Teaching faculty

The French Beauty Academy is a very unique place. We attract like-minded souls – the nurturers, dreamers, glamazons and skin junkies, the fixers, clinicians, and wildly creative artists, the soothers, detailers and innovators who are all united in helping our students find their light and share it with the world.  Our Academy is led by the visionary Sherelle French and a tribe of true pioneers who have very big dreams – we want the world and more for our students. Everyone on our team realises that working here is a more than a job – we have the power to open hearts, inspire minds and transform lives and that is a privilege we honour.

Our teaching staff have travelled the world working with movie stars and celebrities, on luxury cruise ships, on the fashion runways and red carpets, and in exclusive health retreats. They’ve worked for global product brands. They’ve run their own businesses. And for some of them, it all started with their decision to study a Diploma of Beauty Therapy right here at The Academy!

Supporting the teaching faculty is our equally inspiring administration team. They’re friendly and approachable, and they take a hands-on role helping our students with career planning and job applications, as well as dealing with study and personal challenges. What they all have in common is an absolute belief in each and every student’s ability to succeed. They love coming to work each day knowing that their knowledge and experience is being shared with the next generation of beauty therapists and they get particular satisfaction from helping those who are struggling.

Most of all, they are inspired by the opportunity to change lives.

The French Connection

Sherelle-French-sOur Academy Founder Sherelle personifies the attributes of grace, refinement and compassion that she strives to instil in her students. She’s an inspiration to students and believes that education has the power to transform lives. Under her stewardship, The Academy has grown to become one of the largest training providers for the beauty industry.

Read Sherelle’s feature story here

Alan-FrenchFor Alan French, his dual role as owner and Principal of GCTA represents the culmination of his long and successful career as an educator and entrepreneur.

A graduate of Avondale College in country NSW and Loma Linda University in California, Alan spent the first 20 years of his working life as a teacher and school principal in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

“Quite early in my teaching career, I was singled out by the Education Department and transferred to Vanuatu as the principal, business manager, accounting teacher and farm manager for a large boarding school. We had more than 400 students, 61 staff … and hundreds of cows!

“It was a defining moment where I learnt that anything is possible – you just have to work out a way to make it happen.”

Moving onto larger and more prestigious schools, Alan ultimately opted for a career change and set his sights on the business sector. Together with his wife Sherelle, he established and ran a series of successful businesses in the US and Australia, focussing on property, telecommunications and IT.

The opportunity to buy what was then a small but well-respected beauty school on the Gold Coast brought Alan back into the education sphere where his business acumen and entrepreneurial instincts have steered the Academy’s growth to become one of Australia’s largest specialist training organisations in the beauty sector.

“I grew up in a working class family where my mother worked as a shopkeeper and my father cleaned windows. I wanted to be a doctor but I started to believe that the good jobs and the good life weren’t for people like us who came from the wrong side of the tracks.

“My father was a simple man but he instinctively knew that education was the only way for his kids to make a better life for themselves. So he worked from morning ‘til night and sent us to the best private schools he could afford, and then to the best colleges and universities.

“My big dream now is to do the same for our students at The Academy. I want it to become a haven for strong women who are proud to step up; who never make excuses about where they have come from; who don’t fear mistakes; and who see the finishing line as the goal.

“I want it to be a beacon for what you can achieve when somebody gives you the opportunity.”

My three best beauty tips:  Accept who you are, be grateful for what you have, and look for the joy in life.

Our Senior Management Team

Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Cert IV in Training & Assessment

My beauty philosophy:  Less is more – keep it simple!

I tell my students:  Don’t procrastinate: JUST DO IT! One year is nothing in the grand scheme of things. It’s going to be harder than you think but just jump on the train and enjoy the journey as an amazing career awaits you.

The best thing about working in the beauty industry is:  That it’s an industry FOR women, built BY women.

Angela Clifft-McNae has worked her way to the top of not one career, but two. Working in the hospitality industry for many years, she achieved outstanding success as the Banquet and Conventions Manager for Q1 before embarking on a dramatic career change.

