1. The freedom is yours
You can study the theory components of the course whenever, wherever you like; at the library, at the park, at home and don’t forget there is free wi-fi at the college! The practical component is held in 12 separate week long blocks. Some students take this as an opportunity to complete the course in less than 12 months, but the best thing is that you have the flexibility of up to 24 months to complete your Diploma. The freedom is yours!

2. You don’t have to quit your job to study
The majority of students maintain a full time job and manage their family life while studying, simply because of how the study modes are structured. Students usually take annual or un-paid leave to attend the practical blocks on campus. Our teachers can help you design a study plan to suit your situation and are always here to answer any questions you have.

3. Your location doesn’t matter
We have students that live in remote locations that use their campus practical blocks to stay with friends or family or simply to enjoy the week’s break for some “me time” while studying the career of their dreams. It will take dedication, motivation and a little bit of organisation but once you have a study plan and your blocks mapped out you are set for success.

4. You still get exactly the same practical experience!
Your practical blocks are the same as your face to face counterparts; they are just condensed. This is a big benefit to students as most of the time preparing for the block is the theory done at your convenience at home. Once on campus it’s all about the fun, hands-on stuff, condensed to one week at a time – designed to limit the time that you need to take away from family or work.

5. You can take two years to do it
We have many students whose lives change in ways they could never plan for; pregnancies, house moves, job changes, relationship or health changes. We understand that sometimes this takes priority, so the added benefit of flexible delivery is that you have the freedom of 24 months in which to complete your diploma, choosing what you would like to study and when.

6. Your teachers are dedicated to ensuring you succeed
The added benefit of studying flexibility is that you have your very own teacher who is there to help in any way possible – to support your learning, tutor you when required, provide moral support, pass on her years of experience and knowledge, and to ensure your success in completing the course. There is also a team of teachers in office every week available to answer your call and help you with questions or concerns.

7. You can switch to face to face learning
Lastly if you find that you are struggling for motivation and would benefit from studying face to face you are able to transfer from our flexible to in-class mode. This makes the decision to study the Diploma even easier as you can get started whenever you want but switch to an in-class program if you find you need a more structured and traditional class model.

Sounds like this is the option for you? Contact our Admissions team for further details on – courses@thefrench.edu


Do you ever catch yourself making excuses as to why you can’t live your dreams? Are you always reverting back to why you didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or simply wouldn’t do something? You are not alone in feeling these emotions but here at The French we believe that anything is possible, regardless of your past, circumstances or fears.


How many times have you looked in the mirror or thought to yourself – I’m too dumb to do that or I’ll never be smart enough to achieve that. Hundreds of students had those exact same fears before they started at The French. Many of them went on to win awards they never thought they could achieve or jobs they never thought they’d succeed in. When you tell yourself you can’t – then you can’t. Watch the magic that happens when you tell yourself you can.


Time is one of the only things on earth that we can’t manufacture, recycle or re-create – once it’s gone it’s gone. We use time a lot as our excuse as to why we can’t spend our lives doing what we absolutely love. We all think that we don’t have time to study, don’t have time to pursue our dreams, don’t have time to focus on ourselves when we have so many other things competing for our time and energy around us. But imagine if you could look into your crystal ball and see the date that time stopped for you – would you spend it differently? Would you quit the job you hate and find a way to make your passion a reality. Would you prioritise the time in your life and fill it with the things that really matter to you? Would stop saying things like – “I’ll do that next year – when I have time” or “Things are really manic at the moment with the kids, I’ll do it when I have more time”. We never really know how time is allocated for each of us – all we can do is discover what lights us up inside, what it is that makes our heart beat fast and then spend our unknown number of days doing what we love. When you look at time that like that, you have to ask yourself how can we ever really spend a second not living out our life’s purpose? “It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” ― Marianne Williamson


Hands up if you think that all beauty therapists are supermodels, with perfect skin & that you need to be beautiful or pretty to be a therapist? There is a common misconception that studying beauty means you have to be a model…that the beauty industry is only for the beautiful! The reality is that a therapist knows that inner beauty and caring for others are her real weapons. She knows that superficial beauty is only skin deep. That acquiring knowledge on how to look after your skin, how to shape your brows, apply your makeup, on honouring your spirit, nurturing your mind & nourishi ng your body – all go a long way in putting the best version of yourself forward!


