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The Privilege of Service

More than any other industry, the client experience of beauty and wellness treatments is framed by their unique personal interaction with the practitioner.

As a therapist, you will experience the soul-deep satisfaction of knowing that you are making a profound difference in someone’s life. With gentle hands and a caring heart, you have the power to help your clients overcome personal barriers, build self-esteem, restore their energy and revive their spirit.

At The French Beauty Academy, we prepare our students professionally and personally for this privileged role.

Developed over many years, our diamond-standard Service Excellence Program encompasses grooming and presentation, etiquette and manners, language and communication skills, service standards and work ethic.

But perhaps even more importantly, it is a holistic personal journey of self-knowledge, spiritual growth and genuine concern for the welfare of others, guiding you to a truthful understanding of your inner-most self and the joy you are capable of giving to the world.


“Soon after I took over The Academy, it became apparent to me that there was a significant gap between what training colleges teach and what industry needs.

“I began by listening to salon, spa and wellness practitioners and employers all around the world.  From Australia, Thailand, India, Italy, the UK … I heard the same story time and time again and it all centred on attitude rather than aptitude: the graduates produced by the majority of training colleges lacked the finesse, confidence, communication skills, deportment and presentation required to work in a luxury service environment.

“We are determined to change the face of beauty education by incorporating these key professional development attributes; combining them with a journey towards personal growth that would equip our graduates, not just for a long, meaningful career, but for a life lived with purpose and passion.

“We are, in effect, building a finishing school for the soul.”

Sherelle French – Academy Founder


“I find The French Beauty Academy students to have the highest standard of professionalism and skills for new therapists. When I take a student as a new employee, I am confident that the school will send me only spa therapists who are passionate about the industry, have commitment to excellence, are highly polished and who quickly become an asset to our business. I would not hesitate to recommend The Academy to any other five star establishment who is looking for exceptional spa therapists.”

Victoria Ramage – Spa Manager, Cabarita Ocean Health Retreat


The French Beauty Academy is the Australian Beauty education pioneer that the beauty,spa and aesthetics leaders and visionaries have been waiting for. For many years, under its former title and mandate, the Academy has produced some of the finest beauty, spa and wellness therapists in Australasia. I am a proud advocate of The French Beauty Academy and highly recommend you considering their personalised education and graduates for employment.

Kirien Withers – Director, Spa Guru Consulting, Publisher SPA+CLINIC magazine (previously Spa Australasia Magazine), Founding Editor Professional Beauty magazine,Founding Publisher Spa Life magazine, Founding President Australasian Spa Association.

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