ingestible Beauty: Beauty starts from within! We love amplifying a diet of healthy fats, fruits and veggies with Vida Glow supplements that contribute to gut health and radiant skin.

90s Cool-Toned Makeup: Take a nostalgic trip with cool-toned makeup reminiscent of the iconic ’90s era.

Pink Everything / Everywhere: The iconic Barbie movie is influencing hair, wardrobes and makeup looks alike and we are obsessed with #strawberrymakeup


High Contrast Concealer: Utilise colour theory to neutralise under-eye discolouration for the ultimate camouflaged colour correcting.

Heavy Cream Contour: Sadly, this once-trending technique is simply not practical or always wearable. 

Stress: Cortisol (the stress hormone) undoes all the hard-work of any beauty regimen. 

Highly Scented Formulas: In general, the more wonderful a product smells, the worse it can be for your skin. Fragrance aggravates the sensitive skin barrier, with essential oils topping the list of repeat offenders.

Dirty Pillowcases: Hygiene matters. Keep your pillowcases clean to prevent breakouts and maintain a clear complexion.

Makeup Wipes: If “wear sunscreen” is the golden rule of skin care, “wash your face” certainly takes home silver.

Going to Bed Late: Prioritise your beauty sleep. Sleep deprivation increases signs of aging and increases your cortisol levels.

Intense Workouts: Speaking of cortisol… while staying active is crucial, consistent extreme high-intensity workouts add stress on the nervous system. Add more low-impact exercises like the #hotgirlwalk to your regimen. 

Over Exfoliating: Gentle exfoliation is key. Overdoing it can lead to an irritated, red and inflamed skin barrier. 

Expensive Food Delivery: Save those pennies! You will get far more nutritional value from cooking at home. Pro tip: listen to audio books or podcasts while you cook!

🧘🏾‍♀️ 2024 INs and OUTs: Wellness Edition🧘🏾‍♀️

How to protect your peace and step into your power…

Welcome to the dazzling world of Adelaide Fashion Week, where style takes centre stage. We’re thrilled to share a BTS look at the recent fashion extravaganza, where the spotlight not only shone on the latest trends but also illuminated the incredible artistry of our talented French students. 

As the official makeup partners of the event, our budding Makeup Artists brought their creativity to life, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to the runway. From bold lips to glazed skin, glowing natural looks and smokey cat eyes. Our French Makeup Artists consisted of our talented Dual Diploma, Makeup Certificate and Vetro students. What an unforgettable experience for all!

What a launch! After months of planning and preparation, the recent opening of our glamorous new training facility in Brisbane surpassed even our highest expectations.

Th big day saw a host of VIPs in attendance including Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family, Michaelia Cash, and Vogue Australia Editor-In-Chief Edwina McCann.

Together they toured the facility and cut the ribbon to officially open the new campus, while the Minister also enjoyed having her makeup touched up by our students.

What is the new facility?

The stunning new French Beauty campus features a glamourous fit out and is complete with all the latest training tools, products and facilities to take students to the next level of their dream career.

In her opening remarks, the Minister described it as a “state-of-the-art facility” that would “ensure students are fully skilled in the latest innovations and methodologies demanded by employers in the sector”.

A brush with VIPs

The opening day allowed our students to mingle with some of the biggest names in the industry, while also showcasing their skills to the public.

It was thrilling to welcome such important guests to the campus and take them on a tour of the new facilities we have available.

It also showcased how well-connected the French Beauty Academy is and the

unique opportunities we make available to our students.

Meanwhile, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Ms McCann noted the new facility continued a French Beauty tradition.

“With their revolutionary beauty education model, The French Beauty Academy is producing world class graduates,” she said.

“Beauty and Wellness is a dynamic global industry with diverse, entrepreneurial and serious career pathways and I am passionate about helping to create these

pathways for the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs.”

Interested in unlocking your potential in this opportunity-rich sector? You can see our upcoming courses here.

