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In the realm of beauty therapy, passion is often the driving force behind transformative journeys. For Nikolett, the journey began with a deep-rooted love for self-care and a desire to pamper others. Starting with nails and lash extensions, Nikolett felt a calling to do more, particularly in assisting people with skin conditions—a journey that started at The French then led her to establish Naturally Best Beauty, nestled in Dakabin, North Brisbane.

“I’ve always enjoyed self-care and pampering others,” Nikolett shares. “But I wanted to do more, especially in helping people with skin conditions.” Encouraged by a family member and supported by her husband, Nikolett embarked on a transformative journey to turn her passion into reality.

Reflecting on her time at The French, Nikolett fondly remembers moments of camaraderie, shared learning, and personal growth. “Mastering facial massage techniques and bonding with fellow students were highlights of my journey,” she shares. “But what I miss most about The French is the genuine connection with the teachers and the warmth of the reception staff.”

As Nikolett continues to make waves in the beauty industry, her journey serves as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs everywhere. With passion, determination, and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible.


What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in beauty therapy? Was there a specific moment or experience that inspired you?

My passion for a career in beauty therapy was ignited by my dedicated Beauty Therapist, Lygia Matkovcik. With three decades of expertise, Lygia has been my skincare guide for years. Each appointment with her is a transformative experience, leaving me empowered, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

As a mother and wife, my visits to Lygia became an indispensable source of self-care. I emerged from her care not only with radiant skin but with a renewed spirit, ready to face any challenge that lay ahead.

I aim to gift others the empowerment and luxury I experienced in her skilled hands. Just as she made me feel like a million dollars, my mission is to share that joy and confidence with those I have the privilege to care for in the future.

What was your main motivation to choose to study at The French Beauty Academy? What was it that drew you to study here?

In my search for the ideal beauty academy in Brisbane, I carefully weighed key factors – location, experience, teachers, vibe, and cost.

Location: The French Beauty Academy’s central position offered unparalleled convenience.

Experience: Renowned for excellence, its extensive track record assured a top-tier educational experience.

Teachers: The academy’s expert faculty underscored a commitment to student success.

Vibe: From the aesthetically pleasing space to the warm reception, The French Beauty Academy felt like a welcoming and belonging environment.

Cost: Striking a balance between quality and affordability, the academy’s fees aligned with my investment goals.

In choosing The French Beauty Academy, I was confident in a holistic educational journey that exceeded my expectations.

Do you remember your Orientation week? Can you share your experience or how you felt on those first few days/weeks.

Orientation Week remains a vivid memory—a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation marking the beginning of our transformative journey at the academy.

The week commenced with lively get-to-know-you games, breaking the ice and fostering connections among students. We explored every corner of the academy, including the unforgettable descent down seemingly endless fire escape stairs from the twelfth floor—each step echoing our shared nerves and eagerness for the journey ahead.

The teachers, with their welcoming spa voices, guided us through those early days, providing insights and explanations about the upcoming course year. Their support gradually dispelled the uncertainties lingering in our minds.

As the initial weeks unfolded, shared nerves transformed into shared excitement and friendships, lost lasting ones. Orientation Week laid the foundation for friendships that would define our academic journey. Despite the seemingly endless fire escape stairs, they symbolized the ascent into a year of growth, learning, and shared experiences.

Reflecting on your time at The French, can you share a standout moment or memory?

Reflecting on my time at The French Beauty Academy stirs up a mix of memories—some delightful, others challenging, and a few comical. One standout feature was our chance to pamper each other, leading to moments of joy, occasional tears, happy tears and painful tears (getting waxing hurts). 

Mastering facial massage steps became a dedicated ritual, practiced at home on willing (and some initially unwilling) friends and family. The learning curve was steep, but our commitment to perfecting our craft made the journey both memorable and rewarding.

Encountering each other without makeup early on was a nerve-wracking yet beautiful testament to the bond forged over time. By the course’s end, the initial discomfort transformed into comfort in our own skin in front of each other.

Gratitude for The French Beauty Academy runs deep. The opportunities provided have been pivotal in shaping not just a beauty therapist but a resilient and skilled professional.

What do you miss most about The French?

What I miss most about The French Beauty Academy is the genuine connection with the teachers and the warmth of the reception staff. The educators, with their candid sharing of industry experiences, brought authenticity to our learning journey. Their commitment to infusing fun into theory classes made every session engaging and memorable.

The bond with the reception team added a comforting layer to the academy experience. Their welcoming smiles and genuine interest in our well-being created a sense of belonging beyond the classroom.

