Certificate 3 Guarantee

The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides eligible students with access to Government subsidy towards the course cost for certificate level courses. The Certificate 3 Guarantee program is an initiative by the Queensland Government to assist students achieve their first post school qualification, improve job outcomes and career progression.


Prospective students must:

– be aged 15 years or older and no longer at school

– be a Queensland resident

– be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant), temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency, or a New Zealand citizen; not hold, and not be enrolled in, a certificate III or higher-level qualification, not including qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training.

Under the Certificate 3 Guarantee, you may be required to contribute to the cost of your course. The amount that you will be required to pay varies depending on the course you undertake. A third party or your employer may elect to pay the co-contribution fee on your behalf.


Course Costs & Co Contribution fees

Concessional Participants are defined as follows:

a. the Participant holds a Health Care Concession card or Pensioner Concession card issued under Commonwealth law, or is the partner or a dependant of a person who holds a Health Care Concession card or Pensioner Concession card, and is named on the card; or
b. the Participant can provide an official form under Commonwealth law confirming that the Participant, his or her partner or the person of whom the Participant is a dependant, is entitled to concessions under a Health Care or Pensioner Concession card; or
c. the Participant is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

For More Information

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For more information please contact courses@thefrench.edu.au or phone (07) 5562 2567