A sneak peak into what life is like at The French.


Sometimes at the start of journey, it’s really difficult to imagine ourselves crossing the finishing line as we have spent years telling ourselves not to even bother entering the race. We hide away our dreams and justify our fears by saying things like it’s a waste of time to study and that we won’t get a job. Or even I should study something more serious like Law or medicine. The world of beauty is a billion dollar industry with incredible opportunities and exciting pathways. The world is finally starting to realise it as a lucrative, serious and exciting career pathway. So tell that voice of fear to take a back seat and for a moment imagine yourself working in a job where you cannot wait to get up in the morning and go to work. All you need to do is take the first step – you never know, if you shoot for the moon, you may just land amongst the stars. View some of the incredible jobs on offer in the world of Beauty.


This is such a common excuse for why many don’t pursue their dreams. We might think ” I missed my chance” , but this really is just a massive cop-out. There are people everywhere you look doing incredible things at every age. Those with youth on their side might constantly struggle with being taken seriously or having the credibility and knowledge for someone so “young” whereas someone ‘older’ might have the grey hairs and the knowledge, but not the looks or the energy. Age is a gift and every part of our life’s journey presents us with rich rewards. The real secret is harassing the power of now and not limiting yourself by a number.


Why not? Everyone who’s ever taken a risk at some point has felt like their venture might fail or that they don’t have the skills to make it succeed. All you really need is to believe in yourself, and have a clear vision of your dream. The ‘How’ part comes to you once you begin on those small steps to make it a reality

Ready to begin your dream career now? Enquire Today!

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Hey there soon-to-be Frenchie! We cannot wait to welcome you with open arms onto campus! Here at the French we like to be prepared so we thought we would share some study tips to take with you throughout your course. Our students have found these to be very useful and we hope these will inspire you as you approach the commencement of your course.

Create a timetable

One of the first things you should do to create good study habits is to create a timetable.  This will help you budget your time wisely, ensuring that you cover all the topics you need to study for.  Don’t forget to schedule breaks as you need enough time to rest and assimilate the knowledge you’ve acquired.

Study in 20-50 minute sessions

Many studies have shown that in order to get the best results, you should study in 20-50 minute blocks. Make sure you take 5-10 minute breaks after each study period and do something that will relax you and help you feel recharged, so you can get back to studying in a good mood.

Make yourself a study area

Always look for a good study spot that will help you concentrate and try to eliminate all distractions from that environment. Make sure the area makes you feel comfortable, is quiet and clean. Consider going to the public library if you don’t have this type of space at home.

Blog Post Tips 1
Blog Post Tips 2

Set up a study group

If you want to learn how to study in a more efficient way, you could set up a study group that will allow you to share notes, thoughts and ideas that will help you better understand the material you have to learn for your exams.

Take notes

Always take notes, whether in class when your teacher is explaining something or at home when you are learning by yourself. By doing this, you will memorise new information, comprehension will increase, and you will be able to revise your notes before an exam.   ​

Reward yourself

Whatever your guilty pleasure is, make sure that after a good study session is complete, take a break and enjoy some bad TV or a relaxing aromatherapy bath with a good book.

Of course, life isn’t ALL about study! 

We are passionate about all-things-beauty. Okay, so you could call us obsessed! Here is just a snipped of the media and content we consume to keep us in the know:

Brush up

We’ve listed some of our go-to industry publications for you to stay up to date with what’s happening in industry:  Vogue Beauty, Gritty Pretty, Spa + Clinic, Beauticate and Glossy.

Listen up

If podcasts are more your thing, here are a few of our must-listens! Beaute Industrie, Fat Mascara, MECCA TalksGritty Pretty Radio,


A sneak peak into what life is like at The French.

Advice from former Frenchies!

Checkout our Graduate Stories for nuggets of gold like tips and tricks about overcoming first-day nerves, how to juggle life and study, and SO much more! 