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spark and I wanted to own my own business, so I enrolled in the Ella Bache Academy in Brisbane.

“At the time, it was the epitome of beauty and glamour in the industry but I had to be very committed. I was commuting from the Gold Coast five days a week and working nights, but halfway through the course, I was offered a job at Pure Indulgence.

“When I eventually moved into teaching, I started as a casual lecturer at one of the best and oldest academies in Brisbane. After nine years, I’d worked my way up to become Principal.”

Now the Deputy Principal of our Flexible Learning Program, Angela oversees The Academy’s training, assessment and learning resources. She is also currently sitting on the Board advising the Federal Government about the development of a national curriculum for the Diploma of Beauty.

“Teaching and managing people allows me to share my knowledge and give something back. I’ve been lucky to have wonderful mentors who taught and helped me throughout my two careers, so I love being able to do that now for our students.

“Everyone is so supportive and collaborative and focused on being the best.”

Donna-Cummins-CampbellDiploma of Beauty Therapy
Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Aesthetics)
Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine – in progress
Cert IV in Training & Assessment

Three top beauty tips:  Don’t get sucked into the marketing hype: skin care products need to be prescribed for you personally, rather than bought off the shelf. Anything that lathers isn’t good for the skin – a lot of cleansing gels destroy the acid mantle and cause skin problems in the long term. Start your skin care routine at puberty – prevention is always better than cure!

My best advice for those on a budget is:  Invest in a good cleanser, an antioxidant moisturiser and a zinc-based sunscreen.

My favourite beauty quote:  Comes from Mahatma Ghandi:Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.”

Donna’s story:  In a career spanning more than 30 years, Donna-Cummins Campbell has worked in every aspect of the beauty industry – from spas and salons to research laboratories, product development and as a key industry advisor.

She was one of Australia’s first dermal therapists, working alongside several plastic surgeons, including the renowned Dr Des Fernandez – an industry visionary and the creator of the successful Environ brand. She’s worked in the USA as a consultant designing salon spaces and spa service programs. And she is currently sitting on the Board advising the Federal Government about the development of a national curriculum for the Advanced Diploma of Beauty.

A self-confessed science nerd, Donna says that one of her coolest jobs was working as the National Educator and Research Specialist at Rationale, developing and helping to test their product range.

“I love the science and biology behind skin care. The skin is our largest organ and should be treated as such.

“This is also what inspires me to keep learning. When I became a teacher, I realised I needed to know more so I completed an Advanced Diploma in Health Science at the University of New England. I’m now studying an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and my next goal is a degree in Natural Medicine. I call myself a ‘forever student’.”

With her background in science and high level experience, it’s not surprising that Donna’s strongest advice for anyone contemplating a career in the beauty industry is to “take it seriously”.

“This is a specialised field. People may think working in beauty is superficial but the effect we have on people’s self-esteem and confidence is immeasurable. How someone feels about themselves physically and mentally can be the very thing holding them back from reaching their full potential.

“It sounds clichéd but we really do have the ability to change people’s lives.”


Our Business Manager David French has a diverse and challenging role that encompasses everything from overseeing our business strategies, IT systems and facilities through to supplier management and procurement.

David has always been fascinated by all aspects of commerce and studied a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance, at the University of Colorado.

After several years with a multi-billion dollar financial management firm operating across the US and UK, he returned to Australia to study his MBA at Bond University where he also worked as a Business Analyst.

David joined the organisation in 2012 as his entrepreneurial spirit responds to the excitement of managing a growing enterprise that is a leader in its field.

I am inspired by:  Entrepreneurial people who never set limits on their capability

The best advice I can give our students is to:  Take every opportunity to travel and see the world

My favourite beauty brand is:  Old Spice (okay – sometimes I wear Mont Blanc on a night out.)

angie-kleemanWhile our teachers work with each student to help them fulfil their potential, our Luxury Brand Director, Angie Kleeman, performs this important role for The Academy as a whole. She is our change-maker – our visionary – our head of blue sky thinking – looking to the future and imagining all that is possible.

