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Our 2024 In’s and Out’s: Wellness Edition


Step into 2024 with us as we decode the wellness landscape through the lens of TikTok’s hottest trend: ‘Ins and Outs.’

If your TikTok feed has been buzzing with users showcasing their in’s and out’s lists for the year ahead, you’re not alone. Our Wellness Edition unveils the must-haves and the bid-farewells for a healthier, more vibrant life in 2024. Explore them in detail below.

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Quality over quantity: Protect your space – keep your friendship circle small and surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Believing in yourself: Being delulu is the solulu! According to TikTok, being delusional is the new manifesting and we are SO here for it.

Solo dates: Revel in the joy of your own company to foster the most important relationship of all – the one with yourself!

Staying in: The end of 2023 saw the girlies across TikTok sharing their solo New Years Eve self-care schedules from face masks to bubble baths, moodboards and everything in between.

Less screen-time: Priotitise real-world connections and activities over constant digital engagement for a healthier and more mindful lifestyle.

Reading before bed: Self-help novels are OUT… finding a fiction genre that has you looking forward to reading before bed is IN

Eating more whole foods: Simply increase the amount of nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods in each plate of food to nourish your body and promote overall well-being.

Time in nature: Get outside, take off your shoes, literally stop and smell the roses.

Mono tasking: Goodbye to toxic girl-boss hustle culture and hello to a softer approach to life: on one task at a time to enhance productivity and minimise distractions.

Kindness: We’re making compassion and empathy a priority! Kind thoughts toward others and even kinder words to yourself.

Setting boundaries: It’s time to protect your peace. Learn how to verbally affirm your boundaries to others.

Setting goals: Channel your aspirations into tangible bite-sized objectives because small steps are better than none at all!

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Procrastinating: Aren’t you tired of putting things off? Your soul sure is. Move in the direction of your values, every day!

Comparing with others: Be you, not them. Put in your blinders, block people who make you unhappy or feel ‘less than’ and focus on your journey, growth and achievements.

Going out: Foster social connections at-home. 2024 will see the return of the slumber party. Think movie marathons, creative cocktails and good old-fashioned girl time!

Mindless scrolling: Bestie, life it too short to spend it staring at a screen. Reclaim your time, be intentional with digital usage and savour the moments that matter offline.

Situationships: To put it simply… OUT: hot and cold, on and off, feelings and fear, anxiety and avoidance. IN: communication, people who prioritise you and self respect.

Not setting boundaries: Repeat after me… “I am not a doormat”

Over-thinking: It’s time to bid adieu to the cycle of overthinking and time to trust your instincts.

People pleasing: You don’t have to be a constant people pleaser in order for others to like and respect you. You have WAY more to offer.

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