6 Myths Preventing You From Studying Beauty

Do you ever catch yourself making excuses as to why you can’t live your dreams? Are you always reverting back to why you didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or simply wouldn’t do something? You are not alone in feeling these emotions but here at The French we believe that anything is possible, regardless of your past, circumstances or fears.

How many times have you looked in the mirror or thought to yourself – I’m too dumb to do that or I’ll never be smart enough to achieve that.Hundreds and hundreds of students had those exact same fears before they started at The French. Many of them went on to win awards they never thought they could achieve or jobs they never thought they’d succeed in. When you tell yourself you can’t – then you can’t. Watch the magic that happens when you tell yourself you can.

6 Myths Preventing You From Studying Beauty - Im not smart enough

Time is one of the only things on earth that we can’t manufacture, recycle or re-create – once it’s gone it’s gone. We use time a lot as our excuse as to why we can’t spend our lives doing what we absolutely love. We all think that we don’t have time to study, don’t have time to pursue our dreams, don’t have time to focus on ourselves when we have so many other things competing for our time and energy around us. But imagine if you could look into your crystal ball and see the date that time stopped for you – would you spend it differently? Would you quit the job you hate and find a way to make your passion a reality. Would you prioritise the time in your life and fill it with the things that really matter to you? Would stop saying things like – “I’ll do that next year – when I have time” or “Things are really manic at the moment with the kids, I’ll do it when I have more time”. We never really know how time is allocated for each of us – all we can do is discover what lights us up inside, what it is that makes our heart beat fast and then spend our unknown number of days doing what we love. When you look at time that like that, you have to ask yourself how can we ever really spend a second not living out our life’s purpose? “It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” ― Marianne Williamson

Hands up if you think that all beauty therapists are supermodels, with perfect skin & that you need to be beautiful or pretty to be a therapist? There is a common misconception that studying beauty means you have to be a model…that the beauty industry is only for the beautiful! The reality is that a therapist knows that inner beauty and caring for others are her real weapons. She knows that superficial beauty is only skin deep. That acquiring knowledge on how to look after your skin, how to shape your brows, apply your makeup, on honouring your spirit, nurturing your mind & nourishing your body – all go a long way in putting the best version of yourself forward!

6 Myths Preventing You From Studying Beauty - Im not pretty enough

Sometimes at the start of journey, it’s really difficult to imagine ourselves crossing the finishing line as we have spent years telling ourselves not to even bother entering the race. We hide away our dreams and justify our fears by saying things like it’s a waste of time to study and that we won’t get a job. Or even I should study something more serious like Law or medicine. The world of beauty is a billion dollar industry with incredible opportunities and exciting pathways. The world is finally starting to realise it as a lucrative, serious and exciting career pathway. So tell that voice of fear to take a back seat and for a moment imagine yourself working in a job where you cannot wait to get up in the morning and go to work. All you need to do is take the first step – you never know, if you shoot for the moon, you may just land amongst the stars. View some of the incredible jobs on offer in the world of Beauty.

This is such a common excuse for why many don’t pursue their dreams. We might think ” I missed my chance” , but this really is just a massive cop-out. There are people everywhere you look doing incredible things at every age. Those with youth on their side might constantly struggle with being taken seriously or having the credibility and knowledge for someone so “young” whereas someone ‘older’ might have the grey hairs and the knowledge, but not the looks or the energy. Age is a gift and every part of our life’s journey presents us with rich rewards. The real secret is harassing the power of now and not limiting yourself by a number.

6 Myths Preventing You From Studying Beauty - Im too old

Why not? Everyone who’s ever taken a risk at some point has felt like their venture might fail or that they don’t have the skills to make it succeed. All you really need is to believe in yourself, and have a clear vision of your dream. The ‘How’ part comes to you once you begin on those small steps to make it a reality

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