It’s no secret social media has become the platform of choice for aspiring young beauty entrepreneurs looking to make their mark. Accessible to all, and allowing talented trend-setters to build a following, it has been the catalyst for some of the biggest careers and best-known names in the industry.

From Insta influencers to YouTube vloggers, here are just some of the incredible beauty professionals who have made the transition from blogger to business …

Emily Weiss – Glossier

These days Glossier is known for its affordable and uncomplicated makeup, while its founder Emily Weiss is considered “The Beauty Guru for Millennials”, according to the New York Times.


But Glossier didn’t kick off with the launch of products or as a high-profile brand.

Weiss built Glossier from a blog entitled Into The Gloss. With a focus on women’s beauty and grooming routines, Into the Gloss was initially a side project for Weiss while she held down a day job as a styling assistant at Vogue.

When Into the Gloss reached 10 million page views per month, Weiss took the plunge, left her day job and concentrated on her blogging full-time. In 2014, she launched an initial line-up of four products and announced the website

The rest as they say is history. According to Fortune, Weiss has “quietly turned Glossier into one of the most disruptive brands in beauty”.

Chloe Morello – Face Halo

Home-grown beauty influencer Chloe Morello is the stuff of legend. She started blogging in 2012, before building up a massive YouTube following for her on-trend makeup tutorials.

Morello steadily gained fame while holding down other day jobs, including a stint working as a plaque

designer at a crematorium in Canberra.

Now the world-renowned beauty vlogger also complements her successful career as an influencer with a product line that includes Face Halo makeup remover, eyebrow shaping kits, and makeup.

Jeffree Star – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Internet celebrity Jeffree Starr could quite rightly be described as a man of many talents. Starr began his rise to fame as the most followed person on MySpace where he promoted his music career.

By 2014, he had launched his own YouTube channel and cosmetics range and he continued to gain a massive following. In 2018, Starr earned a reported $18 million for his YouTube endeavours alone, which saw him ranked as the fifth highest paid YouTube star that year.

Meanwhile, his collection of velour liquid lipsticks, highlighter palettes, lip scrubs, eyeshadow palettes, clothing, and accessories, such as mirrors and make up bags, remain hugely popular.

In March, he released “Blue Blood” eyeshadow, which reportedly sold out in seconds.

Huda Kattan – Huda Beauty

Long before Huda Kattan released false eyelashes famously worn by Kim Kardashian, she was blogging away on WordPress at a site called Huda Beauty.

Since those eyelashes catapulted her to fame, Kattan has also released a series of further products including eye shadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, lip liners, highlighter palettes, foundations, concealers, powders and liquid eyeshadows.

The former makeup artist for Revlon now has an estimated 35 million followers on Instagram and has been described as one of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet”, “a Kim Kardashian West of the beauty influencer economy”, and one of the “10 most powerful influencers in the world of beauty”.

Elle Ferguson – Elle Effect

Elle Ferguson’s rise to fame began as a daily email with her bestie Tash Sefton when the pair were working together at General Pants. Within a short time that email had become the website They All Hate Us, and by last year the site had 660,000 visitors a month.

The platform and her rising profile were the natural launching pad for Elle’s personal passion, finding the perfect spray tan. Earlier this year she did just that, launching the Elle Effect – a tanning brand that quickly made the Bondi girl a household name and her products a must-have item.

Big dreams

Do you have aspirations to become a beauty influencer, conquer social media and build your own dream business?

Start the journey with The French Beauty Academy. Our SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy & CUA51015 Diploma of Screen Media includes a focus on both the practical skills required to work within this industry and the business nous needed to establish yourself as a beauty entrepreneur. The dual diploma incorporates valuable marketing and social media units to empower you to maximise your business opportunities.

From business planning to occupational health and safety, recruitment, and marketing, our Beauty Diploma is designed to give you the ultimate toolkit to carve out the business future of your dreams.

Like all things, the beauty industry has its trends that come and go with the season. Some are reinventions of old classics, others are totally new innovations that cause an instant stir.

