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Our September Luminary On Balancing Work & Life

For our September Luminary interview, staff and students at The French sat down with Anna Lahey, founder of Vida Glow, to discuss all things collagen, work-life-study balance and the importance of nurturing your mental health in lockdown

Anna Lahey is the founder and the driving force behind ingestible beauty brand, Vida Glow. After experiencing first-hand the power of marine collagen supplementation, in 2014, at the age of 25, Anna launched Vida Glow with her now husband and Vida Glow CEO, Kieran Lahey. A first-mover and innovator, Anna’s vision and devotion to tangible results has propelled Vida Glow to become the world’s number one collagen brand. And that’s just the beginning.

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Anna Lahey was first introduced to collagen while on vacation in Japan, where she discovered that many women’s products contained this superpower ingredient. At the time, she was struggling with chronic hair loss and was fascinated by the benefits of marine collagen for hair, skin and nails. With little experience but a strong work ethic, Anna conducted extensive research and consulted with professional nutritionists and experts in Australia.  Anna founded Vida Glow in 2014, inspired to introduce this revolutionary supplement to the Australian market and make a difference in people’s lives through innovative beauty and wellness products. Anna is a real pioneer, pushing the boundaries of ingestible beauty one product at a time with her commitment to clinically proven outcomes and a bi-directional beauty philosophy. After just a few years, Vida Glow now provides a variety of ingestible beauty supplements such as marine collagen powders, natural beauty mixes and bars, and collagen h20. They’ve also recently introduced a range of collagen-based cosmetics, comprising a cleanser, moisturiser, and serum, among other items that Anna swears by.

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Anna has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business as she has grown the company to become the  world’s number one marine collagen brand. When we sat down with Anna, we asked her if she had experienced many challenges during the beginning stages of her business journey. “We started with one product and we made a lot of mistakes, we brought out products that really weren’t on brand with us.” Anna says. However, she explains that she doesn’t regret these mistakes, “I wouldn’t change any of it actually, because the challenges have made us learn really valuable lessons and show us how important it is to grow.” She also provides insight into the importance of building a supportive team around you, that is passionate and understands the full vision of the business. Vida Glow works with skin professionals including a skin dermatologist, a medical and cosmetic skin specialist and holistic experts to offer expertise guidance and education to clients. Since 2014, Anna and her team has been working towards their main goal of being a worldwide global leader in ingestible beauty and pushing the boundaries of what an ingestible routine can achieve. Through her evolutionary products, they have empowered thousands of women to embrace their natural beauty with a ‘little extra glow.’ 

Anna has not only built a beauty empire from the ground up, but she is also a mother of three children, all under the age of five. Anna wholeheartedly believes in women supporting women and maintains a work/life balance with the assistance of a close circle of friends. “That sisterhood is really important,” Anna explains, “It has been important for me in my motherhood journey.” Anna proves that women can ‘do it all’ as long as you “love what you do and you’re passionate because it creates a buzz” explains Anna. Her main motivation to balance her busy schedule is her ability to make a difference in people’s lives. The incredible positive changes that Vida Glow has on thousands of peoples lives is a reward in itself to being such a dedicated business owner. Anna is an inspirational role model for any young students interested in starting a business, demonstrating what a strong work ethic and enthusiasm can achieve.

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