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The French Files: Lauren Curtis, Beauty Vlogger

With her 1.3 million instagram followers, bubbly personality and endless supply of beauty tips and tricks, chances are you’ve heard of Beauty Vlogger Lauren Curtis. At age 21 she has created her own empire by going her own way. Working with the top beauty brands, reviewing the latest products and sharing her beauty secrets with her loyal army of followers, she is proof that the with enough passion your dream job can be created. 

Today The French Files put the spotlight on Lauren and the rise of blogging as an exciting, dynamic and unconventional beauty career path!

Who: Lauren Curtis

Age: 21

What: Launching her own Youtube channel in 2011, Lauren is now Australia’s no. 1 Beauty Vlogger with over 2.8 million global subscribers. Her how-to beauty videos and makeup, skin care and hair tutorials have become an inspiration for women all around the world!


Career Spotlight: Beauty Vlogging

Beauty vlogging is a relatively new career path in the industry which combines the digital world, social media, entrepreneurship and of course a love a beauty. Beauty Vloggers like Lauren share make-up tutorials, how-to videos and beauty advice across their Youtube and social media channels.

“Young girls aren’t buying magazines for beauty instruction anymore. YouTube is amazing because it has everything you could possibly need or want to know right at your fingertips. Videos are also so much more enjoyable to watch because they’re simply more entertaining and engaging. Rather than reading an article by someone you know nothing about, you are being fed information by someone who you feel like you have a personal connection with – almost like a friend.” (Lauren Curtis via Beauticate).

Beauty Vloggers are often paid by companies and brands to review and test their beauty and skincare products. They then share their reviews and recommendations across their online channels.

While it’s a competitive career path and it takes time, dedication and hard work to build your following, there are some key attributes that go a long way to making it big.  Consistency in posting, unique content, amazing make-up application skills, a wholesome down to earth approach and genuine passion for sharing your secret tips and tips are key to growing and building a loyal audience and following.


Lauren’s Beauty Wisdoms:

Lauren Curtis Quote


“It’s easy to get carried away with makeup because it has a creative element to it, but we need to realise that we should wear makeup to enhance what we already have, not to try to create something we don’t. I love that you can be so creative with makeup but it’s so easy to be reliant on it. Saying that, my favourite beauty possession would be my mascara! I have long lashes but they’re blonde and look non-existent when there’s nothing on them. As soon as I apply mascara they’re bold and dramatic and make me look recognisable again! My look isn’t exactly unique, but I love tanned skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. I guess it’s kind of a beachy look. I wish I got my dad’s tanned skin genes – I can’t get a natural tan even if I tried!” (via Beauticate)


The French Files Loves:

Lauren is a young beauty entrepreneur going her own way in this exciting and dynamic industry. While her make-up tips are phenomenal, it’s her passion to boost self-esteem, advocate self-confidence and her encouragement of her audience to be comfortable in their own skin that we have fallen in love with!

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Photos: Lauren Curtis Instagram

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