We love the skin you’re in!

Working in the Beauty Industry has shed some light on how many beautiful souls see themselves in a negative way and quite frankly, we won’t tolerate it anymore! Society has been misguiding the way people see themselves for too long and we are here to set the record straight!

Our philosophy is that true beauty lies within the soul. It’s about knowing who you really are: accepting your imperfections and learning to listen to your inner wisdom. It’s about honouring your spirit, nurturing your mind, and nourishing your body. It’s a journey of discovery to that place where you love being ‘you’ – etre bien dans sa peau.

With that being said, we have put together some of our  favourite reasons why we LOVE the skin you’re in!  From today we challenge you , not to compare your beauty to others, to respect your body, to love all of you and to encourage others to see themselves in a positive light.

Pic Via: Bustle.com




Pic Via: Bustle.com


Stretch Marks: aka Tiger stripes, & angel scratches. These beautiful marks tell a story about the journey of coming into your own. They represent how you have grown into the strong person you are today. The best thing about them is that almost EVERYONE has them ! Whether you earned your tiger stripes from carrying your precious child, developing into an adult, or embracing your curves, we respect and love them !

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Pearly Whites: We believe the best medicine is laughter and along with laughter comes smiling. It’s time to flaunt those beautiful teeth and share your happiness with the world. And if that’s not a strong enough point to embrace your natural smile, the French often say that gap teeth are lucky teeth!

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Curves: They aren’t called LOVE handles for no reason.  Curves are so feminine! Curves come in all shapes as sizes, make sure you aren’t getting caught up on the shape and size of yours. We came across a quote recently that we had to share – “ You aren’t fat !  You have fat. You also have fingernails. But you’re not fingernails!”  We challenge you to embrace your curves and show them off.  

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Freckles: They are a sign of unique beauty. A common trend is drawing freckles on with makeup and this is because those who don’t have them, want them. We think they are ADORABLE! Ditch your full coverage foundation and let the world see how beautiful your skin naturally is !

Pic Via: Pintrest

Pic Via: cristinasagnier.tumblr.com

We LOVE the skin you’re in and it’s time to start feeling more confident with your natural beauty. Girl, you should go and love yourself !

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