The educators’ honesty about the industry realities resonated deeply, offering insights beyond textbooks. Their dedication to enjoyable learning not only enhanced our understanding but also ignited a passion for the craft.

The friendships among teachers and students created a nurturing environment where growth flourished. The supportive ecosystem of The French Beauty Academy remains a cherished memory, leaving an indelible mark on my journey as a beauty therapist.

Did you have a favourite subject or Educator at The French? Why/What did you love most about it?

Engulfed in the entirety of The French Beauty Academy’s curriculum, I can genuinely say that every subject held a special place in my heart. My commitment to becoming an exceptional therapist fueled my eagerness to learn, positioning me at the front table, ready for every lesson. Assessments were tackled with enthusiasm, and any spare moment translated into extra study.

Choosing a favorite educator is akin to picking a cherished chapter in a beloved book – challenging, as each one left an indelible mark on my journey. Amy’s wisdom about prioritizing client comfort and communication resonated deeply, instilling a sense of responsibility in our practice. Kerry’s unwavering emphasis on self-care served as a constant reminder to nurture our own well-being amidst the demands of the industry.

Kelly’s mastery in massage elevated my passion for the art, her guidance imprinting on my technique. Alex’s patient and calming approach to waxing transformed what could be a daunting skill into a therapeutic practice. Jordan, not just a makeup maestro but also our Trivia Queen, brought a vibrant energy to every session.

Amanda’s profound knowledge of nails added a layer of expertise to my skill set, while Emma’s lively spirit endured even through repetitive presentations. Every educator and staff member, from the welcoming faces at the lift to the classroom mentors. The diverse teaching styles enriched my learning experience, leaving me with a profound appreciation for the collective wisdom of The French Beauty Academy’s educators. 

Each one contributed to shaping not just my skills but also my outlook as a beauty therapist.

In what ways did The French help you develop personally and professionally?

In what ways did The French help you develop personally and professionally?

The French Beauty Academy has been instrumental in both my personal and professional development. The focus on Service Excellence in the course has significantly contributed to my growth.

On a personal level, the academy enhanced my confidence and communication skills, preparing me to adapt to various client needs and handle challenges gracefully.

Professionally, The French Beauty Academy provided top-notch education and hands-on experience, ensuring I entered the beauty industry as a skilled and confident practitioner. The emphasis on Service Excellence has become a guiding principle, shaping my commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Was there an invaluable lesson or any advice you received from The French that has stuck with you and continues to inspire you?

Absolutely, one invaluable lesson from The French that continues to resonate with me is the importance of saying “no” to clients when necessary. The emphasis on our duty of care has become a guiding principle in my practice.

Understanding that certain treatments may do more harm than good for a client’s skin is a crucial aspect of responsible and ethical beauty therapy. The lesson instilled by The French in recognizing the limits of treatments and having the courage to decline when necessary has been a cornerstone of my professional ethos.

This advice serves as a constant reminder that our primary responsibility as beauty therapists is the well-being of our clients. It reinforces the significance of ethical decision-making and the integrity required in delivering safe and beneficial treatments. This lesson has not only enhanced my professional competence but also deepened my commitment to providing services that prioritise the health and satisfaction of those in my care.

How easy was it for you to gain work after graduating? Tell me about your first career ‘break’ in beauty?

Securing work after graduating was a smooth transition for me, thanks to careful planning and determination. Interestingly, I had already committed to creating a home salon before even enrolling in the course. With renovations paperwork for the home salon already in place, I arranged insurance and prepared the space for operation. It was a seamless transition from student to practitioner, as I was able to immediately put my newfound skills into practice.

The decision to establish a home salon provided me with the flexibility and independence to kickstart my career in beauty therapy on my terms. It allowed me to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for clients while embarking on this exciting journey as a beauty therapist.

How are French graduates perceived in the industry? Did your employer know who The French Beauty Academy was?

My employer and others that I interviewed with from large corporations to small sole trader businesses have all thought very highly of graduates from The French, even way out in Toowoomba. It appears to be well known and respected that we are trained to a very high industry standard.

With innovations and trends constantly evolving, what aspect of working in the beauty industry excites you the most right now?

I’m most excited about the beauty industry’s shift towards natural anti-aging methods, like buccal facials. While machines offer incredible advancements, I’m drawn to the emphasis on human touch.

The trend towards holistic and natural approaches aligns with a broader well-being movement. Buccal facials highlight the transformative effects of manual techniques, showcasing the skill of beauty therapists in promoting skin health.

This shift reflects a deeper understanding of beauty as a holistic concept, acknowledging the connection between physical touch and overall well-being. Being part of an industry that embraces both innovation and the timeless effectiveness of human touch is truly exciting.