Born and bred in Brisbane, Angie studied her degree, majoring in marketing at Griffith University and quickly pointed her career in the direction of the wholesale fashion industry. Heading off to the UK, she continued on that pathway with management roles at L’Oreal and Selfridges’ famous London department store.

After leading the rebrand for a global property and construction firm in London, Angie returned home to Australia where she tried her hand at education at Bond University.

“I’m a bowerbird when it comes to anything glamour, fashion and beauty, so when Sherelle approached me about working for The Academy, I jumped at the opportunity to return to my true passion. I also love working with such an entrepreneurial team of people who have a crystal clear vision of where they want the business to go.

“But, more than anything, it’s a joy to come to work each day knowing that our core focus is to empower our students and help them realise that anything is possible.”

Best advice you can give our students:  The journey to feeling etre bien dans sa peau – comfortable in your skin – isn’t meant to be easy but if you surround yourself with positive, loving people who lift you up then you’ll find your way.  

I am inspired by:  Truly good, genuine people who live with integrity and love wholeheartedly.

When I was little I always wanted to be:  An astronaut, a fighter pilot or a Navy SEAL!

Our Teaching Faculty

Diploma of Beauty Therapy


Midell-ClarkeDiploma of Beauty Therapy
Diploma of Spa
Certificate III Allied Health
Certificate II Business
CIDESCO International Accreditation
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Teaches:  All Diploma of Beauty Therapy units

Beauty is:  Being healthy in body, mind and soul.

What’s your best beauty product for those on a budget?  Rosehip Oil – an absolute wonder product for your skin. I also recommend salt and oil scrub as one of the best body exfoliants around.

Your best beauty tips:  Treat the cause not the symptoms. The skin is a mirror of your body’s internal workings – treat your body well and it will show. The best cure is prevention.

There was absolutely no doubt for Midell Clarke about what she wanted to do when she left school.

“I suffered from severe acne as a teenager and it was a beauty therapist who helped me get through it. I decided then and there that I wanted to help other people the way she had helped me.”

Midell was so motivated, she managed to complete a double diploma of International Beauty and Spa Therapy in just twelve months and has since been able to achieve her goal of helping others by working in a range of large and small day spas.

“One of the first places I worked had 15 treatment rooms and five pools so I gained excellent experience. I also loved Endota – an organic spa on the Sunshine Coast with the most beautiful products and soul-nurturing treatments.”

But it was one of her lecturers at college that inspired Midell to expand her career into teaching: “She looked beautiful and treated everyone beautifully. She also took care of herself and others in a way that I’d never seen before and I wanted to be just like her.”

At The Academy, Midell now has the opportunity to care for others in the same way.

“I love to see the sparkle in a student’s eye as they gain confidence, self-esteem and belief in themselves throughout the course.”

ITEC Diploma of Physiatrics & Aesthetician
Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Laser Use Licence – Laser Hair Removal & Intense Pulse Light
Advanced Skin Analysis
Nutritional Medicine Training & Assessment
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Teaches:  All Diploma of Beauty Therapy units

My favourite beauty treatments?  A fantastic monthly facial, aromatherapy body massage … and a nutritious diet

My No. 1 beauty product is … sleep!

As a therapist … we have the unique opportunity to nurture beauty through the power of touch

What do the King of Nigeria, the head of Scotland Yard and world famous rockstars have in common? They’ve all felt the nurturing power of Charmion Davies’ healing touch!

“Working in London at a day spa in one of the five-star hotels, we had a very high profile clientele. I also worked for some time in a Harley Street skin clinic and would regularly see the media chasing a celebrity out of the building – it certainly keeps the day interesting!”

Charmion’s qualifications and contacts have taken her career in lots of interesting directions – from film sets and television commercials to the legendary Rolling Stones Magazine.

“My first job in the industry was at a beauty salon in North Sydney where I very quickly came to understand what customer service means when you are dealing with an elite clientele. When I headed off to London, I then had no trouble landing great jobs.”

