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Say These 5 Mantras Daily And Watch Your Life Change

What is a mantra? A mantra is any collection of words or sounds designed to promote focus, aid concentration and increase confidence. Many people use the word mantra interchangeably with affirmations as they often come hand-in-hand to promote positivity. To set you up for an amazing day, we suggest repeating these mantras in the morning making it a part of your morning routine.

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“I am enough”
This mantra is a simple one but is sometimes easy to forget. It is important to know that you have all the tools you need for happiness, confidence, and self-esteem. You do not need the approval of others. Everything you need is within yourself.

“I am brave”
While it is good to be happy and content, you can achieve greatness if you find the courage to break outside your comfort zone to strive for something great.

“Every day is a new beginning”
Don’t let your troubles of yesterday determine your today. Every day you are given the opportunity to accept the things you can’t change and embrace the opportunities of the present. So just let it go, breathe and enjoy your life today!

“No one is born great at this”
The fear that you aren’t good enough or don’t know enough has stopped too many talented people from moving forward. There is no doubt that treating your first client in facials or applying someone’s makeup will be scary at first, but just know that if you keep showing up, practice makes perfect!

“Be a Doer, and Not Just a Thinker”
Success belongs to those who actually go out and work hard for it. Instead of just thinking about your goals, we encourage our students to set smart, realistic goals and write them down! When you work hard and tick those tasks off your list, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishments and slowly chip towards your ultimate goal.

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