Teaching Beauty From The Inside Out

The world’s number one marine collagen brand Vida glow has partnered with Australia’s premier beauty and dermal training institution, The French Beauty Academy.  This industry-first partnership has come together to revolutionise beauty education through training the next generation of dermal therapists and beauty entrepreneurs on bidirectional beauty. 


In 2021, The French had the priveledge to interview Anna Lahey, founder of Vida Glow to share her wisdom on all things ingestible beauty, collagen, skin and hair health. We have been obssessed ever since! Anna’s story is one that inspired many, as she continues to empower and enrich people’s life with a little extra glow. Vida Glow was founded in 2014 and promotes optimal skin health through clinically proven ingestible beauty for real, visible results. Their revolutionary products targets modern beauty concerns with scientifically formulated ingestible solutions, and is now the number one natural marine collagen brand globally with one unit of marine collagen sold every four seconds. Our commitment to excellence and thirst for revolutionising beauty education means constantly improving and evolving the way we deliver our programs. Our partnership with Vida Glow has resulted in a cutting-edge beauty curriculum and learning framework that champions the global beauty move towards the ingestible beauty category.


The most exciting part about this partnership is that French students undertaking the Academy’s flagship dual Diploma will be immersed in a series of masterclasses with focus of nutrition and dermal treatments. Topics that will be covered include beauty on a cellular level, collagen foundations, science backed ingredients and the use of ingestible beauty to target common beauty concerns such as anti aging, acne and pigmentation. Vida Glows best-selling products will be incorporated into beauty treatment services giving our clients the opportunity to taste test the most delicious flavours. 

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“Partnering with The French Beauty Academy is a pivotal brand moment as we cement our positioning as industry leaders. With category education at the forefront, this is an exciting step in our global trajectory – to share the science behind ingestible beauty and its prominence in bidirectional beauty routines”
- Anna Lahey, Founder of Vida Glow

Does collagen work?

The most effective way to promote optimal skin health and rejuvenation is from within. Vida Glow’s results are guaranteed by science, with clinical evidence to back it up. Through ingestible products, Marine collagen is absorbed and distributed into the bloodstream, reaching the deepest dermal layers of skin. As a result, it expands the pool of specific amino acids required by cells to stimulate new collagen production. When taken on a daily basis, it helps to fight the signs of ageing by plumping fine lines and improving skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration. It also improves hair and nail health, promoting growth and shine from the inside out. So the answer is yes – It works!

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5 fun facts about collagen

1. Collagen is protein
Collagen is the foundational protein that our bodies use to maintain the health of our hair, skin, and nails.

2 . We lose collagen as we age
During our twenties, our collagen production naturally slows and signs of ageing, such as fine lines, dullness, and wrinkles, become more visible. Additionally, external stressors like the sun, pollution, stress, and poor diets can fasten our collagen decline.

3. There are two sources of collagen
Collagen comes from two sources: marine (from fish) and bovine (derived from cows). While both have been shown to benefit your skin, studies have shown that marine-based collagen can be absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than other collagen sources due to the size of the peptides.

4. Collagen powder has a high absortion rate
Vida Glows Marine Collagen powder has an absorption rate of 90%.

5. Consistency is key
Early results of consistent collagen supplementation can be visible in just four weeks. After 8 to 12 weeks, the benefits on hair, skin and nails are powerfully felt and seen.

Anna Lahey
Founder of Vida Glow

A French Luminary and Pioneering Woman

Anna Lahey is many things, a mother, wife, business owner, a pioneering woman! She is also a French Luminary! Our students have had the absolute pleasure and privilege to learn and listen to Anna’s incredible story. From business to beauty routines, collagen and science, and everything in between! Anna’s genuine passion for Vida Glow’s products and ingestible beauty is honest and true, as is her personal life which she kindly shares, that so much of us can relate to. Anna is a true testament that if you truly believe in something, work hard and smart, you can reach for the stars! 

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The cutting-edge curriculum revolutionising bidirectional beauty

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