Our students leave the Academy not only with the best education and experience in beauty therapy, but through our Service Excellence program they leave being the best versions of themselves.

“The Frenchie manifesto, mission and purpose is to fulfil our dreams and passion with humility and grace…”

See you soon…!

Plenty of students disliked high school; boring maths lessons, mandatory subjects and long days are just a few reasons why it was not for everyone. Transitioning from high school to college can feel a little bit daunting, but the new experiences waiting for you are so exciting! Life at the French Beauty Academy could not be more different than high school and here’s why: 

1. You’ll be studying what you really love 

Did you ever pretend you were sick to get out of participating in school sports? The great thing about studying at college over highschool is that you have chosen to specialise in what you love. Every day you will have the opportunity to learn more about what you’re passionate about, developing the skills that are actually relevant for you. 

2. Surrounded by like minded people

It can be hard for high school students to make friends with the people you’re forced to spend time with every day. The great thing about beauty school is that you will be surrounded by like minded students and teachers that share the same passions with you. The magic of the frenchie sisterhood is like no other and you will make lifelong friends within the beauty industry. 

3. Create and own your flexible schedule

Unlike the strict schedule at highschool, The French Beauty Academy offers both full-time and part-time study modes to suit everyone. We offer a choice of day-time classes, evening classes and online learning that you can do anywhere, at any time. 

4. Extensive student support 

Our Educators bring a wealth of global industry experience to the classroom – but, more than that, they bring their care and compassion. The relationship between students and French educators is really like no other, you become friends! You’ll have access to pass classes, academic support and career preparation to ensure you are supported every step of the way. 

5. Industry experience 

After graduating from high school, many students feel lost and unprepared, unsure of what to do next. In contrast, The French guarantees that students graduate feeling confident in their practical skills and theoretical understanding required to be an exceptional beauty therapist. By the time you graduate from The Academy, you will have spent a significant amount of time working with real clients in real salons. This includes vital experience in our own Student Salon and an industry placement with one of our salon or spa partners. Our Dual Diploma is your passport to a career in a billion dollar industry that employs 9/10 of Frenchie graduates every year.

Whether you choose to study our dual diploma in beauty therapy or one of our certificate programs such as nail technology, your experience at The French Beauty Academy will be a once in a lifetime experience and far from High School. We provide our students with the ultimate experience by guiding them through an inner journey of personal growth towards self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. Sherelle French our Academy Director calls it our ‘finishing school for the soul’.

Choosing between full-time and part-time study can be a difficult decision to make when you have other life commitments. We recognise that full-time study is just not feasible for some people, therefore we have developed two delivery options for our Flagship Dual Diploma: face-to-face and flexible online learning. 

How Much Time Do You Have?

When choosing between these delivery modes, the first step is to decide how much of your spare time you can dedicate to study.

How Much Time Can You Create?

Next, check your screen time! Most smartphones track the amount of time spent using the device including which apps and websites you use, how often you pick up your device, and more. You can use this information to help you make decisions about managing the time you spend on  do you typically spend a few hours browsing on social media. This will help you understand where you can create your spare time to prioritise virtual classes or study.

Full-Time On Campus

Our on-campus dual diploma is offered at our world leading campuses; Gold Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide. This mode offers face-to-face classes 3 days a week for a 12 month duration. The best part about studying full-time is that you will receive your qualifications in just one year, allowing you to start working in industry as soon as possible. Within this year, you will also complete five days industry experience in a real-life business. Additionally, 80 hours of student salon will be completed on campus alongside your teachers and classmates to learn salon skills. This is the perfect choice for those students who may have recently graduated high school or want to dedicate a year to study and receive their Dual Diploma to kick start their career. If you have dreamed of learning practical beauty therapy alongside the frenchie sisterhood, studying on campus may be the most rewarding year of your life.

dermal therapist teaches student how to give client lying on treatment bed a facial using skin products and massage techniques
Two students sit at office pink desk near window overlooking city and studies beauty therapy using laptop at school