After training in laser hair removal and Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Charmion was able to specialise as a laser and skin therapist and, since relocating to the Gold Coast, has worked for some of our most well-respected skin specialists and plastic surgery clinics.

Now sharing all her knowledge and experience with our students, she is inspired by the opportunity to mentor the next generation of beauty therapists, encouraging them to be the very best that they can be.

Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
Cert IV in Training & Assessment

Teaches:  All Diploma of Beauty Therapy units

Teneal’s Story

Passionate about passing her knowledge onto the next generation of Beauty Therapist, Teneal Holland’s 13 year career in the industry lead her from her country home town to The French.

After graduating from high school, Teneal started to carve her path in beauty, studying her Diploma of Beauty Therapy and then advancing her skills and knowledge with a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy.

Working with some of the Gold Coast’s leading spas and clinics like Endota and Ella Bache, has allowed Teneal to continue to hone her skills and share her incredible talents.

“I love each different treatment, working with a great team of girls and I especially love massaging as the benefits are so great in all our busy lives.  No matter how many years you have been working as a therapist, there is always something to learn.”

What is your beauty philosophy? Beauty comes from within, it’s the Spirit, the thoughts, the dreams, the passions and the hopes and wishes of a person.

What is the most important attribute or personal trait that you need to be a beauty therapist? Confidence and knowledge of your job, the treatments and the industry.

What are your three best beauty tips? Drink lots of water, consume a healthy and balanced diet, and have a good home care regime.

What is your No. 1 beauty product for those on a budget? Coconut oil – it can be used all over the skin, body and face and also in the hair!

What is the best advice you can give your students? Work Hard, Pay great attention to detail and never stop learning. Even after 10 years something as simple as watching another therapist complete some waxing can help you pick up on extra tricks and tips


Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Certificate IV in  Aromatherapy
Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
Registered Marriage Celebrant

Teaches:  Waxing, skin biology, lash and brow treatments, facials, spray tanning, aromatherapy, reflexology and salon management

Tricks of the trade:  The best way to tame unruly eyebrows is with an old mascara wand and hairspray.  Lipstick makes a great back-up blusher, giving you colour and a glow

Favourite beauty tip:  Smile – it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!

My beauty icon is:  My grandmother is a classic beauty. She’s an amazing business woman who makes no apologies for who she is and she’s aged with elegance, grace and beauty. She passed that onto my mum – my angel! – and I hope I can do the same for my girls.

You could say that teaching is in Kimberley Korevaar’s blood: Her mother was a teacher, her sister is a lecturer and Kimberley has always had a passion for helping others.

So why did she wait five years after completing her qualifications to walk into the classroom?

“Because I only wanted to work at The Academy.”

We first met Kimberley as a fresh-out-of-Year-12 school-leaver who enrolled at The Academy in the Diploma of Beauty Therapy and the Certificate IV in Aromatherapy.

Her first official job out of college was with Ella Bache at Pacific Fair but, a little over a year after graduating, she hit the high seas as a Steiner spa therapist.

“Working on the cruise liners travelling to the Caribbean and Mexico was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was hard work but so much fun – and I learnt a lot.”

Returning to Australia, she discovered the joy of working as part of a team in a salon environment.

“It’s very humbling to know that you can make your client’s day just by looking after them – regardless of the treatment. It’s a very giving job but there’s so much satisfaction from having clients who appreciate your hard work and effort.”

After years of in-salon training, Kimberley now finds satisfaction in her ‘dream job’ as a teacher where she can help others make their way into the industry.

“I love seeing that ‘light bulb’ moment when my students understand what I’m teaching and can progress. I remember one student who really struggled with waxing and just didn’t think she could do it. It wasn’t until her last few classes that she found her rhythm and then there was no stopping her.

She ended up taking out my Top of the Class award.”

Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Teaches: Waxing, skin biology and tinting

Beauty is: confidence, elegance, happiness and integrity. It has very little to do with genetics.