At the moment, there are a couple of major ones making their impact on the catwalk and throughout the pages of the glossy mags.

Just in case you’ve missed them, here are some of the biggest beauty trends of 2019…

Head to toe glow

A head to toe healthy glow has been a big hit in recent times and that continues. Starting with a full body and facial treatment and extending to a red-carpet ready finish, it’s all about looking your natural best with radiant skin that glows from…head to toe.

Neon eyes

Oh yes, the eyes have it, with this eye-popping trend neon trend. This style utilises liquid liners to create distinctive neon wings and you can further accent the look with smoky hues or go bolder still with some contrasting bright colours like blues and pinks.

Gloss, gloss, gloss

Shimmer, shine, and glitter your way into any social occasion with lips that pack a truly glossy punch. This look’s a big one at the moment, using multiple layers of highly reflective glosses and balms.

Gloss tones range from strong earthy colours to natural tones with an occasional sparkle thrown in. But whatever way you come at it, it’s gloss to the max with a mirror-like finish.

A touch of nature

A bigger trend behind the scenes is the continuing focus on nature-based beauty where natural ingredients like green tea and plant-based components are incorporated into beauty regimes.

That’s part of a growing consumer awareness that what you put on your body is as important as what you put into it, and is further supported by an increasing interest in the ingredients behind each beauty brand.

Eco credentials

On that note, ingredients and techniques are also becoming more eco-friendly as consumers become increasingly aware of their own environmental footprint.

That means the industry at large is taking a good hard look at the environmental resources involved and trying to curb them where possible.

Inner beauty

Supporting all the beauty trends of 2019 is a general consensus that beauty goes far deeper than the makeup or clothes you wear. Rather, it’s interlinked with general health and wellbeing.

That means there’s a greater focus on good eating, exercise and general wellbeing using natural products in a bid to look or feel your best before using makeup to highlight your natural assets.

Share your thoughts…

These are just some of the trends we’re loving about 2019, but we’d love to hear your take on all the latest trends. What’s hot, what’s not and what’s coming next?

Meanwhile, if you’re keen to take your passion for beauty to the next level, learn more about the courses available at The French Beauty Academy here.

Transcending cultures, nationalities and even economic downturns, the beauty industry is one of those rare sectors primed to enjoy continued global growth now and far into the foreseeable future.

It’s a dynamic, exciting industry offering international career options, self-employment opportunity, the chance to specialise and rise to the pinnacle of various creative fields as well as the opportunity to do meaningful work and bring joy to the lives of those you touch.

If you’ve ever wondered where a career in beauty could take you, here’s a glimpse into just some of the places you could go and the stamps you could add to your passport.

Travel the globe

Fancy the jet setting lifestyle as a beauty therapist to the stars? Long for the opportunity to travel the globe pampering cruise clients on the high seas? Or does the chance to unleash your creative make-up talents on Broadway or Hollywood offer allure?

These are just some of the doors that open courtesy of a career in beauty and wellness. Whether you specialise in makeup or beauty therapy, this is an industry that knows no borders.

Our Beauties are working onboard luxury cruise liners, they’re waxing celebrities in London, and pampering famous faces in Sydney. Their beauty qualification has been their key to a life of work, travel and personal reward.

Beauty entrepreneur

Was hashtag #GIRLBOSS made for you?

There are few greater pleasures than taking the reins of your future, calling the shots and opening opportunity to others through your own business.

For those who long to be their own boss and conduct business on their own terms, a limitless array of beauty business opportunities beckon, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to how far you could go.

Our graduates have forged their own futures in product development, as upscale salon owners, and wedding makeup artists.

Some are enjoying the work-life balance of running their business from home, others are taking their vision to the world with their own brands of therapy and products, and others still are bringing their expertise and business insight to some of the best-known franchises in the nation.

As Forbes notes:  “It’s never been a better me to be a beauty entrepreneur”, with the “$445 billion industry one of the most prevalent places for women to self-start their way to big-time success”.

