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The days are longer and the sun is getting hotter – perfect for spending weekends at the beach! To achieve a gorgeous beach glow, without the damaging effects of the sun, Kimberly Korevaar has some simple tips to achieve the perfect self-tan at home.

The secret to a perfect sun-free tan lies in the preparation process

1. Make sure any waxing, shaving or other hair removal processes are done before tanning day
2. Take a break from your exercise routine on tanning day so you can avoid exposure to water and sweat
3. Exfoliate with a face and full body scrub before your tanning procedure – polished skin, free of any dead cells, will allow your tan to develop evenly
4. Avoid oil-containing moisturisers – these form a barrier that blocks the chemical reaction responsible for the tan, causing streaks and patches

There are also a few steps you can follow after tanning to prevent streaks and uneven fading

1. Avoid exposure to water, oil-based products or sweating it out at the gym immediately after tanning.
2. Persistent streaks can also be evened out with baking soda applied using a face-washer or terry cloth
3. After a shower or swim, pat your skin dry rather than rubbing
4. Moisturising every day will prevent uneven fading
5. Avoid exfoliants until you are ready to get a new tan
6. Never layer a new spray tan over an old one – exfoliate to get rid of a faded tan before your next application.

Most importantly, don’t ever forget that a spray tan or tanning products won’t protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays so you will still need to wear sunscreen.

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