Favourite beauty quote:

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” – Sophia Loren

No 1 beauty product: Sunscreen

Carleigh’s Story

Carleigh Morris exemplifies The Academy’s mission to employ the world’s best educators with incredible expertise and world-class experience in their fields.

She comes to us direct from London where, as a trainer at the renowned Strip Waxing Boutiques, she was working with around 70 therapists at any one time, as well as looking after Strip’s VIP clients and travelling to hotels and backstage at concerts to tend to their celebrity clientele.

Harpers Bazaar included Carleigh in the ‘A List Waxers’ and the London Evening Standard named her the ‘Best of the Best’. But despite all the accolades, what Carleigh loves most about being a therapist is “boosting her clients’ confidence and seeing them walk out happy day after day.”

She also enjoys seeing her students blossom as they gain more confidence in their skills and discover their specialties.

“I loved training therapists in London and passing on my knowledge. I am passionate about ensuring that our therapists leave The Academy with strong, employable skills.”

Nadine-LevittDiploma of Beauty Therapy
Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

Teaches:  All Diploma of Beauty Therapy units

The best advice I can give my students is:  Live your passion, never give up and make your dream a reality.

Three top beauty tips?  Eat a healthy diet. Look after your body. Get plenty of beauty sleep.

My favourite beauty quote:  When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.”

Nadine’s story:  Nadine Levitt chose to study Beauty Therapy when she left school because of all the different career pathways it offered – and nowhere is that more graphically illustrated than in Nadine’s own journey.

Since graduating from The Academy with her shiny new Diploma, Nadine worked her way up from a casual beauty therapist at Ella Bache to be the supervisor and manager of their Coolangatta Salon.

With a long-held interest in the science of skin, she then seized the opportunity to work with reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr Sheree Moko.

“Having the opportunity to stand beside Dr Moko and watch her perform some of the procedures was absolutely fascinating.”

So too, Nadine says, was working for celebrity make-up artist, Napolean Perdis; attending his master classes and learning the tricks of the runway make-up trade.

“As I’ve learnt new skills throughout my career, I’ve always loved sharing them with the salon therapists.

“This has extended to wanting to teach students all the way through from the beginning of their Diploma to graduation.

“And I’ve never been so happy, watching my students grow into outstanding beauty therapists and carving out their own successful careers.”

Renee-Shaun-SmithDiploma of Beauty Therapy
Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment
Dermalogica Expert
Vocational Graduate Certificate in Dermal Therapies
Graduate Diploma in Dermal Therapies
ITEC Diploma in Beauty Services
ITEC Diploma in Microdermabrasion
Graduate Certificate in IPL and Laser Hair Removal

Teaches:  All Diploma of Beauty Therapy units

Beauty therapists have:  The power to heal, relax and nurture our clients. We encourage them, inspire them and help them.

Best beauty tips?  Cleanse your skin twice a day. Exfoliate twice a week to promote new cell growth. Protect your skin from the sun – prevention is always better than cure!

What makes my smile every day is:  Knowing that today I’m going to help someone in some way. It might be someone with a serious skin problem who’s afraid to leave the house – or someone who doesn’t know a thing about make-up and has a special event coming up – or a hardworking person in desperate need of some R&R. As a beauty therapist, I have the ability to make a real difference.

Renee’s story: Renee is our princess of pampering, teaching hot stone, Indian head and aromatherapy massage, as well as facials, waxing and other luxurious body treatments.

Her first introduction to the beauty industry was on the New Zealand film set of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

“I was 16 and I took time off school to work with my sister on the set – she was the lead make-up artist for ‘Frodo’.

“I started with the make-up unit, then went to the wardrobe and prosthetics departments. I pinned ears on elves, sprayed fake blood all over the place and spent hours applying Frodo’s hobbit feet.

“Of course, the best part was being on set with the then-not-so-famous Orlando Bloom!”

After finishing school and travelling the world, Renee settled down to study her Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

“I wasn’t 100% sure it was going to be for me … how wrong was I!”

Renee has worked as a contract make-up artist, run her own mobile beauty business and worked as a therapist at Stephanie’s Spa Retreat at Sofitel Brisbane. Ultimately, it was her own passion for learning that steered her towards teaching.

