Teaching faculty

The French Beauty Academy is a very unique place. We attract like-minded souls – the nurturers, dreamers, glamazons and skin junkies, the fixers, clinicians, and wildly creative artists, the soothers, detailers and innovators who are all united in helping our students find their light and share it with the world.  Our Academy is led by the visionary Sherelle French and a tribe of true pioneers who have very big dreams – we want the world and more for our students. Everyone on our team realises that working here is a more than a job – we have the power to open hearts, inspire minds and transform lives and that is a privilege we honour.

Our teaching staff have travelled the world working with movie stars and celebrities, on luxury cruise ships, on the fashion runways and red carpets, and in exclusive health retreats. They’ve worked for global product brands. They’ve run their own businesses. And for some of them, it all started with their decision to study a Diploma of Beauty Therapy right here at The Academy!

Supporting the teaching faculty is our equally inspiring administration team. They’re friendly and approachable, and they take a hands-on role helping our students with career planning and job applications, as well as dealing with study and personal challenges. What they all have in common is an absolute belief in each and every student’s ability to succeed. They love coming to work each day knowing that their knowledge and experience is being shared with the next generation of beauty therapists and they get particular satisfaction from helping those who are struggling.

Most of all, they are inspired by the opportunity to change lives.