Whether it’s in Australia, or overseas, this potential is yours for the taking, and at the French Beauty Academy, we’re here to get you started in the best possible way as you embrace a career at the helm of your own business and the world becomes your stage.

Beauty and business are our passion. This speciality sees us offer SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy & CUA51015 Diploma of Screen Media with a focus on both the practical skills required to work within this industry and the business nous needed to establish yourself as a beauty entrepreneur. From business planning to occupational health and safety, recruitment, and marketing, our Beauty Diploma is designed to give you the ultimate toolkit to carve out the business future of your dreams.

Fashion industry

From the catwalks of Milan and Paris, to the runways of Sydney, London and beyond, makeup, hair styling and beauty go hand in hand with fashion.

With a multitude of makeup artists and hair stylists required for every event, this is the ideal setting to cut your teeth or find your niche within the ever-popular fashion industry.

(Read our interview with leading editorial, fashion, and bridal makeup extraordinaire Casey Gore.)

Blogging and social media

Fancy yourself as a makeover maverick, a photoshoot miracle-maker or the go-to guru for all things beauty? Then the online publishing industry may await.

Whether your niche is beauty blogging, your forte is photography styling, or your passion is product selection, beauty media continues to grow online and in the real world fuelled by the trends of Instagram.

We recognise this broadening future and the exciting role out graduates can play, which is why our dual qualification features a focus on social media and marketing.

Entertainment industry

Every soap opera needs a stylist, every movie a makeup artist, and whether its Bollywood, Disneyland or Cirque de Soleil almost every country has an entertainment industry in need of the beauty touch.

Meanwhile, those morning newsreaders need a hair and makeup miracle maker and those Movie World characters all require expert assistance.

The journey is yours to embrace

Learn the finer points of makeup, styling, brow shaping and tanning and just see where the world takes you because the journey is yours to embrace. From the West End to the wonders of wedding makeup, from the sanctuary of spas to the high-end salons of France, beauty opportunity beckons, so where oh where will you choose to go?

You can learn more about the careers our Beauties enjoy here.

Working in the Beauty Industry has shed some light on how many beautiful souls see themselves in a negative way and quite frankly, we won’t tolerate it anymore! Society has been misguiding the way people see themselves for too long and we are here to set the record straight!

Our philosophy is that true beauty lies within the soul. It’s about knowing who you really are: accepting your imperfections and learning to listen to your inner wisdom. It’s about honouring your spirit, nurturing your mind, and nourishing your body. It’s a journey of discovery to that place where you love being ‘you’ – etre bien dans sa peau.

With that being said, we have put together some of our  favourite reasons why we LOVE the skin you’re in!  From today we challenge you , not to compare your beauty to others, to respect your body, to love all of you and to encourage others to see themselves in a positive light.

Pic Via:




Pic Via:


Stretch Marks: aka Tiger stripes, & angel scratches. These beautiful marks tell a story about the journey of coming into your own. They represent how you have grown into the strong person you are today. The best thing about them is that almost EVERYONE has them ! Whether you earned your tiger stripes from carrying your precious child, developing into an adult, or embracing your curves, we respect and love them !

Pic via : Sarashakeel

Pic Via : Instagram

Pic Via: Cosmopolitan

Pearly Whites: We believe the best medicine is laughter and along with laughter comes smiling. It’s time to flaunt those beautiful teeth and share your happiness with the world. And if that’s not a strong enough point to embrace your natural smile, the French often say that gap teeth are lucky teeth!

Pic Via: Trendland

Pic Via: Vogue

Pic Via:


Curves: They aren’t called LOVE handles for no reason.  Curves are so feminine! Curves come in all shapes as sizes, make sure you aren’t getting caught up on the shape and size of yours. We came across a quote recently that we had to share – “ You aren’t fat !  You have fat. You also have fingernails. But you’re not fingernails!”  We challenge you to embrace your curves and show them off.  