“I love attending seminars and expos, and I’ve always enjoyed educating my clients about various products and ingredients and how they act on the skin.  I am extremely passionate about dermal therapies and hugely devoted to keeping abreast of the changing trends in industry.

“I also remember when I was a student, that there was one particular teacher I really looked up to. She inspired me to strive higher and be the best. I hope I can do that now for my students, encouraging them to be everything they can be – no dream is too big!”


Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Diploma of Spa Therapy
Diploma of Electrolysis
Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

Teaches:  All Diploma of Beauty Therapy units

Favourite beauty quote? “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and beautiful soul.”

What do/did you most enjoy about working as a beauty therapist? Educating and guiding my clients through their journey to the skin they have always dreamed of, I love results driven treatments, active products and ingredients that truly make a change in skin. This is extremely rewarding and is why I love what I do.

What is the best advice you can give your students? To dream big, aim high, be excited for the future because you are now a part of the most incredible industry and training academy. Enjoy your time studying and be truly present as your time at The French will fly by.

What is your No. 1 beauty product for those on a budget? Dry Shampoo….. I’m obsessed

Alana’s Story: Alana’s mother is her true beauty inspiration and was the one to teach her the basics of skincare and ignite her passion for the industry.  Throughout her career Alana has worked in a wide range of clinics and managed leading day spas like Endota Surfers Paradise.  From here she honed her skills in the rapidly evolving medi-spa space where she successfully lead XY Skin and Body Specialist Clinic, an advanced dermal, skin and body clinic.

“The proudest moment was that one of my senior beauty therapists won therapist of the year within the XY Skin and Body group throughout Australia.”

Bachelor of Arts (Business Management)
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Thai Massage Certification

Teaches:  All Diploma of Beauty Therapy units

Favourite beauty quote:  “What makes you different makes you beautiful”

My greatest satisfaction is:  Hearing a former student say ‘your teaching changed my life’.  

Beauty advice?  Be healthy on the inside – it will show on the outside. 

Best beauty tips:  Apply your favourite lippy lightly on the cheekbones for a luminous glow. Take Omega 3s for truly healthy skin. Add pure essential oils to your beauty products – the results are amazing.

Lorraine’s story:  Our resident Scottish rose, Lorraine Aikman knows all the celebrity tricks of the trade. Working at the legendary Pacifica Day Spa in Notting Hill, she counted plenty of A-listers among her star-studded clientele.

“My other favourite job was working in the Fresh ski resort of Megeve. I had a treatment room in a beautiful chalet overlooking the slopes.”
After finishing a business degree in Edinburgh, Lorraine decided to study beauty therapy so she could travel and run her own business.
And it certainly worked out that way – after Notting Hill, the ski slopes of France and training by a Thai master from Chiang Mai, she came to Australia to add teaching to her list of qualifications.

“Teaching has always been a dream of mine. Throughout my career as a beauty therapist there was nothing more rewarding than seeing one of my trainees inspired, full of joy, and showing interest and enthusiasm when they mastered a new technique.

“There’s no better way to take my experiences from the beauty industry and use them to have a positive impact on the next generation of therapists. I feel successful every time I look at my students and think ‘today, I taught you something’.”

Cassandra-JohnsInternational Diploma in Fashion, Theatre, Media & Make-Up
Diploma of Commercial & Professional Make-Up
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Certificate in Eyelash Extensions
Certificate of Advanced Hair Styling Techniques
Certificate of Completion in Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures.
Sharon Blain Hair Education Boot Camp Certificate

Teaches:  Make-up artistry

My favourite make-up products are:  Mascara and primer

Your beauty icon?  Marilyn Monroe

Favourite beauty quote:  “Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful”

From red carpet opening nights, television studios and magazine photo shoots to family weddings and special occasions – when it comes to creating beauty with make-up, Cassandra Johns has done it all.

