Set for success – No other beauty college in Australia prepares their students for job outcomes like we do.Each student is given access to the tools and equipment required to begin on their new journey to becoming a beauty therapist. We also know that it’s important to dress for success – and you’ll feel like a true professional from day one in your French Beauty Academy uniform.

Orientation day – the secret to getting ahead is getting started!

You are about to begin a new chapter in your life, make new friends and become confident in an industry you are truly passionate about. Orientation is an important part of this and we look forward to welcoming you to the family!


To help you settle in from day one, we have designed a special Orientation schedule held at our beautiful Robina Campus. The day is dedicated to ensuring you are fully prepared, understand the course requirements and are dressed for success.This time is also where you will meet your fellow students make friends, form study groups and share your career dreams.


Your journey starts here..



The French Beauty Academy expects a high standard of all students in accordance with its Service Excellence values and attributes, in order to prepare students so they may reach the professional standards required in the Beauty Industry.


All students are expected to adhere to the rules and guidelines as outlined in the Student handbook.Courses are designed in preparation for real-world environments including preparation for students to develop professional attributes to deliver premium beauty services.


Specific standards of grooming and presentation are required of all students and demonstrated through high standards of personal dress, by way of The French Beauty Academy uniform.

Championing a new kind of beauty, where wellness meets medicine and aesthetics, at The French Medi-Spa you no longer need to choose between results driven treatments and skin improvements and the restorative healing nature of traditional beauty therapies. Our dedicated dermal therapists are able to provide treatments that soothe the soul whilst still truly seeking outstanding client results and staying honest to our mission – to help clients become comfortable in their own skin.
A visit to The French Medi-Spa is worlds away from the clinical surrounds of a traditional medi-clinic. So much more than a quick fix, our space encourages acceptance, confidence and promotes beauty that begins within.


At The French Beauty Academy, we believe in celebrating success – and we do it in style.


Our Graduation Ceremonies, held twice a year, are glittering gala affairs where students use all their new-found knowledge of make-up, grooming and presentation to transform themselves for the red carpet.


But what truly sets The French Beauty Academy apart is our transformative approach to the education experience.


Our exclusive Service Excellence Program ensures that our graduates are equipped with the essential personal attributes anticipated by clients in a luxury service environment. We teach our students the value of presentation, language, deportment, self-awareness, manners and grace.


Through this process, our teachers mentor students on a journey of personal growth to become confident, compassionate and motivated individuals; ready, willing and able to turn their dreams into reality.

Life on campus

At The French Beauty Academy, our students have access to nothing but the best:


State-of-the-art equipment

We have all the latest machines currently used in the best salons, which are upgraded regularly to cater for the newest in-demand treatments. With each machine shared by no more than two students at a time, you’ll get all the practice you need and have your teacher close at hand to guide you. Students have access to the most extensive in class products and materials


The very latest technology and machines … and plenty of them

But what truly sets The French Beauty Academy apart is our transformative approach to the education experience.

Two beautiful modern campuses, close to shops and public transport

The Robina campus has also been designed to make you feel at home, with a dedicated students’ lounge and lots of beauty magazines and books to inspire you during your breaks.
The Academy’s Student Salon, also based in Robina is where you’ll have the chance to provide pampering treatments to real paying customers under the watchful eyes of our Salon Manager.


The French Medi-Spa specialises in a carefully curated menu of results driven and clinically proven dermal treatments delivered with state of the art technologies and advanced cosmeceutical formulations to tend to your skin concerns and enhance your skin health.
Delivered with healing hands, exception levels of customer service and signature touches to make for a luxury experience, our skin experts will personalise your treatment and prescribe a skincare plan to suit your individual needs and concerns to ensure a healthy, glowing complexion.


Uneven skin tone and pigmentation
Aging skin
Sun Damaged skin
Acne and scarring
General skin health
Fine lines and wrinkles
Skin texture and vibrancy
Bridal Skin Prep


For appointment availability please contact us on +61 (0)7 5562 2567. Alternatively you can contact us via email using the form below.

Studying on the Gold Coast

Embrace Queensland’s Coastline Pearl

The Gold Coast is the not so secret gem of the sunshine state, offering a plethora of attractions, making it a wonderful hub for both work and play. The Academy, situated in this idyllic location, is less than a 20 minute drive from from beautiful beaches and no more than a 5 minute walk to the closest mall outlet.
However, the Gold Coast has more than a little something for everyone; the coastline city renowned for its vibrant variety of cultural attractions, numerous cafes and boutiques tucked into the streets. If the legendary swell isn’t your thing, fear not, for the Gold Coast has something for any taste. Everything from theme parks to national parks, night clubs, cinemas plus multiple sporting clubs is available. Not to mention the Coast’s lowkey fascination with yoga on the beach.
Its no wonder the Gold Coast is a newfound hub for tourists, locals and students alike!


Gold Coastian culture encourages a rather laid back attitude, only trumped by a shared love for sport and refreshing drinks (anything from to freshly brewed beer to energy boosting smoothies). The region’s multicultural nature also means that we have a wide variety of music and food on show from a myriad of different countries that are sure to satisfy all your cravings.


The local tram and bus network are easily accessible, cheap and follow routes that cover a fair stretch of the coast. These allow you to access both the attractions of the Gold Coast and the campus quite comfortably.
Translink provides detailed timetables of all the transportation services they provide, available on their website.


Being a favourite of locals and others alike, one might think finding accommodation on the Gold Coast would be a frustratingly difficult search. However,  there are a number of affordable and comfortable flatmate arrangements which are only a click away. If flatmates aren’t your scene, there are numerous apartments nearby, for both rent and sale (a new block has just been constructed across from the Robina campus).

Foodie Joints

Not to fear, our beautiful coastside region has you covered when it comes to the important things: delicious, affordable food. Foodies will adore the extensive range of eats that can be found around every corner, the region’s multicultural nature one of its greatest strengths. Everything from Italian to Thai dishes can be found, the locally recommended list of reputable restaurants and cafes ever extensive.

Open doors to endless opportunity

As Australia’s largest beauty training academy we are recognised throughout the industry for the quality of our graduates. Being a French Beauty Academy-trained therapist will open doors to top jobs anywhere in Australia, and around the world, because employers know we are the best at what we do. This has been fostered by The French Beauty Academy having the most extensive experience requirements of any college in Australia.


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