Online Flexible Learning 

Our online learning mode is the perfect option for those who have other life commitments and want to take a more flexible approach to their studies. Flexible learning is also offered at all three of our campuses; Gold Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide but will require less contact hours. All of the theory content is delivered online therefore, you can choose to visit campus only 1-4 times per week. You are able to complete the course within a 12-24 month duration, giving you more time to spread the workload overtime. At your own pace, you will also be required to complete five days industry experience in order to prepare you for after you graduate. Additionally, 80 hours of student salon will be completed on campus alongside your teachers and classmates to learn salon skills. Upon completion, our recruitment program gives you access to a dedicated industry placement team working with the best employers in Australia and internationally to help you secure your preferred employment.

French Alumni Christie Cameron is an award winning facialist, celebrated for her unique approach to facials – blending science with holistic practices. Here is her roadmap to success. 

Working in an unfulfilling role, Christie gained the courage to change her career path to study beauty therapy. She is a firm believer that it’s never too late to do what you love. “Taking the first step can be scary, but on the other side is an incredible, magical experience,” Christie says.

“There is an entire world of possibilities awaiting for you if you have the courage to take the first step.”

Studying Beauty Therapy at The French gave Christie the confidence to work in industry after she graduated. Although the teachers help guide you towards graduation, a lot of Christie’s success came down to her strong work ethic and determination. “I loved it so much that even outside of my study hours I would help out at the Student Salon, I just wanted to be helping others and learning every aspect of the industry.” Christie shares. It’s unsurprising that Christie went on to win her first award in her new word of beauty therapy –  Valedictorian of her graduating class.

“The best advice I received at The French was to always believe in myself. Education and knowledge can always be taught, but having self belief will take you to unimaginable heights.”

Christie’s ultimate goal was to work at a luxurious spa, and all her dreams became a reality when she secured a job at Gwinganna, a holistic health and lifestyle retreat. Through this experience, Christie developed her ‘touch’ and discovered the relationship between healing and physical touch. 

From there, moving into the medi-aesthetics space allowed Christie to expand her skillset and understand science-based practices. Christie explains, “I want to continue to educate myself in different spaces so I can continue to grow in different areas of the beauty and wellness industry”. This decision lead her to her now role at SSKIN as a Senior Dermal Skin Therapist. Her unique approach to skin now combines ancient techniques and energy healing with modern day technology and result driven treatments.  Christie has not only built a reputable business as a skin therapist but has been recognised as The Best Beauty Therapist On The Gold Coast, two years in a row!

“Understanding that the industry is always changing is really important. I’ve noticed there’s a gap between holistic skin health and medi-aesthetic health and I’m currently trying to bridge that gap for more advanced results.”

Christie Cameron has achieved incredible success since graduating and is a great role model for anyone wanting to take the leap of faith into the beauty industry. But her journey has just begun, and her ultimate goal is to pursue being a celebrity facialist and run masterclasses to teach others special techniques.

It’s Friday afternoon, and time is running out. You’re rushing to finish a task before the four o’clock deadline, quietly regretting that you didn’t start sooner. What happened? Procrastination is the habit of delaying an important task, usually by focusing on less urgent and more enjoyable activities instead. Luckily, just like any habit – procrastination can be beaten! Recognizing that you’re procrastinating is the first step in overcoming it. Then, identify the reasons behind your behaviour and implement strategies to overcome it. Follow these easy tips to break your habit today!

1.  Acknowledge and understand why you’re procrastinating

The first step to beating procrastination is understanding the reasons behind why you aren’t getting anything done! Are you avoiding a particular task because it is difficult or just boring? If so, getting those tasks out of the way will allow you to focus on the jobs that are more enjoyable. Just think – the sooner you complete your skin theory, the closer you will be able to practice facials on your friends!

2.  Focus on doing, not avoiding – create a to-do list!

Commit to the tasks that need to be done by writing a to-do-list in order of highest priorities to lowest. Assign deadlines and time frames for each task, this will help you to proactively tackle your work.

3.  Tackle the most difficult tasks at your peak times

It is important to identify when you are most productive, are you a morning or an evening person? Complete the most daunting tasks in the periods you work most effectively.