Cassie always knew she wanted to be a make-up artist and enrolled in a Diploma of hair and make-up as soon as she finished high school. Since landing her first job as a make-up artist at Movie World, she has forged a stellar career that has taken her from film sets and television studios to the catwalks of London.

“My most exciting job would have to be the years I spent working for fashion designer, Georgio Armani in London. I got to travel all over the UK as the ‘face designer’ for his fashion shows and photo shoots, in between selling his cosmetics in London’s leading fashion store.

“Other fun gigs have included doing the hair and make-up for ABC-TV’s news readers in Brisbane and doing the face art for staff at one of the Cirque de Soleil opening nights.”

As a trainer for the Napoleon Perdis Make-Up Academy, Cassie was also chosen to work on many of Alex Perry’s Queensland fashion shows.

She is now enjoying the opportunity to share all her knowledge and experiences with students who are equally passionate about creating looks with make-up.

Our Salon Team

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Peta’s Story

It was a true passion for beauty and innate sense of nurturing which drove Peta towards the industry.  With over 15 years experience Peta career has seen her travel the globe. She has been twice to Germany with product company Babor in recognition for business development and product sales.  Peta has worked amongst some of the industry’s best day spas and salons alike and it was her passion education and inspiring the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs to become their best selves that steered her towards being an educator.

Teaches: Student Salon

Why teach? “I love teaching my passion. I want to assist with helping students to be the best they can be within our exciting industry”

Why do you most enjoy about teaching at The French Beauty Academy?  

The nurturing environment that is created for students and staff. It is a beautiful company to work for.

Your therapist advice? Listen, and treat people how you would expect them to treat you.

What is the most important attribute or personal trait that you need to be a beauty therapist? To be a caring, nurturing therapist you need to love what you do. Take time a treat each client as an individual. Most importantly listen.

What is your favourite beauty brand: Sodashi

Favourite beauty quote: “The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.”

Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
Certificate in Fitness Practices

Teaches: Student Salon

Angela’s Story:  

Angela’s career in the beauty industry began after discovering the world of health & wellness. She found herself constantly reading journal articles about leading spas & health retreats.   With a huge passion for improving her own health and well-being Angela soon found that this interest was more than just a hobby and deferred university study and enrolled in both a Certificate in Fitness Practices and a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at the same time!  Since completing her studies over 15 years ago, Angela has never looked back and has enjoyed working internationally with the number 1 international skin care company – Dermalogica, managed renowned luxury day spa’s and retreats and fast paced action based salons.

What was your ‘coolest’ job in the industry? My coolest job was definitely being part of the Dermalogica training team in the United Kingdom.  I was lucky enough to travel all around the UK and Ireland where I presented at different events and educating up to 100 industry conferences in Barcelona and Los Angeles where I learnt from some of the best in the industry. The travel and life experiences were unforgettable. We did so much personal and professional development that it helped me to grow so much as a person, a therapist and a teacher.  I learnt how to overcome my fears and do things I never thought I was capable of achieving.

Why do you most enjoy about teaching at The French Beauty Academy? I see myself in the students when first starting out. It is such a different industry and can be very daunting to learn how to work on clients in such a personal environment. There is so much involved in offering clients amazing, results-driven treatments that makes them want to keep coming back.  I love being able to teach the students at salon all the little things that create an entire experience for clients and make them raving fans!

What is the best advice you can give your students? Beauty is not one size fits all.  By getting to know your clients in more detail and being intuitive to their needs you can customise their treatments and offer them the very best results.  In a world that can sometimes feel a little impersonal, clients will always come back to you if they know you genuinely care about them rather than them feeling like they just another number!

Favourite beauty quote? “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Coco Chanel

Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment

Teaches:  Student Salon

What is your favourite beauty quote? “Be your own kind of beautiful”

What is the best advice you can give your students? Believe in yourself. Believe in the power you have to help someone feel amazing.

Connie’s Story

An eternal love for all things skin and makeup and a nurturing soul lead Connie Smith into a diverse and exciting career in the beauty industry.

