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In the intricate tapestry of life, sometimes our true calling reveals itself not in a single moment, but through a series of experiences that shape our path. Meet Amanda, a remarkable Alumni whose journey into the world of beauty therapy is a testament to the transformative power of passion and purpose. 

Amanda’s fascination with the beauty industry was sparked in childhood, initially drawn to the artistry of makeup for media and theatre. Despite starting nursing studies, Amanda felt a disconnection, leading her to explore business and finance. However, a pivotal experience in the skin cancer sector reignited her passion, driving her towards a career focused on helping others feel confident and empowered.


What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in beauty therapy? Was there a specific moment or experience that inspired you?

My passion for the beauty industry ignited during childhood, initially drawn to makeup artistry, specifically for media and backstage theatre. Although I started nursing studies, the content felt disconnected, leading me to withdraw and organically progress towards a career in business and finance. However, a pivotal experience working in the skin cancer sector reignited my passion and sparked the realisation that I was still not settled with where my career had taken me. Although I love both business and finance, having exposure to the devastating impact of skin cancer inspired me to pursue beauty therapy, driven by a desire to help others feel confident in their appearance, whether for aesthetic reasons or post-trauma.

What was your main motivation to choose to study at The French Beauty Academy? What was it that drew you to study here?

As a mature age student, I was driven to ensure that my training would be recognised as sought after by industry professionals, allowing me to excel without limitations. The French Beauty Academy initially caught my attention for its industry recognition. However, it was during my tour with Demi that I was truly drawn in by the academy’s supportive atmosphere, visually stunning campus and opportunity to experience and explore additional modalities and treatments unavailable elsewhere.

Do you remember your Orientation week? Can you share your experience or how you felt on those first few days/weeks.

Orientation week was such a whirlwind of emotions for me. The daily commute from Toowoomba to Brisbane was certainly a challenge, and it didn’t take long for the exhaustion to catch up with me. Those first few weeks were all about adjusting to a new routine, a new environment, and new expectations.

But orientation provided a gentle transition into this new chapter. As an introvert, I found immense value in the opportunity to meet my cohort and begin forming connections before the real work began.

Reflecting on your time at The French, can you share a standout moment or memory?

That moment of pride when I first donned The French uniform. It symbolised the beginning of something truly special, a journey of growth and discovery.

What do you miss most about The French?

What I miss most about The French is undoubtedly the support and guidance of the teachers and staff. Their wealth of knowledge and passion made each day an inspiring experience. Whether it was seeking advice on academics, the industry or life in general, their guidance was invaluable. They created such a nurturing environment.

Did you have a favourite subject or Educator at The French? Why/What did you love most about it?

At The French, I found myself drawn to the salon management subjects, anatomy, and specialised facials. The depth of theory in each of these areas fascinated me; I thrived on understanding the intricacies behind these practices, the human body and different modalities used in salon. However, singling out a favourite educator is a challenge. Each instructor brought their own unique perspective and expertise to the table. It didn’t take long to learn their individual quirks and I came to appreciate how their diverse experiences and backgrounds moulded my learning and the way they taught. Their teachings have undoubtedly shaped my career, providing me with invaluable insights that I continue to apply today.

In what ways did The French help you develop personally and professionally?

The incorporation of the Service Excellence Program I feel was pivotal to my growth whilst studying. Initially, I underestimated its significance, but as I progressed through the program, I began to recognise changes in myself such as confidence, professionalism, compassion and effective communication. I believe this came directly from these learnings and have become an integral part of my personal and professional development.

Was there an invaluable lesson or any advice you received from The French that has stuck with you and continues to inspire you?

One invaluable lesson I received from The French Beauty Academy that continues to inspire me is the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement. The academy emphasised that the beauty industry is constantly evolving, and to stay relevant and excel in my career, I must always be open to learning new techniques, staying updated on industry trends, and refining my skills. This advice has stuck with me because it highlights the significance of adaptability and growth mindset in any profession. It is a constant reminder to remain curious, seek out opportunities for further education and development, and never become complacent in my journey toward excellence.

How easy was it for you to gain work after graduating? Tell me about your first career ‘break’ in beauty?

I was fortunate to secure a job in a salon environment while still studying, beginning my journey in the beauty industry shortly after starting my program in January. By May, I had secured a position where my employer was incredibly supportive of my studies, allowing me to balance work, learning and family. Through dedication and a hunger for knowledge, I quickly progressed to advanced treatments like chemical peels and skin needling, earning my Skin Care Specialist certificate by October. Post-graduation, I smoothly transitioned into a full-time role at the salon, where I still work, continually growing and thriving in my career as a Skin Specialist.

How are French graduates perceived in the industry? Did your employer know who The French Beauty Academy was?

My employer and others that I interviewed with from large corporations to small sole trader businesses have all thought very highly of graduates from The French, even way out in Toowoomba. It appears to be well known and respected that we are trained to a very high industry standard.

With innovations and trends constantly evolving, what aspect of working in the beauty industry excites you the most right now?

What excites me the most right now in the beauty industry is the merging of science, technology, and wellness. Breakthroughs in skincare treatments and formulations driven by advancements in science and technology are intriguing. Additionally, the industry’s growing emphasis on holistic health, encompassing not just skin but also body and mind wellness, is exciting. This holistic approach is fostering a new generation of individuals who are increasingly conscious about their skin’s health and are open to learning and embracing all things skin.

For prospective students considering studying at The French Beauty Academy, what aspect of the program do you think sets a solid foundation for success in the industry?

The personal and professional development nurtured by The French Beauty Academy’s Service Excellence program is unparalleled. Graduates emerge into the workforce equipped with the grace and skills to tackle any challenge in the industry. Furthermore, the academy’s well known and respected reputation provides students with an advantage, positioning them ahead of their peers in the competitive beauty sector.

Looking ahead, what personal or professional goals are you aiming to achieve in the next few years? Is there a dream role or achievement you're working towards?

In the next few years, I am focused on advancing my education. This year I have commenced an Associate Degree in Dermal Therapy through the Australiasian College of Health & Wellness, where upon completion I hope to commence my bachelor, and undertake a postgraduate course in dermoscopy. Ultimately, I aspire to secure a position in dermal therapies, or ideally, establish my own aesthetics clinic, merging my passion for both business and aesthetics industries. 

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“That moment of pride when I first donned The French uniform. It symbolised the beginning of something truly special, a journey of growth and discovery.. ”

- Amanda Harvey

My Signature Beauty Go tos...

Scent: Coach Dreams
Lipstick: MAC Faux or Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk
Podcast: ABIC
Best Kept Secret: Healthy skin is happy skin, sun protection is not negotiable

The French Edit...

City: London
Drink: Coffee or a sneaky scotch
Song: Anything country
Quote: The preservation of health is easier than the cure of the disease – B.J. Palmer

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Alumni Story Amanda Harvey



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