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Maureen, a country girl at heart living in Queensland’s rural outback, aspired to work in the beauty industry but felt there were few opportunities in such a small town. In 2015, she decided to take a leap of faith and study for a diploma in beauty therapy in order to broaden her skill set and pursue her dreams. She fell in love with the industry on her first day at the Academy and devoured as much information as she could. This experience taught her that her true passion is skin, as her favourite subject was skin biology. Maureen’s efforts were recognised upon graduation, when she was named “Student of the Year for Facial Treatments.”

After working in the industry for a few years, Maureen had a dream of opening her very own salon in her hometown to give her clients an opportunity to be pampered. And that is exactly what she did! Maureen quickly built a devoted following of clients since opening Tivoli Rose. The company’s vision believes that beauty is being the best version of yourself, and she places a premium on enhancing her clients’ natural beauty. Her success has not gone unnoticed, as she won the 2020 Business Award for Small Business of the Year. 

What motivated you to pursue a career in beauty therapy?

My motivation was self-inspired, as I have spent most of my home and working life in the rural outback areas of Western Queensland.  It was at this time I could see how the Beauty industry was minimal if at all in these areas along with qualified, skilled Beauty Therapists to provide a professional personal and much-loved need to in particular the women of the outback. 

These women are so inspiring as they go about their daily life in often harsh environments, very remote locations with accessibility to pleasures such as a Beauty salon just non-existent. I could see and experience first-hand, how I could make a difference to their lives and to mine fulfilling a passionate journey for both them and the satisfaction and gratification.

What was your main motivation for studying at the French?

Whilst working in the remote outback town of Boulia QLD, I holidayed on the Gold Coast and I was drawn instantly to The French Beauty Academy, I made inquiries online and was invited to attend. It was at this point everything felt perfect, I loved it and it was what I had imagined and more, from the first initial feel as I walked in the doors I knew this was the place to study beauty and become the best version of myself. 

What was your favourite part about studying at the French? How would you describe your experience from the day you started at orientation?

I loved the total professionalism and training which has enhanced such a wonderful standard within myself and in my everyday working life. From the very first day of orientation the experience was encouraging, supportive, fun, and the teachers made the experience everything wonderful I could have wished for !! The entire year of my study in the French was a lifelong wonderful unforgettable experience. I loved the Service Excellence Program, The Student Salon was great to have hands on experience,the classrooms and the vibe, making lifelong friends. 

How did the French help prepare you for life as a professional beauty therapist?

Attending the French Beauty Academy moulded me into the successful, confident, well trained and experienced Beauty Therapist I am today. Attending the French moulded me with exceptional expertise in all areas from professional self presentation to how I deliver my skills to clients. The thing I appreciated was the French starting my training at the very beginning, the basics of skin biology, the science and theory behind all subjects. This provided me with the knowledge and understanding of the foundations required to become a fully trained professional beauty therapist.

Did you have a favourite teacher / subject at the french? Why?

All of the educators and staff were amazing, as they all brought their own knowledge and experience to deliver in their training. The teachers shared their knowledge of real-life experiences and stories some of which were funny and unbelievable. 

I admired how passionate they all were and very supportive. I enjoyed learning all the subjects.  My experience whilst attending the French was enhanced during my favorite subject, Skin Biology as this subject gave me a clear understanding of how the body works which is the founding knowledge required for all beauty treatments. 

What is the best advice you received from your study at The French?

All of the advice shared to us in French was inspiring and well received. What I took from the French was to just be True to yourself, be grateful everyday. 


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What were some of the invaluable lessons or most important thing that you learnt at the French that you have been able to apply to your new career?

The service excellence programme encompasses the utmost positivity for me to shine within myself and in turn this radiates to all that i encounter each day. The hands-on training taught me valuable skills and enhanced my own natural passion and abilities.

How easy was it for you to gain work after graduating? Tell me about your first career ‘break’?

When I graduated, I obtained employment from the salon I did work experience at, so I had no trouble at all. In the not too distant future I was able to take my skills, knowledge and passion to the outback town of Mt Isa. I had the great opportunity whilst there to gain further employment at two different salons. From here I relocated to the country town of Roma where I opened my own Beauty Salon Tivoli Rose Skin & Beauty. My dream and vision has become a successful reality.

What elements of your study allowed you to obtain your new job? Were there any specific skills that you learned from your time at The French that you then highlighted in order to be hired?

It was all the elements of my study and training as the French Beauty Academy has a reputation second to none for utmost professionalism and producing the perfect Beauty Therapist ready for the real world

How are The French graduates perceived out in the industry?

They are perceived as having the highest standards of training and presentation and professionalism. 

What do you most enjoy about your new job? Has there been a memorable moment since you graduated?

What I enjoy the most is that since my French days I have gained experience, skills and bought my own vision to life by opening up my own Beauty Salon. I am given wonderful moments everyday as I am grateful to have such a lovely clientele base and my clients are very grateful to me. Their experience while visiting my salon is expressed by them and shows when they walk out of my salon. 

Describe a day in the life of you at work...

My day starts with my morning exercise routine, a healthy breakfast, off to my salon where I prep my equipment, check my client list, attend to return calls and emails, messages, then once opening time I start the day of varying beauty treatments. I love seeing the clients happy and confident in their skin, I love getting their feedback and no two days are ever the same. 

"For me, living in an outback town, it's so exciting to be able to give my clients an experience they would typically have to travel a far distance into the cities for"
- Maureen Miller

Why is it so exciting to work within the beauty industry right now?

I introduce and bring the new science and technology out to the outback areas. I provide clients with treatments and products that have never been offered here. I love everything about the industry as it is the backbone of me being able to give clients an unforgettable experience. I love giving to others as it’s extremely rewarding how I can make my clients feel. 

For me living in an outback town it’s so exciting that i can give to my clients what normally can only be experienced when they travel extensive kilometers to the cities. I can bring the benefits of the city to the country.

What advice would you give to students who are wanting to study a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Screen Media at The French Beauty Academy?

“Go for it” would be what I would say, enjoy the journey, follow your dream.

What are your goals for the next few years? Do you have an ultimate career ambition?

I would like to continue to grow my business Tivoli Rose, obtain more equipment, put on extra staff, get a premise that provides more treatment rooms eventually my ultimate goal is to travel to the remote outback towns and properties. For me to have my own mobile beauty business operating out of a self sufficient state of the art Prime Mover and trailer. 


Scent: Black Opium by Yves St Laurent 
Lipstick: Mac – Velvet Teddy 
Best Kept Secret: Wear SPF everyday and drink lots of water 


City: Gold Coast 
Beauty Muse: Sherelle French 
Drink: Pina Colada or I love any fresh juice or smoothie combos
Song: Garth Brooks The River 
Quote:”Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness” – Oprah Winfrey 
“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” – Oprah Winfrey 

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