4.  Minimise distractions

Whilst tackling an important task, setting your phone to DO NOT DISTURB will be your best friend! Turning off your notifications, emails and social media for blocks of time will help you resist any temptations to procrastinate.

5.  Promise yourself a reward

If you complete a difficult task on time, reward yourself with a treat, such as a piece of cake or a coffee from your favourite coffee shop. Also make sure you are mindful of how good it feels to finish tasks, because that’s truly a reward in itself!

6.  Recite this mantra

I know we only promised 5 tips, but here’s a bonus mantra for those moments you are feeling stuck. When you find yourself doom-scrolling social media or unable to move in freeze-mode, try proclaiming out loud “I move in the direction of my values”. This quick mantra should lead to a mind shift and help you take affirmative action. For more of our favourite mantras, check out this post.

What is a mantra? A mantra is any collection of words or sounds designed to promote focus, aid concentration and increase confidence. Many people use the word mantra interchangeably with affirmations as they often come hand-in-hand to promote positivity. To set you up for an amazing day, we suggest repeating these mantras in the morning making it a part of your morning routine.

Modern bathroom with pink and grey marble tiles and a circular wooden mirror has an affirmation sticker that says you are enough
Handwritten text quote in cursive writing about self-love and confidence with pink background
Scented lit candles burning next to clear quartz crystals, sage and dried flowers on dreamy table with white linen

“I am enough”
This mantra is a simple one but is sometimes easy to forget. It is important to know that you have all the tools you need for happiness, confidence, and self-esteem. You do not need the approval of others. Everything you need is within yourself.

“I am brave”
While it is good to be happy and content, you can achieve greatness if you find the courage to break outside your comfort zone to strive for something great.

“Every day is a new beginning”
Don’t let your troubles of yesterday determine your today. Every day you are given the opportunity to accept the things you can’t change and embrace the opportunities of the present. So just let it go, breathe and enjoy your life today!

“No one is born great at this”
The fear that you aren’t good enough or don’t know enough has stopped too many talented people from moving forward. There is no doubt that treating your first client in facials or applying someone’s makeup will be scary at first, but just know that if you keep showing up, practice makes perfect!

“Be a Doer, and Not Just a Thinker”
Success belongs to those who actually go out and work hard for it. Instead of just thinking about your goals, we encourage our students to set smart, realistic goals and write them down! When you work hard and tick those tasks off your list, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishments and slowly chip towards your ultimate goal.

For our September Luminary interview, staff and students at The French sat down with Anna Lahey, founder of Vida Glow, to discuss all things collagen, work-life-study balance and the importance of nurturing your mental health in lockdown

Anna Lahey is the founder and the driving force behind ingestible beauty brand, Vida Glow. After experiencing first-hand the power of marine collagen supplementation, in 2014, at the age of 25, Anna launched Vida Glow with her now husband and Vida Glow CEO, Kieran Lahey. A first-mover and innovator, Anna’s vision and devotion to tangible results has propelled Vida Glow to become the world’s number one collagen brand. And that’s just the beginning.

Business owner at home with children, small dog and husband in beautiful white and airy modern kitchen

Anna Lahey was first introduced to collagen while on vacation in Japan, where she discovered that many women’s products contained this superpower ingredient. At the time, she was struggling with chronic hair loss and was fascinated by the benefits of marine collagen for hair, skin and nails. With little experience but a strong work ethic, Anna conducted extensive research and consulted with professional nutritionists and experts in Australia.  Anna founded Vida Glow in 2014, inspired to introduce this revolutionary supplement to the Australian market and make a difference in people’s lives through innovative beauty and wellness products. Anna is a real pioneer, pushing the boundaries of ingestible beauty one product at a time with her commitment to clinically proven outcomes and a bi-directional beauty philosophy. After just a few years, Vida Glow now provides a variety of ingestible beauty supplements such as marine collagen powders, natural beauty mixes and bars, and collagen h20. They’ve also recently introduced a range of collagen-based cosmetics, comprising a cleanser, moisturiser, and serum, among other items that Anna swears by.

