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Course Name

Hairstyling for Industry


3 evening classes from 5.00pm – 9.00pm


Gold Coast, Brisbane & Adelaide campus

Next Intake

Gold Coast Campus
16th August 2022

Brisbane Campus
28th March 2022
16th May 2022
15th August 2022

Adelaide Campus
9th May 2022

Suitable For

Intermediate and Professional Makeup Artists




Learn the essential skills needed to level up your professional makeup artist career.
Our hairstyling short course is designed specifically for makeup artists or those interested in learning introductory hairstyling techniques to elevate to their makeup career. Quick, easy, and equipping our students with the need-to-know basics, each course runs over three evening classes so you can master the foundations of basic hairstyling.
By adding to your repertoire of makeup, aesthetics, and beauty skills, each student can create a competitive edge and prove invaluable when booking freelance makeup jobs, bridal events, and fashion and photography work.
Learning from our qualified Hair Educators, students in our Adelaide, Brisbane, and Gold Coast campuses can learn the core hair techniques needed to know as a makeup artist and receive the essential tools needed for a basic kit. Because each student will undertake hands-on training, makeup artists will have the practice needed for pinning and sectioning, blow-drying and backcombing, and straightening and curling with irons.

Hair Styling for Makeup Artists in Brisbane, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast


• Tools of the trade and how to use them
• Face shape analysis
• Client consultation
• Sectioning, pinning and teasing techniques
• Using styling tools
• Blow drying and brushing techniques
• Straightening and curling with a GHD straightening iron
• How to create different finishes – including a sleek finished look
• Braiding
• Product understanding and selection for hair types and conditions
• Understanding and identifying market trends
• Hair through the ages
• Braiding techniques including basic braids and fishtail braids
• Basic loose updo styles
• French rolls
• Classic buns
• Sleek ponytails
• Introduction to padding
• Building your business and marketing your skills
• Responding to briefs
• Advanced client consultations
• Creative hair techniques
• Planning your hair creations
Taught through practical experience over three nights, every student will gain the knowledge and hands-on training needed to start with the basics. Designed to impart the foundations that can then be practised and perfected on the job, our instructors will share their industry tips and tricks.


Our Brisbane, Adelaide, and Gold Coast hairstyling programs equips students with a basic professional hair kit for freelance work. By undertaking your training with the French Beauty Academy, each short course graduate will receive the equipment required to complete the course and achieve the intended looks for their client. For every course the student receives a professional kit which includes;
• Hair Dryer
• Tail Comb, Teasing and Barrel Brush
• Sectioning Clips and Bobby Pins
• Equipment Bag
• Hair Padding
• Curling Tong
• GHD Hair Straightener

Beginner Hair Styling Courses in Brisbane, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast

The French Beauty Academy is a recognised provider of industry-leading aesthetics, makeup, and beauty courses both around Australia and worldwide. With a global community of graduates working in leading positions in salons and spas, on film sets, and in fashion and photography, every graduate from our Diploma, Certificate, and short courses joins our cohort of industry leading professionals.If you’re a makeup or aesthetics professional working in Brisbane, Adelaide, or the Gold Coast (or even online) and want to complement your career with the basics of hairstyling, contact our in-take team for our next intake dates.
Practical, hands-on, and equipping each student with the tools needed to be successful you can learn from our experienced instructors and join the Frenchies community today.