Not long now until you become a Frenchie…
We are so excited to welcome you on campus next week! To get you started on the right foot, we have designed a specialised orientation schedule which is dedicated to ensuring you are fully prepared and dressed for success, both personally and professionally.

Orientation Information 1

Your Orientation Schedule

Here’s what you can expect on Orientation Day…

8:30AM – Students to arrive at The French Beauty Academy

9:00AM – You will be introduced into your cohorts and get to know your fellow classmates!

We have a number of key activities and sessions planned to get you comfortable, meet your peers and educators and find out everything you need to know before your official first class.

Throughout the day we will be covering:

  • – Campus Tour
  • – You will receive your French uniform
  • – Grooming and presentation
  • – Our Educators will teach you how to master The French bun and makeup
  • – You will receive your linen kit
  • – Academy values and standards
  • – Your timetable of classes
  • – Student ID photos and process
  • – Take part in your dream ceremony

3.30PM – Orientation Day is completed.

Orientation Information 3

Presentation Is Crucial

Here’s some dress and uniform requirements for day 1…

– Please wear long black pants, black t-shirt and in-closed black shoes (we recommend ballerina flats)
– Please tie your hair up in a neat bun or ponytail (for hair shoulder length or longer)
– Natural makeup should be worn (Foundation/bb cream and mascara at minimum)
– Only 1 pair of stud earrings is to be worn. All other piercings including facial and tongue piercings need to be removed

Orientation Information 4

What To Bring

Here’s a checklist so you don’t forget the essentials..

– Water bottle
– Pen and notebook / student diary
– If you wish to bring your own morning tea and lunch, we have a student kitchen with fridges/microwave etc you are more than welcome to use. We are also located close to lots of cafes and eateries for you to buy lunch.

We Are Here To Help You Settle In

Meet Your Student Ambassadors

You won’t miss us, we’re the ones in the pink scarves…
If you are feeling anxious or worried about making friends at The French you don’t have to because you already have some!

These are some of our wonderful Student Ambassadors who can’t wait to meet you and show you the ropes. You will be introduced to these beauties during your first week and your class will be assigned a mentor you can chat to if you are ever feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Our Student Ambassadors represent and assist The French in a range of activities, events and acts of goodwill and community service to help contribute to the amazing French student experience that we are famous for. This program helps build a fun and nurturing life on campus, and engaging student experience all while contributing positively to the local community – something we are very passionate about here at The French.

From helping with Academy events and on campus activities, to organising charity drives, raising awareness for causes and representing The Academy in the wider community, our Student Ambassador Committee is made up of passionate and committed FRENCHIES – and you can be one too!

You’ll be learning more about our Student Ambassadors and how you can become one on your first week at The French.


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If you have outstanding documentation for your VET Student Loans approval you will need to email these to admissions@thefrench.edu.au to finalise your enrolment..


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