Business woman with brown hair completes work with a laptop in her modern office with marble counter and pink flowers in a brass vase
Female entrepreneur and husband attend business awards event in glamorous black formal attire

Anna has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business as she has grown the company to become the  world’s number one marine collagen brand. When we sat down with Anna, we asked her if she had experienced many challenges during the beginning stages of her business journey. “We started with one product and we made a lot of mistakes, we brought out products that really weren’t on brand with us.” Anna says. However, she explains that she doesn’t regret these mistakes, “I wouldn’t change any of it actually, because the challenges have made us learn really valuable lessons and show us how important it is to grow.” She also provides insight into the importance of building a supportive team around you, that is passionate and understands the full vision of the business. Vida Glow works with skin professionals including a skin dermatologist, a medical and cosmetic skin specialist and holistic experts to offer expertise guidance and education to clients. Since 2014, Anna and her team has been working towards their main goal of being a worldwide global leader in ingestible beauty and pushing the boundaries of what an ingestible routine can achieve. Through her evolutionary products, they have empowered thousands of women to embrace their natural beauty with a ‘little extra glow.’ 

Anna has not only built a beauty empire from the ground up, but she is also a mother of three children, all under the age of five. Anna wholeheartedly believes in women supporting women and maintains a work/life balance with the assistance of a close circle of friends. “That sisterhood is really important,” Anna explains, “It has been important for me in my motherhood journey.” Anna proves that women can ‘do it all’ as long as you “love what you do and you’re passionate because it creates a buzz” explains Anna. Her main motivation to balance her busy schedule is her ability to make a difference in people’s lives. The incredible positive changes that Vida Glow has on thousands of peoples lives is a reward in itself to being such a dedicated business owner. Anna is an inspirational role model for any young students interested in starting a business, demonstrating what a strong work ethic and enthusiasm can achieve.

Lauren’s fascination with beauty, makeup and skincare started as a little girl. Her caring and empathetic heart influenced her to follow a career path where she could help people and make a positive impact in their life. It wasn’t until she met a Beauty Therapist where she learned that she could combine her love of beauty and care for others together into a passionate career. Lauren says “Once I spoke to more therapists and put two and two together, I realised how perfect a career as a beauty therapist would be for me, and how I could harness my passion for beauty alongside my caring nature to help pamper and improve other people’s confidence in a fun and rewarding job.”

Lauren, who was also a Brisbane Student Ambassador graduated with honours in 2021 receiving the prestigious ‘Service Excellence Mastery Award’ and ‘Principles List Of Excellence’. Lauren also says “My journey at The French has been amazing and so rewarding. One of my favourite parts about studying was making some incredible friendships with some of my classmates that I know I will have forever.”

What motivated you to pursue a career in beauty therapy?

I have always been super fascinated with beauty, makeup and skincare since I was little and had always wanted to become more involved within the beauty industry since I was little. As I got older I started to understand what a massive influence the beauty and wellness sector had within social media and self-care, and saw how many different roles and opportunities were possible within the beauty industry. I have always been a very caring and empathetic person and knew that I wanted to work in a role where I could help other people and make a positive impact in their life. Once I spoke to more therapists and put two and two together, I realised how perfect a career as a beauty therapist would be for me, and how I could harness my passion for beauty alongside my caring nature to help pamper and improve other people’s confidence in a fun and rewarding job.

What was your main motivation for studying at the French?

When looking for beauty schools, I knew that I wanted to go to the best school that I possibly could. I knew that if I was going to commit to my studies as a beauty therapist, I wanted to be at a school that was extremely professional, organised, connected within the industry, and would help prepare me to be the best possible beauty therapist I could be. I spent a long time researching, however, it was very clear to me that the place to be was The French Beauty Academy. I could clearly see the difference that The French had over other beauty schools, and I decided it was the only place worth completing my studies, so much so that I moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast to complete my studies for the year.

What was your favourite part about studying at the French? How would you describe your experience from the day you started at orientation?

