Our partners

Our Partners


The French Beauty Academy partners share our same ideals in terms of elevating service standards by embracing a ‘whole of person’ approach to industry education.

They are committed to helping us to refine our Service Excellence Program to provide our graduates with the professional skills and personal attributes that will distinguish The Academy graduates as compassionate, caring and confident therapists.


Our mutual goals are to create enrichment opportunities for our best and brightest students through work placements, internships and employment.


We also invite our partners to become part of The French Beauty Academy educational experience via on-campus presentations, student mentoring, in-service training and input into the ongoing development of our curriculum.


Inherent to our partnership structure is the potential for our partners to increase their own brand awareness and product knowledge among the next generation of frontline industry professionals, transforming them into lifelong advocates and influential referees.

Working together in this way, we have a profound opportunity to change lives by preparing our graduates, not just for a seamless transition from training to the workplace, but for a life lived with purpose and passion.The French Beauty Academy is the Australian Beauty education pioneer that the beauty,spa and aesthetics leaders and visionaries have been waiting for.


For many years, under its former title and mandate, the Academy has produced some of the finest beauty, spa and wellness therapists in Australasia.


I am a proud advocate of The French Beauty Academy and highly recommend you considering their personalised education and graduates for employment.”


Kirien Withers – Director, Spa Guru Consulting, Publisher SPA+CLINIC magazine (previously Spa Australasia Magazine), Founding Editor Professional Beauty magazine, Founding Publisher Spa Life magazine, Founding President Australasian Spa Association.


If you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey please contact our Director of Luxury Brand – Angie Gaffney