For prospective students considering studying at The French Beauty Academy, what aspect of the program do you think sets a solid foundation for success in the industry?

Prospective students, The French Beauty Academy’s key to success is the unwavering support from teachers and educators. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance—it’s not just encouraged but essential for your growth. The academy’s supportive environment ensures you gain technical expertise and develop the confidence and skills needed for a thriving beauty industry career.

Looking ahead, what personal or professional goals are you aiming to achieve in the next few years? Is there a dream role or achievement you're working towards?

My main goal is to build a thriving business at Naturally Best Beauty, offering exceptional beauty services with a holistic wellness approach. I aim to create a space where clients not only undergo outer beauty transformations but also experience profound well-being.

My professional journey is fueled by the desire to establish a haven where beauty and wellness intersect, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those I have the privilege to serve.

Can you please tell us a bit about your business?

My main goal is to build a thriving business at Naturally Best Beauty, offering exceptional beauty services with a holistic wellness approach. I aim to create a space where clients not only undergo outer beauty transformations but also experience profound well-being.

My professional journey is fueled by the desire to establish a haven where beauty and wellness intersect, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those I have the privilege to serve.

Can you please tell us a bit about your business?

The business is called Naturally Best Beauty and we are located in Dakabin, North Brisbane. The Business’ motto is simple: Be Welcomed, Be Pampered, and Be Yourself. Come and experience it yourself! Or check us out on Socials! 

Why did you decide to start your own business? Can you tell us a bit about your journey?

I’ve always enjoyed self-care and pampering others. I started with nails and lash extensions but felt a desire to do more, particularly in helping people with skin conditions. Having reactive skin and allergies myself, I understand the challenges. One day, a family member encouraged me to pursue what I love. After discussing it with my husband, we decided to renovate our home for a salon and for me to go back to school. Grateful for his support, he adjusted his work schedule for our kids’ school routines. Builders helped turn my dream into reality.

What were the first few steps you took to set up the business?

Had a chat with hubby and the kids, registered the business name, set up socials. After signing the paperwork for renovations, the crucial choice of Beauty Academy followed. The less exciting parts like insurances and procedures had to be sorted, along with deciding on salon brands. Building the website and having fun with décor and color schemes added a touch of excitement to the process.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when starting your business, and how did you overcome them?

Self-doubt crept in: Can I run a business, something I’ve never done before? Can I truly provide the best service to my clients? How do I balance a successful business with a family? Despite the uncertainty, my dedication is unwavering—10000%! Hubby emphasized stepping out of my comfort zone, committing only if I’m ready. Grateful for the support, I have beautiful mentors guiding me through this journey.

What is a decision or perhaps a mistake you've made that has lead to a very valuable lesson in running or starting a business?

Mistakes happen—don’t let them hold you back! Remind yourself that you are good enough and capable. Initially, I hesitated to start seeing clients until the space matched my vision. However, my first clients didn’t mind if things weren’t perfect. There were leaks when it rained, and the builders efficiently fixed them. We even had an internal waterfall initially, but we rode it out. It’s a reminder that imperfections happen, and sometimes, you just have to navigate through them. 

What did you learn during your time at The French that helped prepare you when starting your business or during the course of your business journey?

All the theory work and got to experience and treat some great clients under the guidance of the teachers! If I was unsure of how to treat or what to recommend, I could just ask the teachers to help me with product knowledge/treatment anything. 

Additionally, I had the chance to meet and experience some fantastic companies in the beauty industry. Attending seminars and workshops provided valuable insights and further enriched my learning journey.

What are your plans for the future of your business, do you have an ultimate business goal?

In the next few years, I aim to expand my services, introducing innovative beauty and wellness offerings that align with the evolving needs of my clients. This may include incorporating new techniques, staying in line of industry trends, and furthering my education to provide cutting-edge services.

My dream role is to be a beacon of well-being in the community, known for delivering not just beauty treatments but a comprehensive wellness experience. This involves fostering meaningful connections with clients, understanding their individual needs, and tailoring services that contribute to their overall health and happiness.

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“ My dream role is to be a beacon of well-being in the community, known for delivering not just beauty treatments but a comprehensive wellness experience. ”

- Nikolett Best

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Scent: Korres – Black Pepper
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Podcast: Beauty Business & Beyond
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City: Budapest (My hometome)
Beauty Muse: I have so many! My Friend Lygia, Robyn McAlpine, Kelly Christie, Christie Cameron
Drink: Teas, I love the blooming teas – just watching them bloom into a flower! 
Song: I Choose Good – Guy Sebestian 
Quote: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be your yourself” – Coco Chanel 

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