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Four reasons the beauty industry is a great career choice

Many of us enter the beauty industry because we simply love it, but beauty isn’t just a career of passion. It’s also shaping up as one of the major growth sectors globally and nationally, meaning it’s a fabulous career choice both now and in the future.

Here are four quick facts and reasons the beauty industry is a great career choice.

Good employment prospects

In an age of automation, beauty is something that requires the personal touch, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

While other sectors might be experiencing the squeeze of robotics and digitisation, in beauty the reverse is true.

Digitisation and social media are leading to greater awareness of beauty trends, and the lack of personal contact in a digital age is seeing more people seek out relaxation, pampering, and professional beauty services.

Meanwhile, makeup, massage, styling and relaxation isn’t about to be serviced by a robot at any foreseeable time.

That’s why the beauty and wellness industry is now worth about $4.2 trillion globally (yes, we did say trillion) and is four times larger than the pharmaceuticals industry.

Quick fact:  Currently in Australia, there is only one graduating beauty students for every eight jobs available in the market (Source – National Centre for Vocational Education Research).

It allows for travel

One of the best things about the beauty sector is that it’s universal and Australian graduates are highly sought after across the world. That means a dream career that starts in Australia could take you to Paris, Milan, New York, Bali, Los Angeles, the Middle East, London and pretty much anywhere your heart desires.

That’s because beauty knowns no bounds, but also because it tends to go hand in hand with tourism and fashion.

Quick fact: Beauty industry graduates go on to work on cruise liners, in theatre, behind the scenes at fashion shows, in luxury resort salons, and in magazines, social media and publishing.

It’s a self-employment opportunity

If there’s been one common theme since the clock ticked over to the beginning of the 21st century, it’s been the rise in entrepreneurship as more and more people look beyond working for an employer to work their own hours and follow their own dreams.

Now, 20 years down the track, there’s never been a better time to launch your own business, and beauty is one of the sectors where some stellar talent has emerged.

Just think of the big players like Emily Weiss and Chloe Morello, and you get a sense of how a big career in beauty can quickly blossom on your own terms.

At the French Beauty Academy, our graduates have gone on to launch their own small and large businesses, working in fields like wedding makeup, beauty product development, opening their own salons, and carving out massive careers as consultants and commentators.

Quick fact: Forty per cent of all entrepreneurs are women, according to Forbes.

It’s personal

And last, but not least, the beauty industry is personal. It’s a career defined by making others feel good about themselves.

That beyond anything is a truly beautiful gift to give as part of your future career.

Big dreams?

Start the journey to your dream career at The French Beauty Academy this January. Our SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy & CUA51015 Diploma of Screen Media includes a focus on both the practical skills required to work within this industry and the business nous needed to establish yourself as a beauty entrepreneur.

From business planning to occupational health and safety, recruitment, and marketing, our Beauty Diploma is designed to give you the ultimate toolkit to carve out the business future of your dreams.

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