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Beauty Trends of 2019

Like all things, the beauty industry has its trends that come and go with the season. Some are reinventions of old classics, others are totally new innovations that cause an instant stir.

At the moment, there are a couple of major ones making their impact on the catwalk and throughout the pages of the glossy mags.

Just in case you’ve missed them, here are some of the biggest beauty trends of 2019…

Head to toe glow

A head to toe healthy glow has been a big hit in recent times and that continues. Starting with a full body and facial treatment and extending to a red-carpet ready finish, it’s all about looking your natural best with radiant skin that glows from…head to toe.

Neon eyes

Oh yes, the eyes have it, with this eye-popping trend neon trend. This style utilises liquid liners to create distinctive neon wings and you can further accent the look with smoky hues or go bolder still with some contrasting bright colours like blues and pinks.

Gloss, gloss, gloss

Shimmer, shine, and glitter your way into any social occasion with lips that pack a truly glossy punch. This look’s a big one at the moment, using multiple layers of highly reflective glosses and balms.

Gloss tones range from strong earthy colours to natural tones with an occasional sparkle thrown in. But whatever way you come at it, it’s gloss to the max with a mirror-like finish.

A touch of nature

A bigger trend behind the scenes is the continuing focus on nature-based beauty where natural ingredients like green tea and plant-based components are incorporated into beauty regimes.

That’s part of a growing consumer awareness that what you put on your body is as important as what you put into it, and is further supported by an increasing interest in the ingredients behind each beauty brand.

Eco credentials

On that note, ingredients and techniques are also becoming more eco-friendly as consumers become increasingly aware of their own environmental footprint.

That means the industry at large is taking a good hard look at the environmental resources involved and trying to curb them where possible.

Inner beauty

Supporting all the beauty trends of 2019 is a general consensus that beauty goes far deeper than the makeup or clothes you wear. Rather, it’s interlinked with general health and wellbeing.

That means there’s a greater focus on good eating, exercise and general wellbeing using natural products in a bid to look or feel your best before using makeup to highlight your natural assets.

Share your thoughts…

These are just some of the trends we’re loving about 2019, but we’d love to hear your take on all the latest trends. What’s hot, what’s not and what’s coming next?

Meanwhile, if you’re keen to take your passion for beauty to the next level, learn more about the courses available at The French Beauty Academy here.

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