True beauty lies within the soul.
It’s about knowing who you really are:
accepting your imperfections and learning to listen to your inner wisdom.
It’s about honouring your spirit, nurturing your mind,
and nourishing your body.
It’s a journey of discovery to that place where you love being ‘you’
– comfortable in your own skin
être bien dans sa peau

The French Beauty Academy, (formerly GCTA) is your entrée to a rewarding career dedicated to helping others discover the beauty within.

Our nationally recognised Diploma of Beauty Therapy is the premier industry qualification giving you access to a wide range of professional opportunities in salons, spas, health retreats and retail sales outlets throughout Australia and around the world.

At The French Beauty Academy, we take the educational experience beyond the boundaries of practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Inspired by our own philosophy of service, we are committed to supporting each and every student on a personal journey to realising your amazing capabilities, expanding your horizons and fulfilling your potential – être bien dans sa peau.

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