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Clean Skincare That’s Supercharged By Nature And Extracted By Science

In an industry-first, The French have partnered with the biggest names in skin and device technologies to co-develop the curriculum of the industry’s newest and most cutting edge skin focused program, The Future of Beauty. French students will have exclusive hands-on access to train with leading clean and sustainable skincare range, Biologi, as well as access to their research, technology and product knowledge which are integrated into the learning materials.


Biologi is a revolutionary clean cosmeceuticals brand that delivers unheard of results using 100% active plant phytonutrients and purely natural Vitamin C. Developed after 12 years of research, this high-performance skincare is the first clean cosmeceutical range in the world responsible for the entire process from plant to bottle to pore. Their dedication to sustainability is practiced through every step of the process; from selecting the plants and farmers to bottling the liquid to providing consumers with transformative skincare that works without compromising the cells. We are incredibly proud to have partnered with a skincare brand that harnesses nature without altering it, providing our students with the most relevant skincare products for the future of the skin therapy industry.


With new skincare products and brands lining the shelves daily claiming to be a ‘must have’, or promising ‘anti-ageing results’; Biologi understands it’s becoming more and more difficult for consumers to understand what products will work for their skin. Biologi encourages consumers to stop looking at the labels and instead listen to what their skin is trying to tell them. According to Biologi’s dermal specialist Lucy Maccdougald, “By stripping back an overly complicated skincare routine, the skin has a chance to repair itself, rebuild its natural acid mantle and get back to its regular pH levels”. As consumers seek to avoid chemicals and synthetic ingredients, natural products are becoming increasingly popular. Hence, Biologi’s approach to radically rethinking skincare, with 100% active, 100% potent, 100% pure products has been extremely popular. 

Supercharged By Nature. Extracted By Science.

Biologi’s “from plant to bottle, to pore” ethos is simply that. Most skincare products only contain approximately 2% of active ingredients, whereas Biologi products are 100% active. Additionally, these products are water soluble and able to penetrate deeper into the epidermis to repair, restore and give skin a more even and hydrated glow. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their transformative benefits to the skin and uncompromising results in mind. Here are a few of our favourite Biologi ingredients that are now used in our Future of Beauty course facial classrooms:

SoapberryThe untouched power of Soapberry gently washes away dirt, pollutants, and impurities from the skin’s surface in a lightweight, soap-free cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. This results in a cleanser that is pure, antioxidant-rich, and free of synthetic formulation ingredients, relying solely on nature to provide a clearer, more radiant, and balanced complexion. 

Davidson Plum: Davidson Plum behaves like an alpha-hydroxy acid by evening out skin tone, lightening dark patches, promoting cellular turnover and assisting in the treatment of acne by balancing the skin’s natural oil production and gently cleansing away excess sebum.

Organic Rosehip Oil: Organic Rosehip Oil is an active source of potent fatty acids, proteins and vitamins A and E, enhancing the natural lipid content of the outer dermal layer, boosting cellular structure and skin health. 

Kakadu Plum: The Kakadu Plum is a native Australian fruit that Aboriginal people have traditionally used for its medicinal properties. Kakadu Plum’s healing properties build advanced antioxidant protection, reduce pigmentation, control blemishes, and diminish the visible signs of ageing. 

Finger Lime: Australian Finger Lime’s bioactive compounds are overflowing with natural goodness that the skin craves and requires. Finger lime contains three times the antioxidants of other popular fruits and contains an impressive combination of vitamin C, tryptophan, and ferulic acids to strengthen protective barriers and encourage collagen production.

Biologi’s ethos, technology and products are taught exclusively within The Future of Beauty program. The all-encompassing dual qualification arms students with the knowledge, skills and experience required to be an exceptional beauty therapist and important business understandings to know how to manage or open a clinic or salon, breeding the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs.


Next generation for the skin therapy and beauty business jobs of tomorrow

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