Pic Via: My Modern Met

Pic Via:

Pic Via: :Pintrest


Freckles: They are a sign of unique beauty. A common trend is drawing freckles on with makeup and this is because those who don’t have them, want them. We think they are ADORABLE! Ditch your full coverage foundation and let the world see how beautiful your skin naturally is !

Pic Via: Pintrest

Pic Via:

We LOVE the skin you’re in and it’s time to start feeling more confident with your natural beauty. Girl, you should go and love yourself !

We all have that one thing that we know we already have enough of and although we’re constantly reminded that we don’t need anymore, we buy it anyway! For many of us beauty junkies this item is MAKEUP. For makeup lovers at The French a draw of 50 shades of nude lipsticks isn’t enough when we find that perfect new shade to add to our collection! With this in mind, we’ve found some of the best ways to store our makeup that are not only aesthetically pleasing and keeps “our babies” safe and organised, but don’t have us digging around for hours to find a specific product.

Acrylic holders

Acrylic holders are one of our favourite ways to store makeup. Vanity Collections have great quality holders that can be displayed on your bench top, but are also small enough to put into your draws. If you are on a budget Kmart have some great dupes, but be careful as some makeup items don’t fit perfectly into these ones! To keep your holders looking clean and like new just  run them under warm water soapy water and they will look amazing afterwards.


Picture: via Thirteen Thoughts


Ikea Furniture

Ikea furniture options are endless! We have four favourites when looking at makeup storage at Ikea. The first idea is a little bit pricey, but a girl can dream! We spotted the beautiful VBlogger – Desi Perkins using an Ikea television unit for her makeup storage and are now obsessed with the idea. A wardrobe with similar fixtures also works amazing for storing large quantities of makeup.


Picture: via Desi Perkins

Now to downsize a little with the Ikea units. One of the most popular items that is used to store makeup is the Alex drawers. They’re generally a great depth for compacts, lipsticks, pallets, lashes, and can be used with or without acrylic dividers!

The Ikea Malm drawers and dressing table are also great options for storage. The dressing table is killer dupe for a vanity with a built in mirror. It has one long draw for all those go to items you reach for daily. Quite often you will see the Alex or Malm drawers on the side of the desk to create a full makeup unit. The Malm chest of drawers comes in many different sizes and their dept makes them great to store some larger makeup items.


Pictures: Vanity Collections / Pinterst


Brush Holder

Along with taking care of our makeup don’t forget about storing your brushes correctly. When storing brushes it is important to make sure you don’t alter the shape of the bristles. We recommend cute toothbrush holder purchased from Kmart. They are inexpensive and you can generally always find one that is on trend. Don’t throw out your empty candles, they also double as a great brush holder and you can change it often to freshen up your vanity.


Pictures: via no source /  Kate La Vie

Makeup Vanity

The beautiful makeup vanity provides adequate storage with a glam touch! Makeup vanities generally have inbuilt storage and a mirror attached. There are various options on the market for different styles, colours, and mirrors with Hollywood lights. They are more on the pricey side of storage, but if you are wanting to treat yourself this is a good place to invest in and you will have it for years to come. You’ll also feel incredible pampering yourself in your robe!


Picture: via Pinterst

The options are endless for creating or purchasing makeup storage. Don’t forget to get creative when building your slay station. Tag us @thefrenchbeautyacademy in what you create or currently use as makeup storage, we would love to see!

It’s the question that we all battle with when thinking about investing in and finding the perfect make-up products for our skin – is Mineral make-up the best? Mineral make-up really is changing the face of beauty. Celebrities are endorsing it, cosmetic giants are promoting it and the general consensus on the street from consumers and beauty mavens is that mineral make-up is here to stay. The desire for ‘cleaner’ products that contain less chemical-based ingredients (such as parabens, fragrances and synthetic dyes) has meant just about every beauty brand is jumping on the bandwagon to ensure they get a piece of the pie.




