Kickstart Collagen Production with World-Leading Microneedling Pen

We are so excited to announce that the French Beauty Academy has partnered with the Dermapen 4 Microneedling Pen by DermapenWorld and their distributors Inskin Cosmedics! In an industry-first, The French have partnered with the biggest names in skin and device technologies to co-develop the curriculum of the industry’s newest and most cutting edge skin focused program, The Future of Beauty. French students will have exclusive hands-on access to train with the latest microneedling pen device, as well as access to their research, technology and clinical protocols which are integrated into the learning materials.  This cutting-edge curriculum is available to Future of Beauty students specialising in Skin Therapies: Collagen Induction Therapy as added training in modern beauty industry technologies. 

Why Dermapen 4?

Dermapen 4 is the most advanced micro-needling tool currently on the market and nothing compares to it. The world’s first digital device is lightweight and cordless with an ergonomic hand-piece that combines dual power, turbo-cut battery systems, bluetooth and RFID that guarantees it’s the fastest microneedling procedure in the industry. This cutting edge technology that produces unseen results is exactly why we have partnered with Dermapen 4 directly to ensure our students receive the most relevant training for the future of the skin therapy industry. The Dermapen 4 also has FDA Approval (K221070) and TGA Registration (356305 & 367612) ensuring client and practitioner safety and effective results.

how does it work?

In comparison to conventional microneedling pens, the Dermapen 4 glides over the skin while producing millions of tiny, vertical fractional channels up to 104% faster than regular pens. These pathways deliver topical nutrients up to 80% deeper into the skin. The micro-injuries start a natural healing process that produces more collagen and elastin and clearly improves a variety of skin issues. This technology is unique in that it’s the only device in the industry with a setting specifically for treating acne scars. Its revolutionary 16-needle cartridge produces more channels on the skin for better results minimizing pain.

what does it treat?

Anti-ageing: The procedure helps the body’s natural healing process to produce more collagen and elastin, which reduces wrinkles and lines.

Pigmentation: In contrast to certain laser procedures, Dermapen microneedling encourages optimal cell function while removing the risk of heat irritation and hypopigmentation. 

Enlarged pores: Microneedling techniques encourage the skin to produce new collagen, which tightens and firms up the appearance of enlarged pores.

Scarring: The Dermapen 4 is the only microneedling device that offers a dedicated scarring setting that uses maximum depth with autocalibration of speed to reduce the appearance of scars.

Stretch marks: Many practitioners believe that Dermapen Treatments have been very effective in treating stretch marks in comparison to other methods. 

Acne: Dermapen Treatments visibly improve the appearance of problematic skin breakouts, blackheads and active acne. 

The Dermapen 4 by DermapenWorld and Inskin Cosmedics is taught exclusively within The Future of Beauty program’s Skin Therapies: Collagen Induction Therapy specialisation. The all-encompassing dual qualification arms students with the knowledge, skills and experience required to be an exceptional beauty therapist and important business understandings to know how to manage or open a clinic or salon, breeding the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs.


Next generation training for the skin therapy and beauty business jobs of tomorrow

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