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Priyanka’s dedication and ambition paid off! She is now pursuing her passion for beauty working as a Dermal and Laser Clinician at Clear Skincare Clinics, gaining employment during her studies at The French.

Priyanka hopes to expand her customer base, collaborate with healthcare professionals and gain recognition in industry. 


What motivated you to pursue a career in beauty therapy?

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the transformative power of beauty treatments and how they could boost a person’s confidence. My passion for skincare and makeup led me to explore various techniques and products, which eventually inspired me to pursue a career as a dermal clinician. I realised that this profession would allow me to combine my love for helping others with my interest in the beauty industry. The opportunity to make clients feel good about themselves while enhancing their natural features truly motivates me and makes being a skin therapist a fulfilling career choice.

What was your main motivation for studying at the French?

To follow my passion, I wanted to study at the best institution, The French Beauty Academy. The Campus offers modern facilities, experienced instructors, and a supportive environment for aspiring skin professionals. All my educators and fellow peers became a family!

What was your favourite part about studying at the French? How would you describe your experience from the day you started at orientation?

My favourite part about studying at The French was just being on campus, it felt like home. I absolutely loved my educators, my principal, vice principal and friends. It was the best decision in my life, giving me an experience that I’ll cherish forever. My first day I was full of excitement, but also nervous. I remained focused during my time at The French and always aimed to help others and volunteer when I could.

How did the French help prepare you for life as a professional beauty therapist?

At The French everything is incredible, the amazing educators, who are the spine of the academy, with their professionalism and experience in their fields, learning from them was a blessing. The thorough teachings from the educators, for example, explaining the science behind the treatments and techniques. This knowledge gave me wings to fly high and achieve all my dreams!

Did you have a favourite teacher / subject at the french? Why?

Each of the educators at The French were truly amazing and inspiring and I can’t say that enough. Their guidance and dedication towards teaching, helped me to achieve my dreams. I can’t thank Kerry, Brooke and Nas enough for being my amazing educators, they helped me immensely to achieve and accomplish my diploma seamlessly.

What is the best advice you received from your study at the French?

Nothing is impossible, everything can be achieved, all you need is patience, ambition, dedication, and perseverance.

What are some of the invaluable lessons or most important things that you learnt at the french that you have been able to apply to your new career?

To be resilient in achieving your goals. You will come across hurdles in your journey, but all you truly need is ONE reason to achieve that goal, telling yourself ‘Yes, I can do it and I will do it no matter what!’ will help.

This advice stuck with me, and I feel it’s one of the invaluable lessons I’ve learnt.  

How easy was it for you to gain work after graduating? Tell me about your first career ‘break’?

I would say, it was very easy for me. I had my first job before I graduated and it was at the biggest clinic in Australia, Clear Skincare Clinic as a Dermal and Laser Therapist. I always wanted to work in a clinic environment, with doctors and nurses, studying at The French helped me achieve this goal.

What elements of your study allowed you to obtain your new job? Were there any specific skills that you learned from your time at The French that you then highlighted in order to be hired?

The depth and thoroughness of the Diploma helped me learn all the essentials required to become a skin therapist. We studied the anatomy of the human body, bones, skin, health, diet, at one point I felt I was studying to become a doctor.

Although it was intense, it helped me gain a solid foundation of knowledge about skin, in return helping me get the interview at Clear Skincare Clinic.

How are The French graduates perceived out in the industry?

The French Beauty Academy is well known for its high standards and professionalism. All the businesses in our industry are very much aware of The French Beauty Academy and the ‘Frenchies’. Frenchies are very well groomed and charming, making them more approachable and stand out for hire. 

Describe a day in the life of you at work…

A day in my life as a dermal and laser clinician typically involves assessing and treating various skin conditions. I start by reviewing client records and conducting consultations to understand specific skin concerns. Treatment procedures may include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, advanced skin treatments or laser therapy.

I also educate my clients on skincare routines and recommend appropriate products.

I’m also continuously learning about new skincare technologies and staying updated on industry trends which is essential as a dermal clinician.

Why is it so exciting to work within the beauty industry right now?

Firstly, there’s a growing emphasis on inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability, leading to innovative products and practices. Advances in skincare technology and a focus on holistic well-being, contributing to dynamic opportunities.

Social media has played a significant role, allowing professionals to showcase their work, connect with clients, and stay updated on trends about beauty and wellness.


Ultimately, pursuing a Diploma in Beauty Therapy requires dedication, a love for the craft, and a commitment to ongoing learning and development. In saying this, I would advise students to network and make the most of The French industry connections, work on communicating effectively when dealing with clients and finally, choosing a program that offers a well-rounded education.

What are your goals for the next few years? Do you have an ultimate career ambition?

As a dermal clinician, I have some short-term and long-term goals which include, continuing my education to stay up to date with trends and technology, pursuing specialised certifications, expand and retain my customer base, collaborate with other healthcare professionals, and achieve recognition in the industry.

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“Nothing is impossible, everything can be achieved, all you need is patience, ambition, dedication and perseverance. ”

- Priyanka Mahajan

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Scent: Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Petals Limited Edition
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Blog: The Glow Recipe
Best Kept Secret: One well-kept secret for healthy skin is staying hydrated. Drinking enough water helps maintain skin moisture and overall complexion.

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Book: The book Manifest, a Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life!
Drink: Margarita
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Quote: The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be

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