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7 Reasons To Study Beauty Therapy Online

1. The freedom is yours
You can study the theory components of the course whenever, wherever you like; at the library, at the park, at home and don’t forget there is free wi-fi at the college! The practical component is held in 12 separate week long blocks. Some students take this as an opportunity to complete the course in less than 12 months, but the best thing is that you have the flexibility of up to 24 months to complete your Diploma. The freedom is yours!

2. You don’t have to quit your job to study
The majority of students maintain a full time job and manage their family life while studying, simply because of how the study modes are structured. Students usually take annual or un-paid leave to attend the practical blocks on campus. Our teachers can help you design a study plan to suit your situation and are always here to answer any questions you have.

3. Your location doesn’t matter
We have students that live in remote locations that use their campus practical blocks to stay with friends or family or simply to enjoy the week’s break for some “me time” while studying the career of their dreams. It will take dedication, motivation and a little bit of organisation but once you have a study plan and your blocks mapped out you are set for success.

4. You still get exactly the same practical experience!
Your practical blocks are the same as your face to face counterparts; they are just condensed. This is a big benefit to students as most of the time preparing for the block is the theory done at your convenience at home. Once on campus it’s all about the fun, hands-on stuff, condensed to one week at a time – designed to limit the time that you need to take away from family or work.

5. You can take two years to do it
We have many students whose lives change in ways they could never plan for; pregnancies, house moves, job changes, relationship or health changes. We understand that sometimes this takes priority, so the added benefit of flexible delivery is that you have the freedom of 24 months in which to complete your diploma, choosing what you would like to study and when.

6. Your teachers are dedicated to ensuring you succeed
The added benefit of studying flexibility is that you have your very own teacher who is there to help in any way possible – to support your learning, tutor you when required, provide moral support, pass on her years of experience and knowledge, and to ensure your success in completing the course. There is also a team of teachers in office every week available to answer your call and help you with questions or concerns.

7. You can switch to face to face learning
Lastly if you find that you are struggling for motivation and would benefit from studying face to face you are able to transfer from our flexible to in-class mode. This makes the decision to study the Diploma even easier as you can get started whenever you want but switch to an in-class program if you find you need a more structured and traditional class model.

Sounds like this is the option for you? Contact our Admissions team for further details on – courses@thefrench.edu


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