A Beauty Therapist for 15 years, Connie love of beauty began at a young age and saw her launch straight into her studies and career at age 16. Working in her first Therapist role while completing her Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

Connie’s career progressed rapidly and saw her in a number of management roles with leading boutique Day Spa’s like Harrisons.

A nurturing spirit, educating and sharing her passion was always on the cards for Connie.

“As soon as I knew I wanted Beauty Therapy as my career I knew I wanted to teach it one day. It has always been a passion of mine and combining both my love for Beauty and teaching has resulted in me having a very fulfilling career.”

“Clients can be vulnerable when in your care and to nurture them and make them feel comfortable is just as important as treating their skin”

Samantha-HambletonSamantha Hambleton is the “go-to” person at The French Beauty Academy. As the welcoming, smiling face of the campus, Samantha prides herself in looking after all our guests.
Having years of service experience with Virgin Australia this young woman does not shy away from a challenge. As The Academy Receptionist Samantha’s roll is diverse. She is a constant support for the students on campus on a daily basis as well as all our visitors. She is an exceptional woman who is always there to help but it should be known that nothing gets past her.
She didn’t always know that customer service was her forte and when she left high school her passion for hair led her to complete her apprenticeship and spend seven years as a hairdresser. This remains an important part of Samantha’s professional life. She still offers her services as a hair stylist for weddings and photo shoots on the weekends, and she recently completed an Introduction to Make-Up course.

Working at The Academy has allowed Samantha to combine the best of both worlds, and work with her three passion: hair, beauty and people.

My three best beauty tips are:  Eat well, smile and embrace who you are.

My favourite budget beauty product is:  Dry shampoo in between washes for your hair is a miracle.

My beauty philosophy is:  Beauty is about being happy about who you are and allowing it to shine through.

Amo-MoanaAs our Administration Manager, Amo Moana is the guru when it comes to looking after our Student Management System, student enquiries and just about everything else in the office! She has been with us since 2008 so there’s nothing Amo doesn’t know about our operations. She tells us all the time that her big dream is to win lotto but we reckon she’s already struck the jackpot with her gorgeous daughter.

What inspires you?  People! I’m constantly amazed at the accomplishments people achieve every day. And my daughter – she inspires me to be the best mum I can be.

My three best beauty tips?  Smile. Wash your face. Brush your teeth. (Amo is such a mum!!)

My favourite beauty product?  Mascara – never leave home without it.


My favourite Beauty Quote?  “And what my mother meant when she said you can’t eat beauty was that you can’t rely on how you look to sustain you. What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you. That kind of beauty enflames the heart and enchants the soul.”
― Lupita Nyong’o

My favourite beauty product? Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume

What inspires you?  Women empowering and championing other woman. Woman building each other up.  Also my most important role to date – being an Aunt to mu newphew Sonny.

Creatively I look to the seasons, colours, books and films.

Taegan’s Story

With a flair for and an innate love of marketing and the written word and an unimaginable passion for style, branding and aesthetics, our Brand Manager Taegan Reid brings to The French her love of and creativity for producing inspiring cutting edge content and driving brand awareness to put The French Beauty Academy on a global stage.

With a successful career as the Creative Manager for The LANE (a cutting-edge digital publication for the chic and fashion forward) and a background in luxury public relations and event management, coupled with tertiary qualifications in communications from the University of Newcastle, Taegan came to The French to put her skills and talents to use with a like-minded brand.

“It is rare to find a company whose values align with your own. Nurturing and supportive, but also progressive and risk taking, I love being in an environment and team that allows me to be creative and innovative, where my skills and talents can be used to make a difference. “


Judy Wheat looks after the all-important accounts system for The Academy. She returned to the workforce after many years of tackling the toughest job in the world – being a mum! Now that her own children are all grown up, her joy comes from helping make our students dreams come true. She also loves pottering in her garden, decorating her home … and discovering funky coffee shops.

The best advice you can give students?  Believe in yourself!

Favourite beauty quote?  The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.  (Helen Keller)

Top three beauty tips?  Have a grateful heart, a healthy diet and laugh a lot.