My journey at The French has been amazing and so rewarding. One of my favourite parts about studying was making some incredible friendships with some of my classmates that I know I will have forever. You become so close with your class and build so much trust and support with one another. I also loved having the opportunity to become a student ambassador and get involved in so many fun and exciting additional activities on campus like our 5K charity walk and decorating the campus at Christmas time. Orientation day was filled with nerves but also with excitement to start a new chapter and get started on campus. Everybody at orientation was so warm and welcoming and made you feel much more comfortable. The day was very organised and also helped us to get familiar with our surroundings and classmates. Looking back now feels crazy to think that I begun my journey over a year ago!

How did the French help prepare you for life as a professional beauty therapist?

The French really helped me to properly understand the reality of working as a beauty therapist and exposed us to a lot of activities that were very similar if not the same to what it is like out in the industry. Completing the industry placement days within the salon helped to get a good understanding of what working in your area of interest would be like, and completing the 10 student salon days really helped me to understand what it is like working with paying clients in a fast paced environment. I feel like the student salon has helped me to feel more confident in the salon to stay calm and professional at all times, and allowed me to prepare myself for quick turnaround times, client interaction, consultation, rebooking, and selling products. The French uniform also keeps you in the habit of maintaining immaculate presentation and grooming standards at all times to remain highly professional.

Did you have a favourite teacher / subject at the french? Why?

I loved all of my educators throughout my time at the French and have created some wonderful connections with them. I loved learning about all the different kinds of skin conditions and types, and the many ways that they could be treated. I quickly figured out that facials and skin was where my passion was, and I loved facials, where I was taught by Amy and Trudie whom I both adore! They are both so fun, caring, encouraging and knowledgeable about all things skin, and they made me feel like they had my back throughout my studies. Classes with them were always filled with laughs and made Wednesday’s by far my favourite day on campus. I also loved my aromatherapy classes with Kerry who put so much care and love into every class and always made me feel so supported.

I gained so much confidence not only in myself, but in my own skills and knowledge as a beauty therapist that I know has been a result of the nurturing and compassion shown to me  by all of my beautiful teachers.


The best advice I received was to get things done early, stay focused, and show up / stay committed. I was told that getting things done out of the way early on like my industry placement, homework units, and student salon days would help me to feel more organised and take the pressure off the end of my course so that I would stay on top of my studies. The other thing that really helped me this year, was remembering that whilst it is a hard year and sacrifices do have to be made in order to get the work done, that it is only one year! It is so worth the hard work and dedication, to see yourself graduate at the end of the year with your dual diploma. The feelings and emotions on graduation night are so amazing being there with your classmates, educators, and family, knowing that you did the hard work and achieved so much.


One of the main lessons that I learnt at The French is that you are always ready, even when you think that you are not, and to trust in yourself and your strength. I gained so much confidence over my time at The French and I think that this has been helped by the service excellence course within the dual diploma units that helps you to focus on taking care of yourself and honing in on your own strengths and abilities which you can then harness out into your life and into your work as a beauty therapist. The units like dignity, communication, compassion, team work, and respect help you to understand important values necessary to be the best beauty therapist you can possibly be, not only for yourself but also for your clients.


I was extremely lucky with where I gained work commencing my studies, and ended up scoring my absolute dream job at Chantal Louise Skin in Nundah. I actually completed my work experience / industry placement hours there earlier in the year. I absolutely loved my time there, seeing the amazing skin treatments and facials they performed, and felt so welcomed by the team. Towards the end of the course, before graduation, I got in contact with them again about a possible position, which turned into an interview/trade test, and then I got the job! I was so excited and grateful to get a position here and love everything about it! I think that it was really good being able to complete work experience at the salon prior to working there as I was able to see what it was like and was more comfortable in the salon once I started as I knew a little bit about how things were done there.

Introducing Our Flagship Course -
The Business Of Beauty & Makeup
The course that set Lauren Webster (and many other alumni just like her) up for success.


Learning how to conduct a thorough skin analysis as well as create treatment plans for clients throughout the course was a huge factor that helped me succeed in my interview, and ultimately in gaining my ideal work in the industry. I was asked to create a small treatment plan in preparation for my interview, and I was able to put together a well thought out template for my client to recommend products and future treatments with confidence. I was also well equipped to answer questions after completing industry days at school and receiving guidance and tips on how to succeed within my interview. The school’s grooming and presentation standards are also another thing that I value highly and carried through with me to my interview to present myself professionally.