When it comes to mineral make-up a lot of us are still a little clueless on the whats and whys so we decided to call in the expert.  Donna Cummins-Campbell is our go-to gal here at The French for all things related to the skin. Donna specialises in Advanced Skin Science and Nutrition and is one of Australia’s renowned Diploma of Beauty Therapy educators, and she shared her wisdom with us on the debate of Traditional Make-up Vs Mineral Make-up…


Traditional make-up in most instances contains many fillers and chemicals. These chemicals are used to increase the quantity of the end product (expanders), preserve its shelf-life (chemical preservatives) and some may even contain fragrances, which have no benefit to the skin. These chemicals are in many cases the cause of skin concerns such as acne, dry skin and sensitivity and contribute to a multitude of allergies and intolerance.

Mineral make-up on the other hand, usually only contains true minerals that will sit on the surface of the skin rather than being absorbed into the skin. This means that mineral make-up generally doesn’t clog the pores (non-comedogenic) and allows your skin to “breathe” naturally. Mineral make-up is less likely to aggravate any skin conditions and in most cases actually works to calm or treat these ailments.

mineral makeup young blood

Mineral makeup in its truest form, is a powder and all other variations mean that fine mineral micro-particles are pulverised and added to products ranging from foundations to nail polish. If you have any skin concerns that seem to persist consider switching to mineral make-up to identify if the traditional version is the cause of the flare-up.

Donna is one of our valued Diploma of Beauty Therapy educators. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Donna has worked in every aspect of the beauty industry. She was one of Australia’s first dermal therapists, working alongside several plastic surgeons and she currently sits on the Board advising the Federal Government about the development of a national curriculum for the Advanced Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

Halloween is almost here and French beauties are putting their make-up skills and creative flair to the test with spooky faces!

To get inspired we’ve put together an edit of our all time favourite celebrity halloween make-up looks. From Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima’s zombie bride to an intense glitter smokey eye used for Heidi’s cute cat face, Halloween is the one of the few times when more is more!…


Adriana Lima Celebrity Halloween


Celebrity Halloween 2

Heidi Klum Halloween

Kim Kardashian Celebrity Halloween

Celebrity Halloween

Celebrity Halloween Makeup

For a Zombie Bride look below is a step by step tutorial from Marie

Step 1. Apply white face makeup, like Ben Nye Cream Makeup, all over with a sponge. Avoid applying to the eye area. Pro tip: Be sure to use white makeup that is specifically designed for the face so you don’t break out after hours of wear.

Step 2. Lightly contour in your cheekbones and sides of your forehead using a charcoal grey eyeshadow or cream paint. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we’ll go back in later to really bring out those cheekbones. We used a Bobbi Brown’s Smoke eyeshadow to create the sunken eye, but you can also use a dark grey cream paint.

Step 3. With a raspberry/plum-color shadow, like Tarte Cosmetics Soft Sienna, and a tapered blending brush, apply to your eye from the inner corner down, where you are naturally darkest. Be sure to get undereye and lower lash line, too. This creates a sick, tired look.

Step 4. Apply the same shadow to the upper inner crease basically creating a full C shape at the inner corners of the eyes and then dust over the lid.

Step 5. Mix black and brown shadow (we used Urban Decay Blackout and Busted Eyshadow) and apply under lash line, the inner corner into the crease, and in the under eye crease using an eye smudge brush.

Step 6. Take the same black and brown colors and apply to the upper inner corner and into the front of the brow to add depth. Pro tip: Create a triangle shape with the front of your brow being the top corner of the triangle to easily apply the shadow.

Step 7. Now, go back in and fully contour your cheeks and forehead using the same eyeshadow you used in Step 2.

Step 8. Cover lips with more white cream paint using a sponge.

Step 9. Next dab your favorite red lipstick to the inside of your lips avoiding the edges, or if you want a more pretty look apply all the way to the edges.

Step 10. Finally, dab Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Little Black Dress Lip Tar stained gloss onto the center of the lips using a lip brush for added drama and gore.

Source: Marie Claire


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