French graduates are seen as very professional and well presented out in the industry, and I think that many workplaces are aware of the high standards that the college has and the level of knowledge that the graduates have once they finish their course. I think that many salons and spas recognise The French for their reputation in producing top beauty therapists who are well prepared for the industry thanks to the additional elements like student salon included in the course.


I have been loving working with all of my clients since beginning in my role after graduation. I really love my team and boss and feel so welcome and supported with the other girls, who have my back and want me to succeed. The management style and environment within my new job is so positive and uplifting which is really important to me and makes coming to work really great. I am really loving learning more about different kinds of skins and how to treat them using advanced technologies, products, and peels. I am undergoing so much incredible and thorough training that is giving me a much broader understanding of the skin and opening up the pathway to be able to treat the skin in such an elevated way that is so fascinating and exciting. A recent memorable and rewarding moment I had at work was helping a client treat her acne and focusing on calming her skin down more as it was affecting her confidence. After the facial there was such a visible difference in the appearance of her skin and her acne was even looking less inflamed and red. She was so grateful and happy that I was able to help her and I could see such a difference in her energy and mood compared to the beginning of the treatment.


A regular day at work for me would involve setting up and stocking up my treatment room for the day, followed by going over printed out notes for all of my clients I have for the day to prepare for their treatments. At my workplace, we focus and specialise in treating skin and performing facials, using some amazing products and modalities to help our clients achieve their personalised skin goals. On a day to day basis I would be performing a variety of facials and treating many different skin concerns such as acne, ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, scarring, and rosacea. I would also be using and performing LED, Ultrasonic, extractions, alginate masks, facial massage, and skin consultations and diagnosis. I am very fortunate to work in such a fun and positive work environment with an amazing team and thoroughly enjoy working closely with my lovely clients to help build up their confidence and improve their skin.


Working in the beauty industry right now is great, because clients are becoming so much more interested in their treatments and wanting to understand how to care for their skin, mind, or body and be educated. I love that clients are now also focused on healing and increasing their own self-care activities which can sometimes mean a trip to the salon which makes the treatment even more rewarding. I am finding that all the clients that I am able to treat and help are wanting to build a better understanding for themselves and really trust your advice as their therapist. I also love how many new products and technologies are available which keeps things interesting and always provides an opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills.


Trust in yourself and your own ability to succeed! It seems a bit overwhelming at the beginning of the course with such a big year ahead, however, if you trust in yourself and take each week as it comes you will be able to learn so much and you will surprise yourself in just how fast you pick things up and grow in confidence. My best advice would be to stay organised and stay ahead throughout the year! A diary or planner and a pen will be your best friend, and I found that making lists of assignments, due dates, and practical/theory assessment or tasks to complete each week really helped me to stay on top of my studies. It is also super helpful to look ahead at each terms subjects and assessments in the holidays. You get out what you put in, and it really is so worth it! I am still so excited after graduation and receiving my service excellence and principal’s list awards, my diplomas, and gaining employment in my dream job after completing my studies at The French.


I am really loving my role at the moment and want to continue my learning and growth specifically within skin and understand more with furthering training opportunities. I am interested in completing further studies into dermal science and laser, as well as holistic healing and nutrition. One day,  I would really love to teach beauty therapy and help other therapists along their journey studying!


Scent: Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming
Lipstick: MAC ‘Faux’ and ‘Peach Blossom’ 
Book: Skinside Out by Robyn McAlpine and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Blog: Gritty Pretty 
Best Kept Secret: Putting my rose quartz gua sha and roller in the fridge before using them for cooling and depuffing skin!


City: Paris
Beauty Muse: Selena Gomez or Mikayla Nogueira
Drink: Berry tea 
Song: Anything by Rihanna (love it all)! 
Quote: “What is meant for you will always be”.

“I love how many new products and technologies are available - it provides an opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills.”
- Lauren Webster


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